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2012/4/11 3:05:53
It's limited I find that Muvizu is rather limited to interactions. For the next version can we have more interactions such as swiming and cooking?
2012/4/11 3:04:49
Swiming ^This^ We need it. We have a beach set but we can't swim? We need to be able to build ponds and lakes and be able to swim in them.
2012/3/25 15:50:06
Favourite ever cartoon? My favorite cartoon is: The Winx Club. It's a very popular tv show in Italy and is currently running season 5 in the fall.
My favorite characters: (In Order)
Favorite Guy Characters:
Favorite Villians:
The Trix: (i.e Icy, Darcy, and Stormy)
The Wizards of the Black Circle
Lord Darkar
About the show: Winx is about Bloom a lost princess from the magical planet Domino (Sparks in other versions). Throughout the seasons she tries to find out who she really is but also has to battle various villians along the way.
MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW. (Next to Pretty Little Liars.)
2012/3/25 15:45:05
ase da blender gimmick wrote:
I don't know blender but in google, you could look at :

1/ blender ase export script


2/ import ase site:muvizu.com

Blender is a very hard program to master.
2012/3/24 18:29:42
My site now offers role playing Hey guys my site now offers role playing
link: http://wizplace-studios.forumotion.com/f7-role-playing
Sign up to play
2012/3/23 3:11:09
GO THE DISTANCE gimmick wrote:
No matter how much I try I never end up in the featured videos.

Hello wizplace,
Disney and Muvizu are two different companies and two different styles of cartoons.
So when you mix the Muvizu universe with the Disney universe (logo, music, excerpts, etc.), you can interest a lot of people but IMHO you can't interest the Muvizu company
edited by gimmick on 21/03/2012

I know. It's like my 3rd Disney one. Yet. But I've gotten alot of positive views from this one.
2012/3/21 1:35:58
GO THE DISTANCE No matter how much I try I never end up in the featured videos.
2012/3/21 0:06:04
GO THE DISTANCE Thanx you guys.
2012/3/19 2:57:21
GO THE DISTANCE I don't know why but I hate this video.
2012/3/18 14:25:25
Strong Characters

These characters are way better than the ones we have. I hope all them get an upgrade.
2012/3/18 14:23:37
GO THE DISTANCE My new video GO THE DISTANCE can be found here at this link:
2012/3/17 21:00:12
Gun_in_Hand Why can't we have a gun? What's so wrong with that?i agree
2012/3/17 20:56:52
Strong Characters A very strong buffy character so I can have a buffy character for future films.
2012/3/10 20:40:40
Forrest Sets and animal suggestions WozToons wrote:
No need to wait. This took me 15 mins to do.
The lake is just a blue ground backdrop.
I'm sure with an hour or two you could make something much better.

Thank you so much this will be way easier! And more inspiration.
edited by wizplace on 10/03/2012
2012/3/10 20:38:41
Upload 3D Assets to the muvizu program. How do I unzip it?
2012/3/10 18:07:52
Sign up for the Machinima Expo email list! I don't know...
2012/3/10 18:05:52
Upload 3D Assets to the muvizu program. Sorry I mean to the program.
2012/3/10 2:16:01
Upload 3D Assets to the muvizu program. How do I upload 3D Assets!
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2012/3/10 1:33:41
How do i... Thanks.
2012/3/8 2:21:53
How do i... Change the sky from day to night!?
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