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2010/11/19 21:11:43
Problem! Hi Monkeysyd,

Have you downloaded the 'Feeling Lucky' version of Muvizu from the news page?

(it's the link at the bottom)

2010/11/18 10:07:13
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Aw. Listen to old Frasier there. He REALLY cares. Like really, really cares.
2010/11/18 9:58:40
Happy Birthday Kerry! 129 in cat years

Happy Burpday to you, ya steamboat!!
2010/11/17 14:27:24
Quick Star Wars joke ROFL! (ysst...)
2010/11/17 11:12:21
Watching muvizu movies on an iphone Good point Dreeko!

I've submitted this as an improvement to our website.


2010/11/17 10:49:09
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn artpen wrote:
I like the idea of a waypoint system for characters and cameras and for everything that's gotta move.
it would save a lot of frustrating hours trying to get that perfect walk path, perfect dolly shot.
I've had a go at moviestorm, and I think they have a pretty good waypoint system, quite easy aswell Quiet

I like the current system, but for us bleeding edge junkies, we want bleeding edge murder toolsAvast!

Owww arrrrrrr!!!

Bang on.

A waypoint system would make things much easier, and more precise.

The only question is (to all the users) - does anyone actually NOT want this?

Do you think it would hamper you in any way?
2010/11/17 10:44:22
Option needed in preferences to remap keys... Hi Y4ArtU,

Welcome to Muvizu, and thanks for your insight. You raised some very important points. Accessibility is something that we do need to look into. Some people find the Muvizu UI intuitive, some people don't.

I've raised this with the developers, it would be really good if users have the option to re-configue the controls to their own preference.

It may also be that we don't have the best mapping at the moment. The problem, I guess, is that there are some conflicting conventions. We'll have a talk about this, and if you, or anyone else can make some suggestions that would make life easier for you, please get in touch.


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2010/11/15 16:58:16
Need another voice? Lol - yes I know (and love) the evil ways of Tequila. I'm also partial to the odd bourbon here and there too.

Best of luck finishing your audiobook,

2010/11/15 16:46:31
Facial animation in video games is evolving. Good, but a little creepy!

The guy looks a bit like John Hannah:

2010/11/15 16:41:20
Need another voice? Thanks a lot for that Kevin!

Great showreel

It's often difficult to get people to record stuff so we may well take you up on that...


2010/11/10 13:34:04
latest version Almost there!
Apologies for the delay.
In the meantime...the theme tune for today:

2010/11/10 10:01:30
Modo & Muvizu Brilliant - that's really good to know!

I don't use Modo myself, but some of the other folk here do, so thanks for the heads up.

A tutorial is always welcome, whenever you get the time. With 2 1/2 jobs I'm amazed you can find time for anything!


2010/11/9 17:16:48
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?.. Neil wrote:

Heh heh heh heh
2010/11/9 17:02:27
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?..
2010/11/8 17:23:09
open door? Civicbynature - Matt's done a tutorial vid, you can see it here:

Opening doors was something that we had loads of requests for.

There should be some animations to go with this in the next release (fingers crossed!)


2010/11/8 17:19:06
Get Objects... Matt's done a tutorial vid to explain it.

It's different software (Anim8or) but the principles should be the same.

Take a look:

2010/11/8 17:17:37
Open doors Hi Garageman,

Take a look at this tutorial vid by Matt for more info:

That should clear things up
2010/11/8 17:13:09
open the door help me :) Excellent stuff - thanks for this!
2010/11/5 11:01:36
Gnome TV #1 - Primary Election Post-Mortem Hehe - cheers for that Corraodj!

Altho...some news presenters are so lacklustre, I think I'd rather have a gnome EEK!

Please do post your follow up episodes. I'm glad you like Muvizu.

The feeling is mutual!


Thanks for getting in touch, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

2010/11/4 13:59:14
Keep in time We don't have a drunk mood...yet...but we do have a thriller animation...

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