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2010/11/9 12:22:58
Clothing Variations Oh, and a gown or robe please.
Very difficult to do a decent God character without a nice long robe - although Mr Freeman managed pretty well.
2010/11/5 15:07:35
Clothing Variations At present you can alter a character's top, trousers (or skirt), shoes, and so on.
Would it be possible to have multiple layers?

For example, having pants on top of trousers would be ideal for one or two super-heroes out there - with the obligatory cape of course.

2010/11/5 15:04:23
New character? Could we have a four legged character for a change please?
As to which one (dog, cat, horse, cow, griffon), that could be set with the variable heads, colours, tails and wings.

It would bring in a new idea - or have I been misusing the current dog character?

2010/11/5 11:05:54
Keep in time Ideal!
Just get the band bladdered and I'm on to something here...

2010/11/4 13:17:23
Keep in time inlimbo wrote:
Then there's also the third option of Muvizu creating 3 speeds to every animation (fast, medium, slow) installed into the package in the first place. This would not be customizable, so it might not perfectly fit everyone's needs.

Swings and roundabouts, as you say. People would keep in time for dancing (and even walking or marching) but everyone would only have the three speeds.
Personally, I think it sounds like a good idea, but that's just me.
2010/11/3 10:02:00
Keep in time ghrenig wrote:
You could always change the speed of the music...
What bpm are the dance sections set to.

That's a brilliant idea, but would it work in the cases where I use, say, hoe down and and breakdance? The timing for the dances are totally different.
Then if you can alter the speed of the characters (something else I need to look into), it might be a case of having the true tune as the background and the altered version as 'dialogue' for the characters!

OK, sounds crazy, but it might work...
2010/11/2 13:58:02
Keep in time freakmoomin wrote:
Thats the talk anyway but no promises as it could have some major impacts that we havnt anticipated and it may not get the go-ahead.

OK, thanks Freakmoomin. I can very much understand that actually, and can appreciate it might well be a bit of a pig.
Many thanks though.
2010/11/2 10:44:29
Keep in time There are a lot of dance manoeuvres in the directing section (fun, fun, fun!) but they are all set to a specific music time.
Is there any way to speed up or slow down the a character so that they keep to the beat please?

2010/11/1 14:50:57
Additional Sounds I frequently need sounds for my vids (amongst other things!) and one free place I have found, which I believe is utterly legal, is:

If anyone wishes to prove me wrong then please do so, but so far the range they have there is pretty good.
2010/11/1 13:06:33
The Karate Dude After the skill, tact, and so on of the Karate Kid and their finesse, my first ever Muvizu movie had to have at least a tad of Karate in it.
I think I must have lost the finesse along the way though.

Wax on, wax off...

2010/11/1 13:00:59
Willy Wonka loses it... I'm sure Mr Wonka should have had a top hat, but then even Abe Licoln took his off from time to time...
2010/10/29 16:25:18
Character Extensions It makes perfect sense - thanks claireq!
And the date of November 9th really woke me up - something to very much look forward to!

2010/10/29 14:53:29
Character Extensions Something I've semi-pondered for a while now, can I build an object into a Muvizu character? For example, could I build large blocks in as rather horrid feet or a disk as a skirt?
Many thanks in advance (as always!),

2010/10/25 13:37:11
Character won't sit! Emily wrote:
hugmyster wrote:

No problem. Maybe (here we go, another 'good idea') a set of "states" instead of actions.

Hi Hugmyster,

Thanks for the feedback, but I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this.
Do you that you'd like the 'initial state' (stand/sit) options to be available alongside the animation options?
Wouldn't that get a little confusing?



Hi Em,

You're right. Even I'm confusing me now!!!

I think it's the fact that I had never spotted the simple box with "Stand/Sit" in it as 'movements.

And yes, it would get confusing, I agree.

Sorry if I'm baffling everyone - me included!
2010/10/25 13:29:22
Camera swing I've gradually been getting the hang of using the Muvizu camera. Brilliant for multiple cameras on films, but the usual questions will follow...
With multiple cameras, I tend to find that sometimes I have a great shot of another camera in the frame! Is there any way to make a camera invisible while filming so other cameras can't see it?

Can you pan with a camera while filming, that is swing it from left to right as if it were mounted on a tripod?

Many thanks in advance,

2010/10/11 13:46:27
Build-a-being That's brilliant, Jim - thank you!
I look forward to November.

All the best,

2010/10/11 11:20:48
Full metal jacket There is a neat way of putting a picture on a T-shirt in Muvizu, front or back. Very useful.
Could this be adapted to cover the whole front and back? This way it would let you do full designs, such as open suits or golf jumpers (yeurg!)

2010/10/4 13:22:16
Character won't sit! Because it puts the character into a different state, rather than plays an animation. If it was an animation, the character would be standing again when another animation was played afterwards.

We kept the state change buttons separate to try and highlight the fact that they're different, but obviously we failed. Sorry. Blush

No problem. Maybe (here we go, another 'good idea') a set of "states" instead of actions.

It's still a brilliant tool and I need to spend more time getting to grips with it. Read Report
2010/10/4 10:38:25
Character won't sit! Actually, one additional thing...
Why isn't the "sit" function (and the "stand" function) in the usual list along with all the other functions?

That's where I've been looking all this time.

2010/10/4 9:52:17
Character won't sit! Emily wrote:

Welcome to Muvizu!

The sitting/standing position is related to the initial state.

If you want your character to start in the sitting position, select the character, then go to Prepare>Animation. Click on the Initial state>Stand button and change the icon from standing to sitting.

If, however, you want your character to begin standing and then sit down later in your animation, you need to animate this. When you are ready for your character to sit, go to Direct>Animation, then hit the record button (it looks like a clapper board) then select the sit anitmation button.
It's on page 3.

If you are struggling with Muvizu, it's worth while to spend some time watching the tutorials.
This one deals with animation:

Hope that helps!

Thanks Emily - I was after that one! My character was being a bit of a pain too!

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