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2011/6/16 14:04:49
Favourite ever cartoon? RightURKen wrote:
Put me down as a Bugs Bunny fan.
Nothing beats the Square dance scene from "HillBilly Hare"

Me too, but I prefered "What's Opera Doc" - still find myself when hearing a certain tune singing to myself "kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit". Not to mention "Bwunehilde you are so wovewy".
2011/6/16 13:55:23
Rendering thread exception Wabby wrote:
(sorry for my english, i'm french and i don't speak well your language)

No worries, you speak English better than I speak French.

The X1800 is (I think) the same sort of age as the X1300 which a few people have had problems with.

But, let us know how you get on with it, and if it is specifically character based.
2011/6/16 8:24:43
Rendering thread exception Hi Wabby,

Just from the error alone it looks like a video driver issue. First thing I would do is make sure my video drivers were up to date. What sort of graphics card is in the other PC? Also, on the other PC, does the application run until you try to load your set in?
2011/6/14 13:44:37
Computer not fast enough? OK, it seems like it's a compiler optimization issue - it seems the "optimize for speed" option doesn't do that good a job. We've done some tests with optimization settings and can get it to run the same sort of speed as the 32-bit build. Sorry we didn't catch it before.

We'll make sure it's working properly in the next release - and we have a set that we can easily reproduce the problem with now.

PS. With regards to 64 vs 32 bit you maybe surprised to know that 64-bit may actually run a bit slower than 32-bit. According to Microsoft: "The net result is that a 64-bit application might run slightly slower than the same application compiled as 32-bit, but it will often run slightly faster."

I just added that because I thought it was interesting, and not what I would generally expect.
2011/6/13 14:12:03
Computer not fast enough? First of all, RightURKen, the machine spec you've listed should be absolutely fine. I wouldn't expect it to have any real issues and it should work as well as the old 32-bit version did. I would try the current 32-bit version though, to see if it works there. If it does, then that's a temporary workaround, until we fix this.

There shouldn't really be much difference in the way of performance between the 64-bit and 32-bit versions. The only thing that springs to mind that's different is the memory management, but I really wouldn't expect that to make a big impact. But who knows...

Some of the testers here are trying to see if we can reproduce it, though if anyone has a set they want to share with us that demonstrates it, please send it to and mark in the email that it's the 64-bit performance issue. We can then run a profiler on it to see where it's going hideously slow.

ukBerty wrote:
I've not tried creating a scene from scratch on 64 bit to see if I run into the same issues - I'll do that on the next new scene I need - but there is definitely something wrong with it.

If you could let us know how you get on with this, we'd be grateful.
2011/6/10 14:38:30
Muvizu and mice Neil wrote:
No comment.

So, that's a yes then.
2011/6/7 13:28:11
Random requests! Dreeko wrote:
I have a few character based cartoons from my back catalogue which will have to stay there until these options appear im afraid!

Is this some sort of attempt at blackmail?
2011/6/7 11:04:55
nothing available in the program This is a bit strange. All of the info for what you can create is installed with Muvizu. Can you check that the following files exist.

C:\Program Files\Muvizu\Binaries32\CharacterData.Dat
C:\Program Files\Muvizu\Binaries32\ApplicationData.Dat

The files should be approximately 5Mb and 1Mb respectively. (Replace "C:\Program Files\Muvizu" with wherever you installed Muvizu.)

Also as a test, could you download and load a set from the gallery on the site, and see if you can load it?

2011/6/3 8:36:51
audio crash again artpen wrote:
Well, it looks like the old Chinese man's ghost must have kicked the little green monsters arses!!!
Muvizu is workingWoo Hoo!

A Big thankyou to Rob, Jamie, Kerry, Neil, and Jim for using their special Muvizu Powers and mysteriously killing those horrible creaturesGo Away

All the best, artpen

Hurrah! The madrigal chanting worked!
2011/6/3 8:32:22
Problem with New Upgade We know how to make it happen.

It's when you lock your screen - or you get any other graphics card system change type thing. It drives the thing that renders the UI crazy - and you get what you see. Your machine probably does a screen lock or something like that if you leave it running unattended for some time...

Restarting the app is the only way to fix it - I think. It will disappear with the new UI update.
2011/6/1 13:05:30
audio crash again Hi Jim,

Artpen has sent us one of the files - it seems to work fine here. Not sure what on earth is causing this at the moment.
2011/6/1 11:18:07
New 64 bit and New 32 bit Crash on "Make video" chuckles wrote:
It worked! Thank you soooooo much! I downloaded the file and replaced the original, and now it's working fine!
Thank you thank you thank you all!

Hi Chuckles,

Just out of curiosity, can you let us know what type of Graphics card you have on the laptop? Is it one of the ones with an nVidia and an intel one - or one of the ATI models?

2011/5/31 10:49:18
Problem with New Upgade Hi Danny,

Did you get any luck with this? As Toonarama says, it's probably a DirectX or graphics driver problem.
2011/5/31 8:44:48
direct3DDevice->createvertexShader((DWord*) jffc wrote:
direct3DDevice->createvertexShader((DWord*)&cODE(0),(IDERECTVertexShader9**)VertexShader.GetinitReference()) failed

and is says Address+0x75ae9617(filename not found) [in C:\muvizu\binaries32\UE3eNGINE.DLL

Can someone help

Hi jffc,

It's looks like a graphics issue. What sort of graphics card do you have?

Make sure you install the version of DirectX and other system DLL's that were shipped with the Muvizu, and also make sure you have the latest drivers for your card.

Unfortunately the minimum spec card changed with the update of the Unreal engine, so it maybe that the card you have is no longer supported.
2011/5/27 23:51:32
audio crash again Just email one of your audio files that doesn't work to and we'll pick it up from there.

2011/5/27 23:29:33
audio crash again Hi Artpen,

OK, you've confirmed that it's the lipsyncing that's doing it, so while you might not understand it - it gives us something to look at.

I don't think it will be anything specific, but any chance you can send us a file that is failing for you - just in case it's something with the files - which I doubt? Thanks
2011/5/27 12:31:27
Freeze when click make video Hi Storm369,

It's possible this is the same problem that chuckle's having in this thread. Dave's posted an answer that should fix it:

Let us know if this helps...
2011/5/27 10:17:21
audio crash again I'm more a PC than a Mac. Sorry, bad joke. More questions.

Can you try setting the audio just as a background audio?
Also, can you try importing it with no characters present?

I'm thinking it may be the lipsync that's doing it.

The recording audio thing is completely seperate - so it shouldn't matter. (Famous last words.)
2011/5/27 9:59:13
Performance ukBerty wrote:
I'm loving the new version.

I'm just re-doing a few shots to get the benefit of the new features and I have noticed a performance hit with the new version though.

My PC is 6 months old windows 7 Quad core 12GB RAM with a GeForce GTX460, so no slouch.

I mainly notice it where there are a lot of plants. The new "sway" feature is great, but now my PC spends all it's time swaying the greenery, making moving objects and characters really hard work as the program is less responsive.

Would it be possible to change the "unlit mode" to include stopping all foliage movement and effects which would give all the PC power to creating the animation. Maybe change it to "Edit" and "Create" modes ?

Is this possible - as the program gets better and better this issue will become worse and worse.



Something like that should be possible. Maybe we need a preferences thing where you can turn lots of things on/off for performance reasons when building or editing scenes. We'll give it some thought/discussion.
2011/5/27 9:56:10
New 64 bit and New 32 bit Crash on "Make video" Sorry, one last question is it "Make video" on the menu item or "Make video..." on the make video window?

I'm just trying to find the exact point at which it hangs - so I can see what it's doing at that point.
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