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2013/4/30 11:43:10
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback We've just released a small patch to fix the crashing problem that non-English PCs were having when trying to edit an object, or when double clicking the camera window.
2013/4/29 23:22:54
So much potential, so many bugs WozToons wrote:
Please see video below regarding zoom as this makes it clear.....

Hmmmm... Yeah, it's definitely not supposed to do that. I'll have a look at that in the morning.

WozToons wrote:
Thanks for responding so quickly Neil, I appreciate you're busy fixing all this stuff.

So, so busy. puppy dog eyes
2013/4/29 16:59:23
So much potential, so many bugs WozToons wrote:
Could these be related to the focus problem I keep banging on about? It seems to me that this version has developed a serious case of short term memory loss. as it doesn't seem to know where it is or what it's done sometimes. The scene window memory use indicator is not working properly.

Just to make sure we're on the same page here, what focus problems are we talking about here? I've read your post about using the mouse wheel in the create / edit menus and I'm not sure I fully understand the issue.

The mouse wheel generally works on whatever is directly under the mouse at the time. So if you have an edit window open with a slider on it, the mouse wheel will control the slider whenever the mouse is directly over it. Otherwise, it should move you backwards and forwards in the scene. Similarly, the create window has a big scrollable list of characters, objects, etc. When the mouse is directly over this list, it should scroll the list. Is this not what you're seeing?

WozToons wrote:
Loaded textures don't show up, to set a texture to NONE you first have to select a new texture and then select NONE instead of just selecting NONE. The same with IN USE. The mouse wheel on some menus zooms the view as well. The colour/texture box is taking longer to show and is laggy for me now. Yes they work, but they don't work as expected and they cause a interruption in workflow.

There's a problem with the "in use" texture category, and although I've had a quick look at it, I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to tackle solving it just yet, sorry. It's definitely on my list though, and I'll get it sorted either in a patch or for the next major release. I'll let you know once I have a better idea. I'll also look at the laggy colour / texture picker for you.

WozToons wrote:
Like ukBerty I am finding the lighting quite different but will need more time to decide whether it's positive or negative. It seems to require more computing power and warms my laptop more.

I think Dave's already spoken about this and frankly, it's beyond my understanding.

WozToons wrote:
For balance, I think the timeline is pretty well sorted now although I haven't messed around with audio in it much.

I'm very happy to hear it. Thanks.
2013/4/29 16:18:18
So much potential, so many bugs ukBerty wrote:
If you abort rendering a video you have to resize the "make video" window to get the close button to be active. Doesn't always happen - around 50% of the time. Actually just noticed it sometimes does this when you don't abort as well.

I haven't seen this one before, and it seems to be working okay for me. I'll look into it, though.

ukBerty wrote:
Like characters, objects that have their movement animated do not appear in the correct position on loading the set. Unlike characters simply going into the timeline will not move them to the correct position, you have to actually press pay and they jump to where they should be.

It'll likely be the same root cause as the characters. Dave's not in today so I can't check with him, but I'm fairly sure he's looking into it.

ukBerty wrote:
I want to keep cameras window open once I've opened it. I always want this open - all the time. I have tried to “pin” it, but it still closes.

The "pin" option simply keeps the window locked to the main Muvizu window when you drag it around. When is it closing? Do you mean you want it to remember that it was open when you closed Muvizu and have it reappear the next time it starts?
2013/4/26 10:55:26
So much potential, so many bugs Hi Berty,

Thanks for the (mostly) positive review.

We've changed the way loading small objects works based on your feedback. We've reduced the minimum allowed size of models that can be safely imported and the cigarette packet model you sent me earlier now loads without any error messages at all. The compromise to that (as insisted upon by our engine developer) is that *really* small models will fail to load and generate an error message. I'll let you know once that feature is released and I'd appreciate it if you could give us some feedback on it as it may require a little tweaking. Thanks.

I'll pass on the bugs that you describe to the appropriate developers (scale, process not closing, sound sync and character start position). Hopefully we can get them all sorted for the next major release.

As for the timeline, we're talking about several changes we can do to make it easier. We've already agreed on a new feature for selecting objects from the timeline and highlighting objects within the timeline that you click on in the scene, much like you're asking for. We're also looking into the layout to make it less busy and generally make it easier to control.

Again, thanks for the feedback, please keep it coming.
2013/4/24 22:09:55
Crash on Zoom Sorry, Ziggy. I knew about that one and it's already fixed, but the fix hasn't made it's way into one of the patches yet.

The bug is caused by the zoom value getting out of range. You can't do that using the slider, or the ctrl+mousewheel, but you can when using the keys.
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2013/4/24 16:06:13
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! urbanlamb wrote:
well its nice i love muvizu and would like to continue but cannot because its giving me issues. I feel squeezed out. I jumped on muvizu because i loved it. Now I can't use it. This is not a choice that I made I can't use it. This choice was made by muvizu not me. So unless something changes I am being forced to do all my work in iclone. not by choice I had plans and had written about commercial use. I can't use it the timeline is giving me grief moving along it. I wish I was being heard but it does seem that its been decided and therefore not by choice I am forced to stop what i was doing again NOT my choice and do something else. Oh well my heart is broken actually I was having so much fun. Unless something happens to make that timeline easier to work with and i am not fighting with it and I am indeed fighting with it. I cannot continue. This is not "to each his own" I want to continue and my heart is broken because I CAN'T.

Urbanlamb, can I please ask you a couple of questions?

Why do you think you're not being heard? We've responded to all your requests. I even have your large set currently loaded into Muvizu on my screen right now trying to look at the crash-on-exit problem you reported. I don't see how we can try any harder to fix any issues you're having.

You repeatedly say that "I can't use it", but you don't actually offer much explanation of WHY you can't use it. Can you explain in a bit more depth why you think the timeline is currently unusable?

Why do you say (in a later post) that the scroll bar has gone from the timeline? It's right there, at the bottom, as you described.

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2013/4/24 15:49:01
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! urbanlamb wrote:
Yeah wish I could agree I couldn't even scroll left and right on the timelines I had to figure out a way to navigate using queue points if my timeline is longer then the window.(

You can use the shift key and the mouse wheel to scroll left and right in the timeline. You can also zoom using the control key and the mouse wheel. I hope that helps.
2013/4/24 15:40:14
New website feedback thread bigwally wrote:
Now that patches and updates are trickling in, where on the site can I find a listing of said updates and patches (without having to search thru the forum?

What happened to the News page?

Wally, I just answered your question over in another thread where your messages have mysteriously disappeared, making me look like I'm talking to myself. Which happens. A lot.

Oh, as for the news page, it's now here:
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2013/4/24 15:36:56
I'm tired of this CRASH ! bigwally wrote:
Where are the patches listed on the web site?

Simple answer is "they're not".

Whenever we release a patch, we do it in two ways:
  • We make new installers that have the latest patch already included. This is what you download from the big pink "Get Muvizu" button at the top of this page.
  • We make a small patch installer that Muvizu will detect when you run it (assuming you're connected to the internet). Muvizu asks if you want to download and install it. If you say yes, it does it all automatically. We don't put these patches anywhere they can be downloaded individually.

To clarify, the latest patched version number is "MZASS-v1.0 0 build: 2013.04.18.01R" according to the about dialog (in the '?' menu).

Is there a reason you need to download the patches separately, Wally?
2013/4/24 13:11:32
I'm tired of this CRASH ! Dwarf wrote:
I downloaded the patch of your new version today, but the editor crash still happend every time I wanna change the wall's background.
I don't think it's my PC, but I don't know, maybe I miss files or something like that ???

Hi Dwarf. Sorry, we haven't released a patch that fixes this crash yet, but we have finally found and fixed the problem. There'll be a new patch in the next few days that will fix it for you.

In the meantime, I made a post yesterday that describes how you can work around the problem by configuring your Windows to use English number formatting. You could do that temporarily until the next patch is released.
2013/4/23 12:06:19
Saving a project ukBerty wrote:
I'm going to have another look at Muvizu Play - I have downloaded and installed MZASS-v1.0 build: 2013.04.18.01R (64-bit) - is this the latest version or it there another patch somewhere ?

Yeah, that's the latest one.
2013/4/23 10:29:02
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion urbanlamb wrote:
and then when I went to shut the program down it crashed :/

Urbanlamb, would you be willing to send me the set file so I can take a look at the crash and maybe even why it's taking so long to load? If so, please send it to and mark it for my attention. Thanks.
2013/4/22 17:21:53
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion I just wanted to add, thanks to everyone who's helped out with this bug. Either by reporting the issue, sending us screenshots, DxDiag reports, trying fixes such as reinstalling, etc.

Also thanks to everyone for being patient with us while we sort this issue. Big hugs to you all.
2013/4/22 17:18:27
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion I've just had a breakthrough!

I noticed a while ago that a lot of the people reporting this bug have been using Muvizu in languages other than English. I'd tried setting Muvizu into all of our supported languages to see if that helped, but I still couldn't get it to crash.

After seeing William's DxDiag results in French, I thought I'd investigate that deeper and I've just completely reconfigured my Windows to French. Lo and behold, Muvizu crashes when I try to edit an object or double click the camera window!

So, the good news is I can see what the problem is and know how to fix it. Obviously this is going to need another patch, which we'll try to get out in good time.

In the meantime, I think you can get Muvizu to work by configuring your Windows to English.

To do this, go to the Control Panel and edit your Region and Language settings:

Then, set the Format to English:

2013/4/22 15:29:27
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion wdeprospo wrote:
Open the latest
Loaded a set
Opened the camera Window
Right mouse edit and .....

Hi William,

Were you getting this crash with the version before the patch? We know a lot of people have been reporting this very same crash but for the life of us we can't work out what's causing it. We've tried it on numerous computers both in the office and at home, and we've never managed to repeat it even once. We know it happens, we just can't work out why and until we can find a computer to see it happen on, I'm afraid we're stumped. I can only apologise for the inconvenience and assure you that we're determined to fix it, so please bear with us.

In the meantime, could you give us some information about your PC. The operating system (eg Windows 7 64-bit), the amount of memory, the make and model of graphics card. That sort of thing. Could you also check that you've got the latest graphics drivers installed.
2013/4/22 14:30:50
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Just a quick heads-up, we released the latest patch this morning.
2013/4/18 17:50:03
Stapling Squirrels Students are cheap (free if you have spare food or a washing machine they can use) and squirrel outfits are easy to make. Just sayin'.
2013/4/18 15:30:30
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Me again. I wanted to give you a quick heads-up on where we're at. We're hoping to get a new patch out early next week to fix the load/save errors and to fix the worst of the problems with the timeline.

Regarding the timeline, I wanted to show you some screenshots of how we're going to tackle it (at least initally).

This is Muvizu after loading the Gears Rock Stage set. As you can see, the timeline is nicely empty and doesn't have a million objects listed in it that will take you 8 hours to hide.

Now, if I create a character in this scene and then direct a few actions on him, my timeline will automatically show the "Actions" track for hat character.

You can decide to hide the character from the timeline if you want, using the completely revamped filter dialog:

When it opens, everything is collapsed so it's quick and easy to find the object or character you want to hide. When you get there, there are three options: shown, hidden, and show if animated. This last option is what everything is set to by default, so things will only appear on the timeline once they've actually been directed in some way. Of course, there are buttons across the bottom to hide everything, show everything or reset everything back to the default setting.

After this next patch, we'll look at making further changes to the timeline to address some of your other issues.
2013/4/17 15:03:34
Double click camera window - CRASH ember wrote:
Neil, no problem, but you will not like what you are going to read:

Thanks, Ember. That is interesting. And weird. Hmmm...

Is anybody else seeing this crash, or anything similar to it?
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