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2014/9/27 7:36:59
Can Muvizu fill the gap? Indeed, Iclone looks tempting.

Flexibility is a weakness at times, having all that extra control over iClone has lead to some utterly awful animations (I just spent 30 mins in the user gallery).

The rigid format of Muvizu at least makes everything have a basic level of quality. (Sure it gets blase to those of us who see it regularly, but try to remember the impact when you first looked at it).

On the other hand, iClone/Reallusion are clearly putting effort into developing their product...
2014/9/25 2:47:22
is there anybody there? I do it all the time. But someone has to be at the other end to respond.
2014/9/24 22:40:48
is there anybody there? Indeed - I think it is time that moderator control was given to at least one of the regular forum contributors.
2014/9/22 22:54:32
New graphics cards 4K is nonsense.

It is nothing but marketing hype, and completely irrelevant to anyone who isn't making theatrical release cinema.

Dynamic range and colour depth are what really matters. But that is harder to market, so the manufacturers are all talking about 4K instead.

Here are three top cinematographers making that exact point at IBC last week.

So yes, the Sony Experia records in 4K, but it records a shallow, lifeless picture. So it is worse than useless IMO. At least the Lumix is headed in the right direction.
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2014/9/21 0:01:40
Digimania future ideas. Making new characters would of course be the holy grail.

Closely followed by numerical editing of camera positions.
2014/9/20 1:08:00
Features 2014 Feature request - A speed control for the movements. This would be great for syncing the dance moves to a BPM.
2014/9/20 0:54:56
New graphics cards And while this is an animation forum, some of you guys may be into video capture as well.

I HATE smartphone footage. Apple, Samsung, whatever. They are utter crap. This is because a camera is "light capturing device" and smartphones have sensors which are the size of your smallest fingernail.

All the stuff about "20 megapixels" is pure nonsense. Sensor size is ALL that matters. (OK, that's a slight exaggeration. But sensor size is way, way, way more important).

So this new phone is intriguing - it has a one inch sensor, putting it on par with a lot of mid-range DSLR cameras. Of course it is also 900 euros.

2014/9/20 0:30:52
New graphics cards nVidia have announced their new cards, the GTX 970 and 980.

As expected the price of the (now superceded) GTX760 has dropped by 40%.

2014/9/18 12:08:17
Issues with software Check that your render engine is set to the latest version of DirectX (v11).

Go to File >> Options

Check the rendering engine is set to DirectX 11

I had an older version of DirectX on my machine as well, and it caused very similar problems. When I changed the render engine, everything went away.
2014/9/18 12:05:15
New Forum On another note - I have absolutely no problems running Muvizu under Windows 8 (or 8.1 which I am using now)

I had to change the render engine to version 11 (it seems to default to the lowest version of DirectX on your machine) but it runs like a dream from then onwards.
2014/9/18 12:02:44
New Forum Hi guys

Well doom and gloom all around but I'm quite cheerful. (FTR: I'm a paying Plus+ customer).

Firstly, Muvizu is a tool. It either works or it doesn't, and for me, it works.

On top of that I've established a relationship with Tangledbliss and some amazing things are under way for our kid's show.

Could Muvizu be better? Sure. But we could all switch to Blender as well. Everything could always be different.

If you cannot create art with Muvizu as it is, then by all means move on. If you can, then keep at it.

I think there is a long way to go before the potential of Muvizu (as is) is fully exhausted.
2014/8/18 3:01:25
Finding the right computer for Muvizu The new NVidia 800 series cards get released next month, and the rumour mill says they are extremely impressive.

So either wait for an 800 series card, or take advantage of the inevitable price drop of the 780 when the 800s arrive.
2014/8/15 9:24:32
Finding the right computer for Muvizu Yeah got it, sorry. Been ultra-busy. Will have a look tomorrow.
2014/8/12 22:40:04
Youth Education Program Using Muvizu! Way, way cool Judy.
2014/8/12 22:17:26
Muvizu in a TV show Yeah, Underbelly was fantastic. But unfortunately I didn't get that gig. Sea Patrol made me feel dumber just for watching it.
2014/8/12 13:42:06
Muvizu in a TV show As noted I'm a composer and producer in Sydney.

Just for general interest, I thought I'd put together a demo reel. However I had to work out what stuff I still own the rights for (when you get paid to compose music, you typically don't own the rights anymore).

Anyway, here is a clip I uploaded just today. Covers pop, ethnic, folk, rock, big band and synth-pop

Here's an ad I wrote last year, which highlights orchestral work.

Here's a short film I composed for that I could actually find online. (There are more but I have no idea where they are).

If you can stand incredibly bad Australian Police shows, you can also look for a show called "Sea Patrol" on YouTube (although there were three different composers, so there's only a 1/3 chance that I wrote what you're hearing).
2014/8/11 21:38:55
Coming Soon... Hamster - I'm a composer and producer in Sydney.

If you'd be willing to trade Muvizu time for music production time (hour for hour) we could come to an arrangement. I've got some children's songs I need animated.

Send me a private message and I'll send you links to some sample files.
2014/8/10 22:00:09
Finding the right computer for Muvizu Ziggy - that's interesting. The Quadro performs better (allegedly) at 3D rendering than the more gaming oriented cards, but as it turns out, I've hardly done any. Having more CUDA cores for video effects would have been far more useful to me.

UKberty - by all means. Send me a dropbox (or similar) link.
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2014/8/10 9:02:43
How to install..v.40? Alternatively, you can download and install the .NET framework here
2014/8/10 9:01:06
Finding the right computer for Muvizu I'll echo what has been said above - once you get into video editing and animation, you cannot have too powerful a machine. That laptop you linked would grind to a halt very quickly.

I'm using a latest i7 desktop with 32 GB of RAM, 12 TB of disk and a 3GB nVidia Quadro 4000 video card.

And while most would agree that this is a fairly powerful machine, I can still make it splutter at times.

So save your pennies and buy something that can actually do what you want it to do. And don't get a laptop unless you absolutely need one.
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