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2016/7/15 6:51:29
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) HitFilm ? What is it, and what is it used for ? I just Googled it, and still I don't know !
I didn't say what I used at the end, because I just used Muvizu. I rarely use anything else, unless a 3D object is needed, then I mostly use Sculptris.
This competition is such a good idea, it is great to read all the positive comments from everybody, and especially to read the tips and secrets as to how people managed to get around the limitations of Muvizu.
Would it be possible, from today, that instead of posting our videos to the Gallery, we post them here ?
It's great to belong to a small but caring community !
2016/7/14 23:42:05
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Hi Pat
Yes, It's My voice alright! The backing track was a Karaoke I got From the Net. Thanks for your kind words.
2016/7/14 19:25:21
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Thank You ! I too, enjoyed the other entries ! Well Done !
2016/7/14 17:13:25
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) I've Just Made mine Public. Is That OK?
2016/6/13 6:28:06
An idea for a contest If I may make a suggestion about a subject for this competition? ..... No Subject!
It is too restricting. Most of the subjects suggested so far, are way away from my own personal interests.
Sure, everyone ought to make animations of their own favourite things, so I suggest that we all do our own thing
but with a common, agreed, TITLE.
I submit my titles - "What I did on my holidays"
Or - "The misprint"
Then we could all do our own thing, but only be restricted by the title.
Let's agree on a time for the Animation, say "Less than 2 minutes". This means not having to pad out an idea to fill the time.
Prizes ? I have no ideas about that, but I'm sure somebody will have great ones!
2016/6/8 23:59:02
Competition? The last tine I entered a competition many years ago (AMD fusion?) the winner was the person who did a blatant advert for the prize ! The actual competition said it could be anything lasting one minute or less.
Basically they picked the one they could use themselves !
2016/1/23 7:35:45
None of my avi texture files work any more Here is a blank file. It does not work. It does not work with ANY SET file!
ALL the avi files have worked in the past.

2016/1/22 6:31:46
None of my avi texture files work any more Thank you, Pat.
2016/1/21 23:22:03
None of my avi texture files work any more The Latest Version of Play + (last week's update?)
2016/1/21 9:50:35
None of my avi texture files work any more I have saved many animated texture files, sea, eyes, clouds etc. as Avis, which I have used many times in my Muvizu animations as Backgrounds.
Now, ALL of them show us as "Unknown Format".
Please help !
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