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2012/2/6 13:48:39
Correct way to import into Muvizu? Hi Dylly,

The options you are using sound Ok. If you put a non-transparent texture on it does it work? The texture itself shouldn't make any difference, and it sounds more like the normals on some triangles being the wrong way round. If that's the case, making it double sided would probably solve the problem.
2012/1/27 11:22:36
Silent install Hi,

At the moment, there are not any other switches for excluding .Net or directx.

The only other switch that will do anything is the /D=C:\BLAH

Where C:\BLAH is where you want Muvizu to be installed. This switch should appear at the end of the command, and should not contain quotes, even if there are spaces in the folder name.
2012/1/24 11:51:35
Basic Machine Spec/ Problem - Help please Hi Dave,

Yes, because Muvizu is built around the Unreal Engine 3, it does require a reasonably powerful machine to run it. We recommend a minimum of:

  • 2.4 GHz Processor
  • 2.3 Gigabytes of free disk
  • A graphics card capable of shader model 3

Obviously, if you can put it on a better machine then you will get better performance.

I am not sure what the extra patches are being referred to by your technician, but I suspect they are DirectX 9, Microsoft.NET framework, and the C runtime libraries, these are actually included in our installer - so you don't need a separate downloads for them.

I hope that helps, and if you need any more information, please get in touch.
2012/1/16 15:58:56
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Regards the problem saving sets that gives the error "It is with some regret that I must inform you of an unexpected error: Not enough info on the database". We've created a little patch that should sort this out for you.

It can be found here, it will update a couple of config files that were installed with the app.
We're still looking into a the other problems. As mentioned in the news article, we're hoping to get the DirectX 11 version out soon. At the point we do, we'll try to address as many of the problems being seen here as possible.
2012/1/11 17:08:01
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Jamie wrote:
This is the way Muvizu has always been, we've never supported backwards compatibility as we're always adding new things to Muvizu (for example character effects in 0.19b) that are not available in previous versions.

Just thought I'd chip in on this, just because the phrase backwards compatible means different things to different people.

Any new version of Muvizu (say 0.19b) should load any old sets. However, older versions of Muvizu (say 0.18b) will not be able to load files saved with newer ones (say 0.19b). This is because, as Jamie says, there are new features that the older version will not know how to load.

I would probably phrase it as we are backward compatible, but not forwards compatible. So ends the message from the pedantic society.
2012/1/11 12:28:40
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Hi Guys,

If someone has a set that's giving this "Not enough info on the database" error and you don't mind could you send it to us?

Dylly, what graphics card do you have? It's worked on what we have here, but that obviously doesn't really mean anything.

Keep the feedback coming, it's all good. (Sort of.)
2011/10/17 10:41:26
2gb limit? ziggy72 wrote:
I have a strange problem that has arisen during the past year's updates (not exactly sure when it started). If I create a Muvizu file, in any codec, that is over 2gb in size then that file is unreadable to most media players and all editors. 32bit, 64bit, old version, new version, it makes no difference. If it's under 2gb all is fine.

I did all the usual stuff you'd expect - updating drivers and codecs and the like, and resorted to reinstalling windows (7 64 Ult) but nothing makes any difference. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, please let me know - I can't work out what the source of the problem is, so any info would help.

The problem is with the type of AVI file we generate. We generate what would be called a version 1.00 AVI, there's a standard API in Windows (called Video for Windows) which can be used to generate these clips. We used this because, well, it was quick and easy to implement. These clips have an internal limit of 2GB in size - I could bore you with the technical details as to why, but I won't bother.

We are planning to change the way the files are written to use another API which will support avis greater than 2Gb in size. But as ever, it's on the long and growing list - and there are higher priorities at the moment - so I cannot say when this will happen.

Usually if you are using a codec of some variety, then you generally should end up with files quite a bit under the 2GB limit, though I guess that's not always going to be the case.
2011/8/12 8:43:13
Remove Character Actions Dreeko wrote:
Would this not be an easier solution?

2011/8/4 14:53:26
Alternative ASE export Hi Ziggy,

I think you are probably selecting "Use ID Texture" when importing the objects. If you don't, on the cow or fighter certainly, you will just get a texture and colour picker option.

I suspect we've never really explained what that ID texture means in terms of what we do.

A very quick bit of background on it: When we originally built Muvizu each character or object would have a separate "material" for each colour or texture that you could change. When an object was drawn on screen each material on the object is drawn separately, and there is a big performance impact for doing this. When a few complicated objects (especially characters) were added to a scene the performance would drop very very quickly (say even three or four characters doing nothing would have a big impact.)

So, we joined all of the items that are just colour pickers into one material, and we use a texture to define the individual colours. This is what we class as an ID texture. Each unique colour block in the texture map is mapped to a part of the UV, and a colour picker is added.

If you choose "Use ID Textures" when importing an object then any texture is scanned for blocks of colour, and a colour picker will be created for each of these block. Generally it's not really a problem, but sometimes when you get very detailed textures such as the fighter or the cow you could easily end up with hundreds of them.

I hope that makes some sense.
2011/7/20 10:49:57
Update fail. Hi Simon,

A new version (0.16b) was released on Monday. If you are getting a failed update then you can download the 32-bit update from here and the 64-bit update from here.
2011/7/19 8:09:37
Download Mirrors If you restart the app, then it should offer you the choice again. If not, you can download the 32-bit update from here and the 64-bit update from here.
2011/7/19 8:05:52
v0.16b Feedback Danimal wrote:
I didn't notice any difference in the movement system, but I only gave a quick run though.

The movement system works in the same way, but it should now stop where you'd expect it to, rather than over shooting the point you'd walked to. We're looking at some other improvements for it too.
2011/7/11 10:21:13
audio jumping around! Hi Wizaerd, having multiple sound files is something that is planned.

It won't be in the next release - but will probably be in the one after that.
2011/7/7 8:58:11
The Garage Band Blues Episode #1... Absolutely brilliant! So well done.
2011/7/5 13:41:27
urgent need for old Muvizu version (0.14b) Hi Mach,

My apologies, I didn't read your original post properly. Sorry.

Anyway, I've corrected the link on the download site. If you download it again, it should work. (It certainly works here.)
edited by mcmillan-ra on 05/07/2011
2011/7/5 7:55:46
urgent need for old Muvizu version (0.14b) You can also get it from our download page:

It's mentioned just under the images for 64 and 32 bit downloads. The direct link is here:
2011/6/21 11:14:41
Rendering thread exception Wabby wrote:
ok, after other tests i can tell you that the problem comes from characters (even in an empty set).

With my king of graphic card, Muvizu 0.15 crash when there is too much characters in the set.

Well, i'm gonna buy a new PC with a Geforce GT 320. Hope Muvizu will running correctly :-)

Hi Wabby, the GT320 should be fine. I wouldn't have expected the crash problem with too many characters on the FX 580 though. How many characters are you creating? And do you have any information on the crash?
2011/6/20 10:38:51
The newest Muvizu release... ukBerty wrote:
Can I campaign to have a new release sooner than later to resolve at least the lighting if not the 64 bit issues as it's all getting a bit messy.

Whinge, whinge, whinge.........

The next release will be out towards the end of next month, and will have Dave's shadow intensity slider and will fix the 64-bit performance thing too. Honest.

Also, don't think of it as whinging, more as providing valuable feedback.
2011/6/16 16:35:52
where is my video? penman wrote:
this will fail again you are saying?

I honestly couldn't say - it might be a bit late now if you've started your upload again, but I would try with a small file - and set it to be private when it uploads just to see if it gets there. If it does then I'd try the big file again.

penman wrote:
also ... there were some clips that wer able to be used but ... they looked as if i had used 3 cameras inside of 1 screen (had 3 images runing at the same time indside 1 clip) altho i am probly explaining this incorrectly as i am not highly educated on what was realy wrong ... i can assure you the clips i had made obviously had technical problems ( i fixed the problem easily by simply remaking the video)

Did you make the videos as uncompressed? There is a problem that if you generate a file that ends up being greater than 2Gig you may end up with problems in it. It's because of the AVI 1.0 video format that's being used - before seperate chunks could be created. We will change this at some point in the future so that doesn't happen, it's on the big list. :|

penman wrote:
... could this be the origin of the reason it is not being recognized by youtube? (technical errors in the vido?)

No, almost certainly not - as long as your final output video plays fine then it shouldn't cause any problems for youtube.
2011/6/16 14:12:09
where is my video? Was it through the website - or directly from the application?

It shouldn't really make that much of a difference but it would be good to know which one it was going through.

If it hasn't appeared in your user account on youtube then it's likely it's not there. We had a problem around the last release where we were seeing that, but as I recall it was a youtube problem - as it still did the same thing even if you uploaded it directly on youtube (and didn't use the site or application). It might be a recurrence of that.

I get that it would be annoying if you were to upload 200mb of stuff for it not to arrive.
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