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2016/9/26 1:34:53
Heaven Bound Test Render Here's a test render from the library scene and the porch scene. I had 9 cameras going in the library and it was done as a single sequence. The glove was not covering his hand although I tried several sizes, it's about as good as I could get. I had a problem that I needed Joe to walk up to the table and see his glove yet the distance was so short, Muvizu wouldn't let me trigger the walk cycle. Seems he's got to take at least 3 steps minimum. When I adjusted the end point of the cycle, it put him outside the set through the back wall. So to solve this I used 2 Joe models - one you see standing next to Dad and one that is not visible outside the door with the walk cycle. I make Joe disappear when the camera is off of him and the other Joe becomes visible when he walks into frame. The same thing happens with the glove on the stand. It's visible until Joe reaches for it out of camera frame then I make it not visible and make the one on his hand visible. Worked pretty well I thought.

The outdoor scene is covered in detail here.

2016/9/21 14:35:39
Fireflies Here's the finished set if you want to use it. Just add crickets...

2016/9/21 6:12:37
Fireflies Found a cool way to create fireflies.

Take a picture of a forest and in photoshop, use a speckled brush to cut random holes in it to transparency and save it as a PNG file. Make the pic a texture on a backdrop. Then in a blank canvas in photoshop use a similar speckled brush and pure yellow to add a bunch of random dots to a transparent layer. Save it as a PNG and add it to a backdrop and place the backdrop behind the forest backdrop. Make the yellow dotted backdrop animate slowly left or right. Add several copies of the forest backdrop and animated yellow dotted backdrop around the area your camera can see. Looks great as the yellow passes through the holes in the forest picture.

I added the Flies effect with a very low intensity and put a spotlight right above it with the distance set so the light doesn't show on the ground. And I copied it several times around the view of the camera.

Here's the result:

2016/9/1 17:26:06
Heaven Bound Test Render So here's the next test render. Per Ziggy's suggestions, I changed the upside down snow to sparkles (which rendered more like little stars), tried to add the DOF setting to the close up cameras but they got stomped on by the laser effects. Maybe it's a rising heat effect? : ) Also added some light objects to the stage but it still doesn't work for me - thinking more about some sort of low curb or banister to hide the laser emitter bases. I know the issue of the singer looks giant compared to the stadium - I already am running at a fairly small scale all the way around to fit it under the sky dome, I might try making the stadium set pieces larger next render but from past experience they tend to hit the sides of the dome and then bounce around destroying everything else in the scene. I might just leave it - only one shot really bothers me about it. I want to take a crack at the video texture on the two curved screens next.

I like the idea of doing everything I can in Muvizu itself. It's a fascinating challenge to make things work with the limitations. It's always fun to find a new way of doing something that adds dimension or expands the capability of the software. BTW has anyone noticed the limits on the cameras seems to be higher than before?


2016/8/29 17:30:33
Heaven Bound Test Render Good suggestions, I was thinking about the DOF on the close ups - I'm thinking of making a curtain texture for the cylinder with the video screen overlaid.

Thanks again ziggy!
2016/8/29 8:50:16
Heaven Bound Test Render Created some rough camera movements and ran a single pass at selecting them. Some changes will be switching out the video after the first verse on the rotating column, smoothing out the camera movements and shots, cutting in a scene when the rotating column curtain drops revealing the Throne of Grace, and working on more lighting/effects/colors/timing. Adding audio ambience and vast crowd cheering and singing the last verses.

This scene comes at the very end of the film - turned Revelation 4 into a concert in a vast stadium. Took a break from making fixes and the linear narrative to work on this scene. Thought it one of the hardest to tackle and I've heard that you should always work on your ending first whether writing a book or making a movie - this gives you a clear idea of what you're working towards.

2016/8/28 7:25:32
Lip Synch Problem With Singing, Song, Music, Sync ederediennifer wrote:
Não é possível publicar um vídeo de erro e movizu fecha o que eu posso fazer para publicar o meu vídeo alguém por favor me ajude

Você pode ter muitos objetos e / ou efeitos. Muvizu tem um limite para o número de vértices . Remover alguns efeitos e , em seguida, criar um vídeo e ver se isso resolve o problema.
2016/8/28 1:49:31
Lip Synch Problem With Singing, Song, Music, Sync So this is the result. The first part of the video is my purposeful really bad singing. Very monotone and no vibrato to try to keep the lips from moving on the sustained notes. The second part is the proper pitch original song. The resolution is really low as I rendered this only as a quick test.

2016/8/27 23:10:51
Lip Synch Problem With Singing, Song, Music, Sync I was having a problem with sustained notes in lip synch for a pre-recorded song. I recorded only my voice without any effects, just singing the lyrics so Muvizu had a clean single voice track to analyze. The character would still randomly close and open the mouth. The volume wasn't over-driven or too low and it was a quiet background.

So I made a short video with three octave ranges of notes to see what might work best. The first (most natural) range for me seemed to be the right one. I noticed on the higher ranges that muvizu couldn't analyze the vowels as well as a tenor range, my bass range was crappy but still didn't seem to work as well as the first tenor section. SO, a suggestion and what I'm going to do for an alto voiced female singer is to pitch down the music itself to my tenor range and then record just my voice singing (with as clearly boring sustained notes as possible and no vibrato).

Will post the results shortly.

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2016/8/27 14:45:25
Heaven Bound Test Render
Heaven Bound Revelation Concert Test Render.

This is a quick test render for the final scene. Tried to add more effects, but it closed down the software. Will have to build separate close up sets to do most of the detail as there isn't enough memory to put everything in at once.

2016/8/21 15:29:04
Heaven Bound Test Render Hey Ziggy,

Yeah, I edit two audio tracks and assign them to the individual characters without any effects. I'm still wondering if I get a slight deviation because of 25fps PAL format versus 29.97 or 30 fps on the editor. I'm still investigating it but the results aren't too bad with a little editing. I really wanted to do the contest but wanted to put the available time toward the project - looked interesting!
2016/8/20 21:42:24
Heaven Bound Test Render This is the next scene. Still have some lyp sink issues.
2016/8/17 7:58:24
Heaven Bound Test Render Working on flight now...
2016/8/17 1:18:49
Heaven Bound Test Render The trees might be Urban's, not sure whether I imported them from Sketchup or found them in the store...
2016/8/17 0:34:53
Heaven Bound Test Render PatMarrNC wrote:
awesome sets, Robert! And good story line and voice acting! You've clearly put a lot of work into this already!

I especially like the houses. Tell us a little about how you created them... are they full-blown models? Or 2d graphics on backdrops? Is all of this happening in Muvizu? Or are your scenes composite shots assembled in your editor?

Enquiring minds want to know...
edited by PatMarrNC on 16/08/2016

Mom's exterior house is from sketchup with as many reduced planes as I could manage but still have a decent front view.

Mom's house interior walls were made from modified wood wall panels from Sketchup 3D warehouse. The ceiling and floor were ground planes with textures. The wall panels have been posted in the Store

Everything except the audio and dissolve or time shift edits are happening in Muvizu.

The Mansion above the waterfall was from Sketchup but because it was too big of a file, I used a section plane to chop off the back of the house to create the asset. The interior of the mansion is mostly super-wide walls with textures. The roof and supports were created in sketchup.

I did come up with a neat trick, on the bridge scene where Joe and his Dad walk slowly, I used the SAD emotion but kept tapping a happy pose. This kept them upright while walking slowly. At the beginning and end of the sad walk cycle the character slumps forward and then leans back at the end. If you look, you will see that both characters have this strange leaning back action when they stop. I wish there were several walk speeds but this is a happy compromise.

2016/8/16 18:41:29
Heaven Bound Test Render Oh, and the watch thing, I had created the character with a favorites and never changed back to the watchless version, good catch.
2016/8/16 18:40:19
Heaven Bound Test Render Great feedback! I'm going to put all of this on my to do list and will knock them out as I can. I appreciate the detail as some of this I saw on the first render and then got busy with the rest of it. EXCELLENT - it does help and the time code helps me to zero right in on the issue. Thanks again!


2016/8/16 3:01:06
Heaven Bound Test Render I've taken the great advice from ziggy72, and re-rendered the opening 4 minutes with camera blur. I've added several scenes to the end and sweetened the audio with some effects and foley. I appreciate the comments from Clayster; it gives me the resolve to push ahead and finish the film. It's funny, when I posted the clip on facebook and asked my friends to give me constructive criticism - I got very little. But I really want solid critiques of the work so I can improve the story, animation - whatever I can do, so please don't be shy with your comments - I appreciate the feedback, especially criticism on how you think it could be better. Thanks again.
2016/8/15 3:03:06
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 I'm having the same problem with Dry Ice. When I open a file from a previous save it gave me an error that a file name had changed - I wonder if that was it? Tried on a blank scene and the other effects are working fine but Dry Ice just gives me the red cube and no effect.

Is it my imagination or does the new release seem to handle memory management better? I'm running on the very bottom of the PC machine scale and have limited memory and no 3D graphics card. I had files that would crash (because of complexity) in the previous version and the new release seems to open them and render quite well.

Also the bug where effects and Depth of Field wouldn't always work together now works great!

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2016/8/11 17:29:02
Heaven Bound Test Render Good point, as I got better with the software - I've been able to add better lighting and effects. Can you see the clip? It doesn't show on the post any more...
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