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2013/1/21 20:19:32
website woes suggestion Looks good guys, and we can see we're not crazy people now
2013/1/21 20:14:32
Top 3 improvements All good suggestions so far, which I will mostly reiterate...

1 Neutral Mood, yes, all for that one. Still can believe it's that hard to remove the emotions that must have added to a default - I mean, wouldn't Neutral be just the same Mood set as Happy but without the smile, or am I way off somehow?

2 Wrist props. It's not perfect, but we need to hold stuff or we'll go nuts here. Or migrate to iClone or something, which wouldn't be good.

3 Might seem trivial this one, but can we PLEASE have a laughing animation that doesn't involve the character fondling their tits? Please? I have never seen anyone laugh like that, ever, except for Muvizu characters. And there are so few laughing animations, it's a boob juggling fest every time. Seriously, how are you supposed to animate a crowd laughing if they're all doing that? A few other laughing options, combined with, oh, I dunno, a facial animation system or something <cough>, and it's going to look a lot better.

...no one noticed me sneaking in that 4th one to agree with Dreeko, did they? Good

Oh, actually, no, I'd put up with the boob mangling if we can have a pose that lets the characters put their hands behind their back, especially while sitting. I believe Muvizu HQ will remember why I need this...
2013/1/19 18:29:51
Random requests! Hide All! And by that I mean a Hide All option on the View menu to hide the lights, cameras, effects, and camera window. Once selected, it would change to Show All (seems logical). It would be helpful to be able to switch between working mode and 'what will the folks back home see?' mode with one click, rather than four or five.
2013/1/19 18:12:12
Whack- a- mole or trigger happy style? Yup, being able to choose would be better (and my own choice too) but I'm thinking about what would probably be easier to implement for Muvizu HQ. And also simpler to understand for newbies. Gotta remember the newbies too
2013/1/19 15:07:22
Whack- a- mole or trigger happy style? i agree

As an alternate, you could have an Action on the list (for each Mood) called Randomize, which would just randomly play actions from it's Mood list. It could also have a sub option to select Subtle or Strong (Idle and Pose wouldn't work so well, so it would be better to not include them as options).
2013/1/17 23:19:48
Whack- a- mole or trigger happy style? An action list? Interesting... It could be rigged so that only the shortest possible time block (to activate the animation) would be generated, followed by a gap to represent the total length of the animation (or 1 loop), then terminated with an Idle before the next animation. It would also provide of workaround way to copy/paste a set of actions from one character to another if we can save/load the list in the Timeline. Another top idea, D!
2013/1/17 18:45:37
Coming Soon... Dreeko, while I appreciate your enthusiasm, I can't animate anything until I get my voices. Can't do Ted Bundy, can you?
2013/1/17 1:20:28
Coming Soon... Since I posted that picture I've added more lights to stengthen up the tube lights, put a coffee 'liquid' texture on the cups, added some maps to the table... but now I'm finished. Maybe
2013/1/16 23:08:46
Random requests! Speed controllers on the effects with smoke! And by that I mean...well, just that. The smoke textures rise way too fast for anything other than a raging fire. I'm trying to use the smoke effect to get steam rising from a coffee cup and it's just too fast. Might have been requested before, but I've gotta gripe somewhere
2013/1/16 21:19:41
Coming Soon... Now it's finished. Probably

2013/1/16 19:37:01
Health update... I've always thought surgeons are just optimistic butchers, and your experience proves it. Get well soon EEF
2013/1/16 1:00:27
Coming Soon... Prison interview room in 'Sammamish'. Lighting is so very tricky, but rewarding when you get close to what you envisaged in the first place. This isn't done yet, but it's getting there.

This is why I needed disposable coffee cups, which were so kindly made for me by UrbanLamb (long may she model!). In fact, a lot of her models are going to appear in this film...
2013/1/15 19:17:34
Only one colour on imported ase file ...also, I find that if you don't explode the model down to it's basics, it doesn't seperate out the textures properly. Try selecting everything, explode it, explode it, etc, until you can't anymore, then try making the .ase file. Can't hurt
2013/1/14 19:57:20
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Applause

I got the code from the vids okay, but never would have thought of using them in youtube - well done to those who did!
2013/1/10 23:13:45
Moo I think it'll be Moo III - The Fast & The Moo-rious
2013/1/8 19:44:42
Really good text to speech ! Good find Dreeko - that Dodo voice is brilliant, and making all of them swear with just the right inflection and timing is so much fun... Big Grin
2013/1/4 18:51:29
CANT FIND A SET I KNOW IVE SEEN!! I did that one - City Street At Night, made it for Kung Fu International. It's on my profile page, nearly at the bottom as it's one of my first. Enjoy

Also, you'll need to tweak the lighting a bit, as this was made in a much older version of Muvizu which handled lighting differently. In fact, I really should go back and redo the lighting setup on my old sets...
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2013/1/1 16:42:42
Recommendations for a laptop please juicyfruits wrote:
what I am trying to say do I really need a Lenovo that has core i7 and gforce 625m that's cost a Hugh £629 just solely for muvizu


juicyfruits wrote:
the specs of any machine were like Greek to me basically I was asking which laptop would be decent mid range and not cost the world I know nothing about graphic card 635m and 5460 mean nothing to me...

Then you need to ask your questions on a forum that deals with which is the best laptop. If you ask us, you'll get specs for machines that, as you've said, you don't understand - so why ask?

My simplest advice I can give you is this - ANY PC or laptop made in the last year or so will run Muvizu. How well it will run it is down to price - the more expensive, the better it'll run. Not that this is an issue, as you already stated you're not trying to produce epics here, so stop stressing about it and just buy something so you and your brother can get on with life. Seriously, there is now way anyone here is going to recommend just ONE computer from the tens of thousands of versions available. They will, however, on those forums that deal with, you know, which is the best laptop.

Happy New Year
2012/12/31 19:58:27
Recommendations for a laptop please JF, the i7 thing is to do with overall performance - it's a great all rounder, but when talking specifically about Muvizu, it's excessive (and pricey). As for recommending a particular laptop, I can't help you there as I have little interest in them. However, if I was going to buy one, I'd check which has a video chip that's in the top ten listed on a site like this one here :


That would be my starting point to weed out the unwanted. Next look at processor clock speed, then memory, then storage. High as possible for all, max out your budget, and you'll have a decent laptop that will see you right for a year or two. Hope that's of some use to you
2012/12/31 18:17:47
Recommendations for a laptop please Juicyfruits, I have been reviewing your questions and would like to suggest you consider one thing before you continue on - what do you expect to do with Muvizu? If you expect to be creating broadcast quality, highly detailed videos then you need sell all that you own and buy a monster PC (not a laptop, as they are way too weak - and no, you cant upgrade the graphics card on a laptop except in very rare cases, and it would still work out cheaper to start with a desktop anyway). I create videos with the intent on making them the best I and Muvizu can possibly manage and have (just today!) had to buy an Nvidia 660 Ti beast of a video card in order to be able to work with the massive sets I'm creating. Performance is not cheap.

If, on the other hand, you just want to mess about with Muvizu and have no particular plans for cinema greatness, then just get the laptop with the highest spec graphics chip you can afford - doesn't matter which laptop, Muvizu only really cares about the graphics card. Unfortunately, laptops have rubbish graphics chips, not cards, and that's what makes the difference. Memory's not a big issue with Muvizu, unless it's less than 1Gb, and it can only use 1 core so an i7 isn't really helping. A highly clocked i3 or (preferably) an i5 is your best bet.

In summary Big Grin don't worry about the spec so much - if you really get into the whole Muvizu thing, then you can always build a proper machine to run it later. After all, you gotta learn how to use the thing first!

Hope that helps
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