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2011/2/1 17:04:16
direct lights One more thing - I noticed that when going into the timeline, it's possible to edit the start point but not the duration - is that me being stupid again or something that can't be done?
2011/2/1 16:44:40
direct lights So simple when you think about it Logic
2011/2/1 16:16:24
direct lights I know you can flicker lights - but is there a way of turning them on and off? - as in directing them?
2011/1/31 15:04:11
Lights shining shapes Hi Jim,

That is good news - I work in tech support for a software company myself so I like to think I understand how these things work and I do understand how important it is to provide as much information as possible!

I am going to try to look at rebuilding the set again tonight to see if I can pinpoint when it starts to suffer!
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2011/1/31 14:52:00
Lights shining shapes glasgowjim wrote:
Hi again Pete,

That's pretty odd - an e-mail with no files should appear on our system almost immediately. I will create an entry for it and fire it off to Neil.

Take care,

Hi Jim,

No worries - I just tried on my machine (also with 8GB RAM ) here with the changes you recommended and had the same problem

Hope that helps!


2011/1/31 14:24:47
Lights shining shapes glasgowjim wrote:
Hi Pete,

We are currently waiting on your e-mail coming through - e-mails to bugs@muvizu.com come through our bug tracking software which can take a while to process larger files.

There are built-in limits to the percentage of memory that Muvizu is allowed to use, the default is 80%, so you might want to try increasing that to 90% to see if it allows you to open your set.

What you need to do is:

1. Go to C:\Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Config (or C:\Program Files (x86)\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Config on a 64-bit system).
2. Open the file "MuvizuGame.ini" (You might want to save a copy of it at this point in case things go wrong)
3. Search for m_memoryLimitFraction (use the search function as it's quicker)
4. Change the two values to the following:


5. Save the file
6. Go back to the directory and right-click on MuvizuGame.ini and go to properties
7. Set it to "Read Only" and click "Apply"
8. Close the file and try to load your set

Hopefully the extra memory will allow you to open up your set - I wouldn't recommend keeping Muvizu like this though as changing these values can affect the overall stability of the application.

If you do try this please let me know how you get on.

Take care,

Hi Jim,

I sent the email to bugs@muvizu.com on Sunday morning - subject: GPF when opening stage (I meant set of course Brick Wall ) with no files attached - there is a link to the file to download from my website http://www.quoling.com/Muvizu/Queen_stage.zip - as the file was too big to send through..

I will try the steps later tonight.


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2011/1/31 14:00:38
Lights shining shapes Emily wrote:
There's no limit for set size - it just depends on how your computer can handle it.

Well the machine is a quad core with 8GB running Win7 64....i did notice that the Muvizu process was using over 1GB of memory when it crashes.

Emily wrote:

Is there no way that you can reduce the size of you set?

I can probably reduce the size of it but......as I cannot open the file! I might try to rebuild it from scratch later.

Emily wrote:

Maybe by deleting some of the non-essential lights?

I have only added the essential lights anyway - can't have a Queen stage without lots of lights!
2011/1/31 13:00:07
Lights shining shapes Emily wrote:
Excellent! Can't wait for the end result. I'm very partial to a bit of Queen

Don't hold your breath! - sadly I can only spend a couple of hours a week on this at the most and as I cannot open the set file (it crashes on 74% - already reported) - I don't really want to start again....don't suppose you know the size limit of a set file? - mine is already at 27MB and I am worried that as I add more (still got a piano and all the amps to add yet) it's going to keep crashing...
2011/1/31 12:40:26
Lights shining shapes Wow thanks Em! Applause - that looks great - will have a go at some point later (although I can't open my set at the moment ) - it will certainly add to what I want to do - incidentally I have a acapello version of Bohemian Rhapsody with just Freddie singing - and a instrumental version as well - so the dialog/audio is going to be quite good - it's amazing what you can find on the web AND it's all official as well! - I actually got the full 24 track version released by Queen themselves.
2011/1/31 11:32:44
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn ziggy72 wrote:
Me again, with another gripe (sorry). When you import an object from Sketchup or whatever, if the list of colours in the object properties window are too long the scale bars are out of sight, and therefore not able to be changed. Also can't make it float in the air or be stood on (I assume those controls are still there too, just can't see them). Could we have an option to flick the bottom (non colour) controls up to the side of the properties window? Or am I just missing an obvious way to reach these contols?

That happens to me as well - I think I read somewhere that this was going to be updated - hopefully so that the colours are automatic! - the float/stood on are there but at the bottom of the long screen - although for "stood on" you would need to do a collision anyway - which again can be quite long winded to do in Sketchup
2011/1/30 10:44:57
Lights shining shapes Hi Emily,
Thanks for the info - but that was what I meant by "image".
What I mean is how to make the light a different shape - so instead of a circle can it project a triangle for example? - the Queen stage that you looked for me...has the two front "lightening" shapes - I had an idea of making them into a proper light....does that make sense? - it may be too much to be honest.
2011/1/30 10:40:37
GPF when loading set Thanks Neil - have done that..
2011/1/29 12:42:21
GPF when loading set I'm getting a GPF when loading a set - it crashes at 75% load - really annoying as I have spent weeks doing this and it looks like it's all been for nothing

Any suggestions?
2011/1/28 16:19:20
Lights shining shapes Is there a way for a light to shine through a shape?
As part of a scene I have a light that is a "lightning" shape - so I would like to have a light that beams "through this" and takes on the shape....a bit like using images but as a plain light - hope that makes sense Whaaaaa?
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2011/1/14 16:25:17
tip on what to buy All the details you need are probably at http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic838-better-processor-or-better-graphics-card.as

I would also add if you buy a lot of memory 8GB for example make sure you get a 64 bit version of Windows as this will make sure the CPU will use all the memory available - I think 32bit can only handle a max of 4GB....more than that is a waste.
2011/1/14 12:01:46
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Thanks both! - Yes Em I had seen the Muppets! Cool - not sure I will be able to complete this over one weekend - I suspect it will take a LOT longer..but will keep you both posted.

Thanks for the ideas Jim - I think I understand what you mean and it's what I thought I would have to do...the shortcuts will really help as well

Thanks again

2011/1/14 11:46:25
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Thanks for the suggestion Em - I will have a go over the weekend - although I did manage to export most of the stage and it looked really good but small! - so I have been looking at the large "magic" set and managed to get the lights/drum rise etc all in -

Not sure which song I am going to do yet - I had got a "idea" on doing a Bohemian Rhapsody video - complete with the opera part (using the original video) - although I think that maybe a little ambitious - I was also going to try to recreate the live aid version even had Freddie sitting at the piano done correctly....I even found a model of the old Wembley stadium!

For now I think We Will Rock You will be the easiest or maybe something like "Crazy little thing called love" as Freddie played guitar and therefore I don't have the problem of getting the correct "mike" stand...ah thinking too much now....I will get the stage sorted and then go from there


2011/1/14 11:27:03
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Hi Jim,

I have managed to do quite a lot with this and it's looking quite good even if i say so myself.

One question on the collision tut though - If I did this for the entire "stage" and then exported each section individually would the collision object be the size of the exported section or the entire stage and would it still work? - obviously I intend to try but just wanted to check what you would recommend the best way to do this would be.

One thing I have noticed though is that the "new" version of Sketchup is very "sketchy" to say the least and even on a 8GB 64 bit Quad core machine it "freezes" and takes an age to do anything. Any tips on how to "switch" back to the select tool from a move? - it is so fustrating moving the mouse to the arrow icon and the move continuing.


2011/1/12 15:49:28
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Thanks Jim - I did look at this tutorial before but must admit it went a bit over my head so wasn't sure if I needed to use it or not - will have another look - I have found if I am quick enough I can set the "float" property which stops it from crashing and as most of the stage will be floating anyway that looks good...
right better do some work - and I will play around with it later


2011/1/12 15:33:04
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Just as a extra - I managed to get the left hand scaffold imported - but straight away it "drops" to the ground and falls over and even if I set it to "floats" I cannot upright the model - is there a way to prevent this? - if there is then importing the entire stage should be possible and will look great - providing my idea works!
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