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2016/10/21 20:22:58
Free online course - The Power Of Colour Thanks for sharing this. There are so many courses I want to take but little time to explore them all.
2016/10/21 20:21:35
A test of the Talking Version of Tropical Birds Clayster!!! You have done it again. That was a lot of fun to watch. I like your choice of song.
2016/10/18 3:03:00
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Tonyob67 wrote:

Thank you Rocque... Are you workng on your entry?

I can not even come up with an idea. Maybe I can figure something out with the new characters. It takes me so long to make anything that I have not been very enthusiastic about even starting lately. Time is running out so maybe next year.
2016/10/18 2:59:21
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries ziggy72 wrote:
It was a model of a haunted house I got on Sketchup's 3D Warehouse (or whatever they call it this week). 3D models always work better than images when you have to move the camera, I find. Also, I knew I had to set it on fire at the end, so an image just wouldn't have worked anywhere near as well. Avoid using images when possible is my advice - flatness is rarely all that helpful in a 3D environment.

They have ready made models in Sketchup? You can just upload them into Muvizu, or do you have to have some special file extension?
2016/10/18 2:55:57
3D Coat Tutorial for noobs (for Muvizu) Sketch Up, 3D Coat, and more. I got as far as 6 minutes and felt my head spinning since I have no clue how you are doing any of that. It looks like fun, but I better stick with my day job for now, because this is way out of my league.

Keep making the tutorials maybe one day I will have an idea of what it is all about. Maybe another time I will try the next 6 minutes.
2016/10/17 5:34:33
Fantasy Pack 2 requested post These are awesome! I just need to find a story to go with them. Thanks for sharing the images.
2016/10/15 23:55:00
Justice League Unseen (part 1 & 2) It needs a Part 3. Everything looked great so far. I won't add more because I do not want to ruin anything for those about to watch it.
2016/10/15 23:47:48
JLA: Unseen part 1 - demo I enjoyed the video, but as a kid I would have been completely saddened by it. Superman was one of the good guys all the time, and could not possibly ever want a day off. Now that I have adult humor, I appreciate what you did. I loved him kicking the batman spotlight. I can see him doing that drunk or sober.

You have great ideas in this video. I applaud your imagination. I thought the flying was great, and one day want to attempt making a video with more flight in it.

Thanks for sharing with us. You are doing great!
2016/10/15 23:40:15
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Tonyob67, this was great to watch. I have a short attention span lately but it was easy to sit through this video. I agree with Pat's comments about the scenes, characters, and cars. I loved the subtitles. I might share this with our school Spanish teacher who I share an office with. I think he would like it.

Everything in this video shows a lot of improvement, and the fact that you are using cubes, other props, and Sketch up is very interesting. Maybe this summer I can get into learning Sketch up. You spent a lot of time on details and it made the video very enjoyable and high quality.

Good luck in the contest.
2016/10/13 4:18:21
Anyone recommend good editing software? I tried Windows Movie Maker and Camtasia, then ukBerty told a lot of us about HitFilm and since there is a free version I went there. I love it. There are lots and lots of tutorials and you can do a whole lot with the free one. They had a sale on the upgrade and I appreciated all the tutorials and help with support that I upgraded. I just wish I had more time to use it.

The successful animators here export short clips as sequences that render the best. You can import sequences into HitFilm and then have fun editing there frame by frame or however you like to edit. You can record dialog here to get the lip syncing working and then add a "real" soundtrack to HitFilm. They have a pretty good list of special effects or you can import your own.

It is a program where there is room to grow if you are new to the world of visual effects and editing, or where you will appreciate all they offer for free if you have more experience.
2016/9/30 4:56:06
Muvizu on Steam Wow, this sounds like way too much work! I just do not have the time to deal with it right now. I admire everyone for supporting this endeavor. Good luck Pat.
2016/9/30 4:52:15
Am I missing something? Well golllleee, or however Andy says it. That was a very cute animation, and great work for the first one. Welcome to the small group of active Muvizu users. They are very helpful and encouraging, and definitely will watch your videos, and volunteer suggestions to help you improve.

This is a great forum group, and there is a lot of talent here. I am always amazed by the generosity of this group. Like Pat, I thought the stained glass was very nice, and you imported characters into your video on the very first attempt. I am not sure if I will ever be able to do that, since I lack the time and talent to begin to figure it out.

Not being able to edit in the time line is a giant pain, and forces us to learn how to use a film editor. That is probably better for us in the "big picture" of skill improvement.

I am interested in seeing more of your ideas show up. You are off to a good start.
2016/9/22 4:26:27
PAT MARR'S CONTEST WINNERS AND REVIEWS Thanks for hosting the contest Pat, and thanks for all the time and comments the judges gave to everyone. I do not see all that the judges see in the animations. You must watch them in slow motion or frame by frame to get such precise comments. That is very helpful when learning so that one can go back and improve. My eyes are not that well trained.

I am donating my random drawing prize back into the pool to help with your prize fund. Your generosity to buy each entry some sets is enough.
I would enjoy contributing back to all the talent shown in this contest. I have not seen all the entries yet, and am hoping one day to watch them all.

A big thank you and congratulations to the winners and everyone who entered. Please keep animating. It is fun to see what you are doing.

Is there a time limit to download the prizes. I am going out of town until Sunday, and might not get them downloaded until I am back.
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edited by Rocque on 22/09/2016
2016/9/19 4:34:31
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 I have not had time to watch the entries, but I am sure the judging will be difficult for most of the entries. I hope I will make some time soon to look at all the submissions.

Ziggy, hang in there, you are light years ahead of me doing all this and I am sure you will get Hit Film working to your liking soon.
2016/9/16 15:06:11
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 This is an epic contest. It is nice to see all the talent here stepping up for this. Pat and Ikes for Moguls!!! Definitely. Excellent work everyone for supporting this contest.
2016/9/13 1:13:46
A new set that I'm working on for the muvizu store Clayster you are one of the best here for all you create and share, but I think I already said that. I know about day jobs getting in the way of our fun. Well we have to keep paying our electric bill and have a roof over our head so we can have fun, right?
2016/9/13 1:07:27
Full video - currently untitled Definitely keep making videos. You have a lot in there, that is for sure. I could not understand any of the lyrics because I have old ears, well I am hearing impaired so probably missed a lot in the music, but the story was there. You show a lot of talent at animating, so keep making them.

I think it would be great to be able to make my own music and then animations to go with it. Thanks for sharing. Listen to the masters here for help in techniques and if you want specific help they will gladly assist you.
2016/9/13 0:42:29
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 The particle based Mummy was the way I decided to take care of a Mummy that would not track right through the scene. This was my 5th attempt at getting the Mummy to only go in one direction and to stay on the ground. I tried by masking the layer so only he was being moved, and then setting up a path changing the x, y, and z values to have him stay on the ground and not disappear and show up again elsewhere. I should add here some of those attempts so you can see what I am talking about. Maybe someone has a solution.

Finally I was testing out a variety of effects and found the Atomic Particle that can be manipulated along the frames. That seemed to solve the problem, but I still want to figure out where the original mistake was.

The flame was another problem because it kept moving off the barrel, so I had to figure out how to get it to stay in place. Phew.
2016/9/12 15:19:00
A new set that I'm working on for the muvizu store Wow, awesome introduction. It looks like I am here at the right time with all these creative and sharing minds. Now, just to come up with a good story line. The tools are definitely here.

Thanks Clayster for sharing your talent with us.
2016/9/12 14:40:52
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Here is my contest entry. It is my project for Week 4 in Future Learn and Hit Film's Guerrilla Film Maker Course. That was a fun course.
The project uses a lot of different elements from Hit Film 4 Pro (but you could do a lot of it with the free one).

I used a lot of masking techniques and green screen, too. I still have a lot to learn, but wanted to have an entry to Pat's contest. Thanks for hosting a contest with a lot of interest Pat, and all the prize contributors.

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