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2016/10/10 2:24:40
HOW TO MAKE A LOW POLY TREE Next step is to assemble a bunch of sticks into a tree however you want to do that.... and make a bunch of copy-pasted versions of your cone. Attach the point of the cone to the ends of your branches and try to make the leaves aligned to the branch so they aren't obviously crooked. But it's a fairly forgiving end result because the edges of the circle that make it look crooked in this environment will be invisible in Muvizu, so there will be no straight lines to indicate a lack of squareness. You should end up with something like this:

(Don't worry that you don't see the transparency yet... in the modelling environment it's helpful to see the edges for alignment purposes)

2016/10/10 2:15:39
HOW TO MAKE A LOW POLY TREE ... back in your modelling program, apply the skin to the cone as a texture. You should see something like this...