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2011/2/23 10:14:24
Sad old man Just got round to watching this - it's phenomenol!

You have a real talent for camera angles, movement and timing.

Well done, I'm interested to see what you do next.
2011/2/23 9:52:46
My First Effort Tangledbliss wrote:
Do I just post the link here?

Yep- you can upload the link here, but if you want the video on the gallery on the front page, go to your profile, then select the 'Upload a video' link on the left hand side.


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2011/2/23 9:49:03
My First Effort Tangledbliss - welcome to Muvizu!

I really liked that vid - nice to see the wee touches you can add with Flash too.

Hope your hip gets better and that Muvizu can offer you some fun during the healing process!
2011/2/21 10:40:10
Staundoone Episode ! Awesome!!!

Well done Dreeko
2011/2/17 14:24:13
Will not Create Video Glad that worked

I look forward to your vid!
2011/2/17 14:13:31
Will not Create Video Hi Tangledbliss,

It sounds like you haven't set up your start and end markers.
You see the pink/white diamond shaped marker on the timeline?
What you need to do is drag these into position, or right click on them to manually input the start and end times.

Hope that helps, good luck with your first film!

2011/2/8 17:21:57
Colour picker/eyedropper Hey Ziggy & Dreeko - this is a feature I have been requesting for over a year!

In the meantime, here is a workaround (if you have Photoshop):

2011/2/7 12:38:00
Motion JPEG (Don't overlook it!) It's worth noting that fdshow & motion jpeg codec can leave your video looking a little flat.

You might want to up the contrast a little, down the brightness a little and whack on a tiny bit of sharpness before rendering. Maybe even up the saturation a tiny bit, depending on the content of your vid
2011/2/7 11:09:45
The eyes have it Thank god for that!!! Gavel
2011/2/7 10:55:17
The eyes have it Dreeko wrote:
customized animations

Do you mean - you have the ability to to trim or edit the speed of an animation, you should also be able to save it into a favourites section?

That's a good idea! I'll put it forward.

Dreeko wrote:
great little freaky clip by the way!

Thanks! I'm a big fan of Ivor Cutler.

Dreeko wrote:
by the way!

Hehe - your East Kilbride is showing by the way!! :P
2011/2/7 10:34:10
The eyes have it Guys, thanks for your input, and enthusiasm, as always!!

There are a few things that we have discussed to improve the current timeline, and the ability to copy and paste animations between characters is an improvement I'd also like to see.

There were also things like increasing / reducing the tempo of animations, grouping them, more flexibility to move blocks over and beyond other ones, allowing the animation to stop at a specific point...if you have more suggestions, please do keep putting them forward.

I would really have loved the copy/paste function when I was making this video, it was such an effort!

2011/2/7 10:31:25
Total Newbie Heroscops,

Welcome to Muvizu!
Hope you enjoy our delicious software.
Any problems just make a post and someone will give you a hand.


2011/2/4 14:30:14
Output Sync timing Hi Jon,

Thanks for the detailed information. It just happens that I'm having the exact same issue when import my files into Premiere. The view has slipped down by about 2 pixels or so - it's subtle, but you can see the scene 'jump' slightly between cuts.

No idea what's causing this, but it would be good if we could track this bug down.

Cheers again,

2011/2/3 9:40:19
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn ziggy72 wrote:
Thanks! But after you've squashed the bug, could you send it my way so I can jump up and down on it a bit? Won't fix anything, but I'll feel better for it.

As requested, we've re-directed it to your place. Take a look under your fridge, he'll be waiting for you.

ziggy72 wrote:
(BTW, my sweary opus is progressing nicely despite the f**king bugs...)

F***KING A!!
2011/2/2 16:51:32
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn He is a ninja of CODE. When it comes to motor control and spatial perception he is a DUNCE

Is that a demo laptop just out of shot there?
2011/2/2 16:08:50
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn @Ziggy - one of our Code Ninjas seems to have squashed the ATI bug...however, the fix still needs to get thoroughly checked before the next release...so...it looks very promising, but as always...no promises!!! :P
2011/2/1 16:22:59
Batdork completed Incredible!!

Love the effects, is this character going to be developed?
2011/2/1 16:21:20
direct lights Yep - select the light, then go to prepere>object properties, then change the animation setting to 'animate'.
Then you hit the 'direct...' button to animate it.
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2011/2/1 16:10:05
Winter is not finished here... Scary stuff!

Stay safe
2011/2/1 9:34:42
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Mysto & Ziggy - thanks for your positivity - and patience!!

I also have this problem, using an ATI Radeon HD 5600, it drives me totally nuts - even to the point it puts me off making vids. There's no real workaround, the only thing that I've noticed is that this issue seems to get worse the further the camera gets from the character. So you can bypass it by sticking to lots of close shots, but it's a bit limiting.

The other thing that you can do is to finish off everything in the set, and then pass it to someone else to render. If you have any friends with a non-AVI card, this is a cheeky way to get a good quality video from your set.

Maybe there are some people out there in the Muvzu community who can collaborate with you to work around this?

I'm sure you can find a way to pay them back
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