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2012/6/11 10:32:45
New scene button Dreeko wrote:

On many many occasions I have had to reuse sets for different scenes or episodes (staundoone, On the News etc.). This usually means that I have to go through all characters and audio and delete all the previous different directions which apply to them. This would be far simpler if a new scene option were available which created a new scene containing the existing created set and characters but deleted all directions - characters, cameras objects etc.


For something that is going to be re-used again and again does it not just make sense to save out a version like what you have said above and keep it in a "On the News" master folder or whatever?
2012/5/31 15:17:28
Even More Nick Danger than anyone asked for! brill, great scripts and voice talent!
2012/5/21 16:21:45
Test Muvizu - Cosmosore Project this looks pretty cool!
2012/5/16 12:34:20
Just ask Alan im sure youve heard it a million times but it REALLY is amazing!
rarely a bad episode. you should buy some.
comedy genius!
2012/5/16 11:49:14
Just ask Alan Great idea!

Reminds me of the "what grinds my gears" family guy episode
2012/3/22 15:22:55

again, the crowd camera shake scenes are really cool!
2012/2/1 12:14:35
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - Season 1 really enjoyed it. good job!
2012/2/1 12:06:39
Muvizu - My personal thoughts... Here Here!
2011/12/26 19:45:24
Merry Christmas. merry xmas everybody

2011/12/19 12:11:10
The Garage Band Blues Episode #3 "Paranoid"... Great stuff mysto!

Loved the ending!
2011/11/29 15:25:39
Muvizu remakes really good lighting, head and eye controls! the less the better in a lot of cases!
2011/11/28 12:52:25
Secret Lab - AMD Fusion This would be a really good idea for an actual high budget advert should submit this to the AMD advert script writers
2011/11/14 11:39:53
Cameron Clegg an Miliband wow..................thats creepy
2011/11/10 11:44:29
On the News hahaha! the border control bit was amazing
2011/11/9 11:48:18
Dreeko, Jamie,Jim,Marco,Emily & Ziggy cool vid!

and on topic with the great Joe Frazier passing away
2011/11/1 16:20:38
Skirts for all - not as mad as it sounds, honest! haha!
2011/10/25 11:17:03
On the News love it!
2011/10/20 16:10:43
Tales from Pastor Von cool stories!
really enjoyed them!
2011/10/13 16:30:36
On the News Wizaerd wrote:
freakmoomin wrote:
These are really what muvizu was designed for! so on the pulse!

Is this true? Seems like such a small sub-section to target a movie making app for. I thought it was designed to offer as much creativity and usability for any type of movie. Even with the cartoonish looks, with good set building and lighting, you could even put together a drama. Seems much more versatile than some of the other animation/movie making applications around, seems much more capable for a broad range of things as opposed to just satiric newscasts...

I wasnt speaking LITERALLY

Just meaning in terms of the speed of output and being able to easily and most important fastly get your ideas and scripts animated and onto youtube.
2011/10/13 15:31:27
On the News These are really what muvizu was designed for! so on the pulse!

Well written, voiced and muvizued in double speed!

Basically what spitting image did and headcases couldnt do because of the long turnover of making the episodes!
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