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2010/8/27 9:13:32
More Keyboard Shortcuts The WASD keys are commonly used in first-person shooter games to go forwards, strafe left, backwards and strafe right respectively.

Because Muvizu also needs the ability to move up and down, we've added Q and E to do that. If Q and E are confusing, I suggest ignoring them and using Page Up and Page Down instead. I hope that helps.

Edit: Jim beat me to it! :p
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2010/8/26 16:48:27
Top things we love about our users #7 - They're an imaginative and creative bunch.
2010/8/26 13:42:26
Backwards compatibility maintained on sets Hi Than,

You'll be pleased to hear that we already support backward compatibility with old .set files. There's a huge amount of code in Muvizu that supports loading in 7 major file versions and 30 minor file versions. Every time you load a .set file it gets passed through a series of converters that upgrade it to the latest file format. The next time you save, it writes the file in the latest format. In fact, if you load a set and go to "About / System Info / Muvizu" and scroll down, you can see every version of the application that has saved that .set file.

Unfortunately things do very occasionally go wrong for whatever reason, usually with really old sets. If you're having problems loading an old set, feel free to send it to us at with an explanation and we'll do our best to salvage it for you.
2010/8/26 9:36:12
Text? It's something we keep talking about and want to do, but there's always something more important to do instead. Because subtitles are something that can easily be added by a third party application after you've made your video, we prefer to concentrate on the things that have to be done inside Muvizu. But one day, yes, we'd love to add subtitles.
2010/8/26 9:30:15
Robot interview and matters arising Gordon wrote:
Hey Neil, I thought you were the codec expert? :P

2010/8/25 17:48:41
Robot interview and matters arising I'll try to keep my reponses inline with your questions...

1) Hehe, I'll pass that on as well.

2) You can currently apply a texture to the front and back of each character. Right-click the character and select "decals" from the "page" drop-down. It's a little limited compared to what you're after, but it's a start. Applying a texture to the whole t-shirt is going to be complicated. Think trying to wrap a globe with a square tablecloth. But I'll discuss it with the artists.

3) We deliberately stayed away from the timeline with the really early versions of Muvizu because we want people to jump in and start animating immediately, not get bogged down with the fine detail of what happens when. We always wanted to do a timeline, but we don't want it to become the main focus of using Muvizu. That said, we're constantly looking to improve it, so it may well happen at some point. It's not something we're actively looking at right now, however.

4) Would you mind expanding on this? Do you mean the camera window that usually lives in the top-right corner?

5) Great idea. Feel free to start one.

6) I'll pass this over to our resident codec expert and keep poking him until he posts here.

7) There are skirts coming with the update next week, hopefully that'll do for now.

8) You're right, the long hair we have currently is already looking a bit static. I'll pass it on to the artists however, maybe they can come up with something that works.

9) I'll poke the codec expert some more.

10) We already have dance steps, in the Z-Factor category. If there are any specific ones you're after, let us know. We can't currently change the speed of animations, but it is something we've started looking into.

If I've missed anything or you want me to elaborate, just let me know. And keep the feedback coming.
2010/8/25 0:17:38
How to get through an object As well as this, you can move to any selected object by pressing the 'M' key, or look at it with the 'L' key. There are also buttons for this on the scene window. Hope that helps.
2010/8/24 12:31:02
free muvizu? It's a secret that only Vince himself can divulge.
2010/8/24 12:01:59
In the Pipeline Speaking personally (others will no doubt speak for themselves), if it's coming in the next release, I try to make that clear. Our release cycle is around 8 weeks long, and our next update will be around the end of August. Once an update is released, we sit down to decide what to work on for the next update. Unfortunately there are so many things "in the pipeline", and we're a small team, so we have to be quite selective.

So for me, "in the pipeline" usually means something that we've looked at and would like to focus on in a future release, but it might get knocked back in place of something we consider to be more important. I'm sorry we can't always be more specific.
2010/8/24 10:57:44
free muvizu? Hopefully this interview with our MD (and TB) will answer your question:


myClone: I’m curious about the Muvizu business model. From what I read you’re obviously not going down the Moviestorm route — which is a quick free trial and then a lock-in with monthly subscriptions. You seem to be veering toward iClone’s more open route — sell a premium Pro version, premium model-import tools, and high-quality themed content packs?

Vince: The model you have us down for isn’t quite right. We intend to release only one version, as we’ve got now, and to try to keep on improving it. We don’t see any advantage in trying to make people pay to use it; as I said earlier and as you know, we want the world and his/her uncle/aunt to use it. The more the merrier.

myClone: Muvizu will always be free? You heard it here first, readers. That’s… quite radical. Why?

Vince: Because the more people who use it, the more likely it is that someone will create something that goes stellar. It’s at that point where a Muvizu creation makes money — when we come knocking on the door to get our cut. We also have a licensing model, such as for internal use by corporates or by people who use Muvizu for advertising, promotions etc. But whatever the scenario we negotiate on a case-by-case basis. There has to be a sense of proportion; some little outfits can benefit from churning out the odd, quirky Muvizu clip — but it has to be at a price that makes sense to them.
2010/8/22 19:57:57
Moving Head Not at all, it's only obvious when you know it's there.
2010/8/22 19:57:22
Unable to Switch between Animation Sequences Hi David,

It's not you, it's us. There's a restriction on what animations are available in each posture (sitting or standing). Sadly, the application currently doesn't inform you of this restriction except by greying out the button when then animation can't be played in the current posture. It's a problem we're aware of and there's fix in the pipeline that will let you play standing animations only from the waist up whilst sitting. Unfortunately it won't be in the next release, but it will hopefully (fingers crossed) be in the one after.
2010/8/22 15:16:48
Hi all - just finished my first small project :-) me075064 wrote:
Loving it. I'm Buzzing :-)

Oh, no! It's Corin from Big Brother! OMG
2010/8/22 15:12:21
Moving Head On the "direct eyes" dialog, there's a "mode" option that you can click on. Set it to "head" and you can move the character's head around in the same way as the eyes.

We should probably call it "direct eyes and head".
2010/8/22 12:41:03
Things that make you go uhm! The new timeline will have "cue points"; little markers that you can place at certain points. The event blocks will snap to them, making it easier to synchronise things. The transport controls have been revamped with buttons to jump forwards and backwards to the cue points, and another set to jump to the beginning and end. There are also start and end markers in the timeline and director instead of just in the make video dialog. The current time marker has also been revamped, making it easier to jump around to a specific time. We think it's a huge improvement, but of course, let us know your thoughts once you've had chance to use it.
2010/8/21 11:03:33
Robot interview and matters arising Hi Kaynine, I'm glad to see that you're making headway with your decrepit PC.

Thanks for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated. We realise that the single-file dialogue solution that we currently use is simple and limited and can be frustrating if you're trying to do anything complex. If it helps in the meantime, you can use the 'timeline' window to make tweaks to the timing of your talk and shush events after you've recorded them.

There's a new version of Muvizu due to be released in just over a week, and then we're going to start working on the version after that. You have my word that I'm going to push for the dialogue system to be improved by then. I have a few ideas about how to do it, so watch this space.

Addressing your questions...

1) If the voices overlap, then I'm afraid you're stuck with the characters lip-syncing to the combined speech. Sadly this is where the single-audio solution completely fails.

2) I'll mention the top hat to our art department.

3) We've discussed an auto-save function, but we don't think it could happen quietly in the background so we think it would interrupt the user too often and for too long, making it annoying. We are looking into another solution, however, but sadly it won't be ready any time soon.

4) I'll mention the parrot animation to the art department too, but I think animated attachments will probably have to wait a while.

5) Characters currently have an 'expressive' slider in the 'body' page of the character editor that might do what you want. Try it out and let us know if it does the job for you.

6) Oh my, the political correctness arguments that will happen if we let you remove limbs!

7) Great idea, I was thinking something similar last week while trying to direct a short test video. I'll look into it for the next release cycle.

8) If you press F1 or go to 'help' on the menu, you can bring up a keyboard help dialog box that should help you out. There's a couple of mistooks on it in the current release, and a few keys are missing, but the new release will fix that.

Keep the opinions and feedback coming, it's not only useful for us to make the software better for you, but also great for other users to see how others are getting on.

PS: I have a Zoom 505 II too, I recognised some of those effects before I even read your post.
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2010/8/21 10:31:36
Up load to muvizu Hi Harvey,

The 'upload to Muvizu' feature was removed a while back and replaced with the 'upload to YouTube' feature instead. The tutorial videos are a little out of date and are due to be redone in the near future. If you use the 'upload to YouTube' feature, your videos will still appear on the Muvizu website.

You're correct about the codecs, the list is completely dependent on what software is installed on your PC. A few codecs are installed by default with your operating system, but other applications will often add their own. You can also download a 'codec pack' which is simply a collection of codecs all bundled together. If you're in need of a particular one, let us know and we may be able to direct you to it.
2010/8/19 14:14:06
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Than wrote:
Added: Room (Alien Interrogation 1)

All I can say is WOW! Nice one!
2010/8/18 10:55:02
It would be nice to have .... Kaynine wrote:
I didn't see a link in your message, but I'm sure you mean this one

Gah, that's what happens when you're posting from home and need to get the train to work!

The Little Italy video is kinda like what we had in mind.
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2010/8/18 10:00:12
Window ... move and lock just the once? Since you asked so nicely, I'll see what can be done.
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