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2016/12/15 12:07:30
Scaling an object Hi Guys, I'm back again looking for more help. I want to scale an aircraft so that it appears to be approaching the camera position at speed from behind. I have a character in the foreground. Surprised that keyframed scaling an object doesn't appear to be an option. Any ideas??
2016/12/8 8:35:36
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... clayster2012 wrote:
I'll break it down to smaller scene sets, like the Burger Pot and the other buildings that have interior, then make a set for the 3D backdrops, then maybe take the rest of the buildings make sets for those, and then leave the streets in place and make it a layout set so everyone can place the buildings wherever they want....hmm let me think about this a little more!
edited by clayster2012 on 07/12/2016

Thanks clayster2012, The resources you guys make and offer to the community are wonderful and very much appreciated
2016/12/1 14:36:41
Is anyone using muvizu to create explainer videos? I'm currently working on an eLearning course in conversational Irish speaking. Originally, just using still graphics and recorded narration, the course now has 20+ 3 minute Muvizu videos set in various locations e.g. a university canteen, a pub, the main street of a town and a family home. So I guess its kind of like explainer videos. I will post a link to a one when I get them finished.
2016/10/28 11:04:03
Moving custom characters to new computer Just discovered this thread. Thanks Neil for clearing up the Favourite issue, it was such a pain making blank sets just to transfer favs between machines. This is sweet.
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