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2016/10/28 18:04:47
Question about Blender FBX export and Muvizu assuming your textured UVmap is saved as a standalone file, it needs to be in the same directory as your FBX when you load the FBX into Muvizu. Otherwise, Muvizu doesn't know where to find the texture, so it doesn't apply one.
2016/10/28 15:47:38
Problem with lip synch and audio recording jane-doe wrote:
Beg Pardon,

A moment of frustration.

Please excuse my outburst.

we all understand... I think we've all posted the classic frustrated message. ;-)

Please don't take my response as judgemental... my only intent was to add perspective for the sake of newbies reading the forum.

Welcome to the forum, by the way. I look forward to seeing some of your animations... and I hope you join in the forum banter. We're just a bunch of friends who have never met, but who share a common hobby.
2016/10/28 15:31:12
what causes imported FBX files to look scrambled? I figured there must be an info setting somewhere in my modelling program that would tell me how many surfaces are in the project... found it last night. The project has about 27,000 surfaces... 21,500 of which are in the car body. Now that I know exactly where to start reducing, I might be able to start finishing some of these spider web ended projects. Retopo learning curve, here I come...
2016/10/28 6:06:47
Halloween contest...? Nice video, Admiral! Thanks for participating!
2016/10/28 0:52:56
Problem with lip synch and audio recording are you having a specific problem that maybe more experience users can help with? It's not a perfect system, but it works well enough to have kept a bunch of us using it enthusiastically for years.

As far as feeling ripped off is concerned: they offer a free version in which the dialog works the same as the paid version. A rip off is a planned trick to cheat somebody (pretty strong words unless you can justify them) ...

but Muvizu's offer of a free version shows their willingness to let people see if the software meets their needs before they pay for the full version. Anybody who does due diligence to try before they buy has everything they need to make an informed purchase decision.
2016/10/28 0:43:13
Question about Blender FBX export and Muvizu I don't use Blender, but the principle works the same (even though the step-by-step procedure is different for each modelling app)

Basically... both ways work. You can paint your surfaces directly in Blender, or UVMap it and paint the map, then re-apply it to the model...By far the simpler of the two approaches is to just paint the surfaces inside Blender.

There are advantages to UVMapping... chiefly because it lets you apply photos to the UVmaps, thereby getting lots of realism very easily. But if all you need is color (and in many cases that's all you do need) coloring the surfaces is the quickest, easiest way.
2016/10/27 21:48:37
Problem with lip synch and audio recording There are tricks to getting lip-synch to work. There are so many differences in dialect , pronunciation, accent, mumbling, etc that the lip-synch algorithm (in virtually all programs that have one) ends up being a prime target of complaints.

These algorithms tend to look for harsh consonants and soft vowels... sometime I make a dummy track with the right number of syllables, that consists of nothing but DA-DA_DOO_DA BEE ,.... (hard consonants using primary phonemes)

The algorithm will synch to that pretty well. Then in post production you can replace the DAAAs with your real dialog. For what its worth, this problem isn't unique to Muvizu. Good luck finding any software that does a perfect job of lip synching.

Sometimes when using software that's geared toward creative people you have to get creative. ;-)
2016/10/27 16:07:44
what causes imported FBX files to look scrambled? thanks guys... that gives me a track to focus on.
2016/10/27 8:22:59
what causes imported FBX files to look scrambled? I've spent several days trying to get a good FBX out of a car I'm making. It looks great in my modeling program, I can import it into other modeling programs and it looks good... but as soon as I make an FBX out of it and bring it into MUVIZUit looks like the car is made of spider webs. Is that too many polygons?
2016/10/26 21:55:58
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... just submitted, awaiting approval...
2016/10/25 22:11:36
A Finger Pistols Are Dangerous Scene Pick Looks AWESOME, Clayster! Can't wait to see the whole show!

and yeah, Marc did a great job in all of his voice acting in this scene!
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2016/10/25 20:43:14
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries magic-man wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
Hi Magic-man! Welcome to the forum and to the world of Muvizu animation! You have some cool stuff going on here! Nice mirror effect! And I like the hulk-style color change! And I especially like the window... did you make that?

I have long started to learn Muvizu.
All the time is not enough. Now bought a powerful computer and decided to check Muvizu! For the mirror I used the camera with water effect and added a bluish color.
The table and mirror I made myself in the editor of Kompas 3D.
Then saved in STL and transferred in Sketch up . They added texture and then saved in the ASE .

nice work! I look forward to seeing more from you!
2016/10/25 18:27:57
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Hi Magic-man! Welcome to the forum and to the world of Muvizu animation! You have some cool stuff going on here! Nice mirror effect! And I like the hulk-style color change! And I especially like the window... did you make that?
2016/10/25 18:13:03
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Wabby wrote:

Please, let me know what you think about it (technically and artistically).

Wabby, good to hear from you again! I was just thinking about you yesterday, wondering how you are doing! I was looking through my downloaded models and thinking that yours have always been among the very best! I look forward to seeing more videos and models from you... you do such nice work! If its from Wabby, it's always good!
2016/10/25 4:24:18
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Rocque wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Just under a week left, so any last minute entries will need to be wrapped up soon!
I look forward to watching all these films. It's great to see all your tips and tricks being shared!
Good luck everyone!

(Voting will start at 9AM BST on October 30th and end at 6PM)
edited by MrDrWho13 on 23/10/2016

I thought there might be some chance I could have an entry, but maybe next year. I have enjoyed the entries I have viewed so far though so thanks for hosting the contest.

Rocque, I hope we're not losing you! Don't put pressure on yourself just because of a contest... please hang on loosely but don't let go! You have friends here... even if for now you can only hang out and watch but not participate... your time will come.

Gee that whole message was a collection of old song titles. ;-) But you get my point.
2016/10/24 15:22:49
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Just made it to the store today... (FREE... can't beat the price)
2016/10/24 15:12:44
3D Coat Tutorial for noobs (for Muvizu) Thanks Ziggy... haven't had time to look at these in depth yet, but I sure do appreciate the fact that you took the time to share your hard-earned knowledge! When I get to them I'm sure they will be a big help!
2016/10/23 17:41:10
Light Beam Set great ideas, guys!
2016/10/23 9:13:14
TRANSPARENT MATERIALS IN FBX FILES I discovered tonight that when you add the d parameter to a .mtl material file, and assign any value to it that is less than 1.0, any FBX made from it will have directable/keyframable opacity! The upshot is that you can make objects fade in and out incrementally instead of just completely disappearing or appearing all at once. Imagine a floating ghostly skull or Cheshire Cat that slowly appears or disappears in a scene!
2016/10/23 1:29:43
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Rocque wrote:
How did you do the panning? It looked so smooth to follow the moon across the view like the camera was on a conveyor belt or wheels. I did not know you could travel so far across a set so smoothly. My scenes are short and choppy, and I would love to be able to have something like you did there.

Did you buy the keyframe pack? That's how I do all camera moves... it's very easy. You position the camera where you want it, then click to add a keyframe.... then move the time marker ahead to where you want the camera to end up, position it to frame the shot and click to keyframe that position... then hit PLAY and Muvizu smoothly moves the camera between those 2 keyframed positions! It's one of my favorite features of Muvizu, because it works so well and is easy too!

The wolf howling was also amazing. The timing was perfect, and I was expecting a wolf and got the wolf man, but the wolf head was very realistic.

This is where different tools in the toolbox comes in. The actual wolf howling was animated in another animation software, then saved as a green-screen clip. Then HitFilm removed the green so it just looked like a wolf howling over my Muvizu setting. The same wolf was exported from the first software as an OBJ file, and I just used his head to make a head attachment for Beefy. In order to transition from the howling wolf clip to the wolf man, I lined the two heads up and faded the one clip out as I faded the other clip in.

The lighting throughout the video was very well done.

like everybody else, I just followed Ziggy's environment settings

I enjoyed the scene with the witch around the fire. I will have to watch the video again to ask more questions.

please do!

I totally missed the car the first time through because of the house and person inside.

that's one of the interesting aspects of making videos... you have to put in a lot of details that probably won't get consciously noticed in order to make the scenes resemble real life. Real life tends to be cluttered with the stuff that defines us. The extra stuff in scenes is an easy way to tell the audience about the characters without taking time to specifically dole out the information through dialog. We may not consciously acknowledge the presence of items in a scene, but subconsciously, everything in the scene gets factored into our perception of what's happening. Ziggy is particularly good at this. Watch his videos with an eye for all the miscellaneous stuff... it's all there for a reason.
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