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2013/9/21 7:55:09
How to make a crowd There is another work around for a crowd scene. Use a matte painting of a crowd as a backdrop. Cutting and pasting your Muvizu characters in photoshop or gimp. A crowd seen from a distance hardly appears to move so pann into the static image with a fade as you focus on the animated characters in front of the matte painting.
2013/9/21 1:07:35
Sketchup to Muvizu OK I have to admit that the long summer layoff meant that I forgot most of my modelling skills, so in an attempt to get back on the horse here's a new prop I'm working on ready for upload on Monday...now that I'm back on the horse has anyone got any tips on how I can get the horse out of my living room?

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2013/9/19 10:40:01
New character? Shouldn't that be 'leaf now'?

Back to the problem of the Green Man, perhaps resorting to a little creative photoshoping and old fashioned frame by frame animation. I have to admit it's something I often resort to in my Muvizu films to get me out of tricky situations?
2013/9/14 0:36:11
Hi Honey I'm Home! Well guys what an eventful summer it has been! Yours truly has been living his dream of spending as much time afloat on the Norfolk broads as possible living on a diet of barbecue, Rioja and Old Speckled Hen. Accompanied by Dylly the Beagle (the original Zombie Dog) who has become a bit of a celebrity, posing on the foredeck in his life jacket, my dad and my daughter and youngest lad, I've been writing and filming live footage for my next Muvi, that will feature dog fights, Zeppelins, the crusades, as well as various ghosts and ghoulies and some stunning scenery. I've teamed up with a fellow boat and film buff who happens to own a drone so we have some stunning aerial footage to play with...its just a case of catching up with the near miraculous advances in Muvizu technology to pull it all together.

I've also met quite a few of life's characters during our adventures afloat, including a chap who missed his vocation in life and should and could be one of the best comedy script writers around. I've had tussles with pirates, swum with mermaids, diced with death and put the world to rights over a morning cup or two of 'boat coffee', old Brown Java Ground Fresh Coffee...demerera sugar and two maybe three fingers of rum. But what has all this got to do with Muvizu?

Well those members of the Muvizu team and fellow Muvizu acolytes not used to the way my mind wanders...buckle up...and get ready for a torrent of 'daft' questions as i get to grips with the latest incarnation of the greatest animation software around. MUVIZU!
2013/8/26 9:13:39
I've been trying something new! Now that's a bit special!OMG
2013/6/2 23:21:29
Sketchup to Muvizu A word of warning...Sketchup Make!

Hi Guys, just returned from the boat to discover that Sketchup has been updated again. It is now Sketchup Make...and please avoid it like the plague for one simple reason the new owners of SketchUp are indeed on the make. Essential FREE plugins such as Fredo's set of plugins and scripts no longer work and since installing the blasted thing I have been experiencing quite a few glitches in software ranging from Sony Vegas Home Studio to 3Ds Max, Mudbox right through to Chrome. As a last resort I ended up cleaning my machine and going through the rigmarole of installing all of my software again and reverting back to SketchUp 8 and all of my myriad of plugins.

When you install SketchUp Make, it installs a trial version of Sketchup Pro for 8 hrs and then reverts to a limited toolset of SketchUp Make. However the installer loads large quantities of guff onto your machine that as a 'non-Pro' user you cannot access. For a limited time SketchUp 8 will be available from the download site. SketchUp Pro has also increased in price from $500 to $590. Without the ability to access plug-ins from independent makers I feel SketchUp has had its day and I personally will be spending my time mastering the likes of Maya. If I'm going to have to pay top dollar for software I might as well buy the best. Such a shame when this kind of crud happens!
2013/4/29 9:56:13
Help from the Muvizu Brains Trust Thanks for the advice guys, much needed! I'm back from a trip down to the boat & just sorting through some footage. I think I will take the advice & do both voice over & pop in an avatar. Time to check the pennies in my 'render bank' me thinks. A script will be winging it's way to you shortly Dreeko!
2013/4/25 8:37:08
Help from the Muvizu Brains Trust Hi Guys, I need some help with a project I'm working on at the minute. I'm trying to make a documentary/video blog about my 'other woman' in other words my boat. I've been lucky enough to have the collaboration of a few other 'nutters' who are both Norfolk Broads & Boat Enthusiasts. I've managed to get access to historical film footage from the 1960's & permission to use it, I've also got the help of a fellow boater who also has a top notch drone fitted with Full HD camera...so I have some outstanding aerial footage of various locations.

The idea is to document the history of my boat Royal Tudor who is registered with the National Maritime Museum as being of 'significant national importance'. At the same time I want to document the 'voyages' as we explore the 200 miles of water of the Norfolk & Suffolk Broads, using my knowledge & interest in archaeology, wildlife etc as well as animation similar to Time Team to illustrate.

Everythings is going fine and dandy apart from one aspect. I've scoured the web looking for answers and come up blank and then this morning realised that the answer to the problem may lie with the Muvizu Brains Trust...err that's you guys BTW.

Here's the problem...Talking to camera! After several hours/days of filming I just can't do it...for a number of reasons. First of all...it was not until the 30 days were up on my Argos purchase that I realised that they had swapped the camera I had ordered for a 'similar product' ie one with no microphone connections...I should have checked... my fault. So to get good quality sound I'm having to record via another source either a Zoom H2 or my Meteor mic. This means lugging a laptop around on location. Secondly I'm old, grey, have teeth that Shergar would be proud of...and talking to camera just does not look right or natural. I have no problem getting behind a mic for voice overs or indeed appearing on camera...just talking to it...coherently.

Here's the question...having realised that the one place on the web with technical & directorial talent galore is Muvizu....can anyone see a technical or directorial solution to avoid having to talk to camera without having to spend more money on gear (the woman holding the purse strings will go ballistic)?
2013/4/16 8:03:38
Stapling Squirrels I recently purchased a video camera. Thanks to Muvizu I have some idea of the kind of shots I want to create...however I am getting a little frustrated by the lack of cooperation from non Muvizu actors. They keep moving when I don't want them to, so this morning I'm off to staple some squirrels to a tree...that should stop their walk cycles!
2013/4/9 18:08:00
Alison Character A big congratulations here to all involved...especially the creator of the 'jiggle'! A spot of sublime animation going on up there in Glasgow!
2013/3/28 8:19:01
Has Drawing been removed from animation BBC Interesting feature on the Beeb this morning
2013/3/19 10:41:09
Muvizu Play Launch! I was standing at a railway station
Had a ticket for my destination
Ooooh oooh (why do old ladies with trolleys/suitcases insist on running them over my feet)
On a tour to Muvizu
In Glasgow they charge 30p to use the loo
That's right 30p to have a...

a great time had by all! It was fantastic to put real faces to people who you have been talking to for quite sometime, although I was unsure whether the photographer was for promotional purposes or a representative of Crimewatch.

Kim deserves a medal for having to stand in a railway station waving a placard that read 'Dylly'...now I know I should have changed my screen name to 'Allo Sailor'!

Kerry deserves a medal too...both gracious hostesses.

Nice to meet the guy's from Muvizu but do forgive me...how do I put this...erm...you're not as good looking as the girls.

Some very interesting developments with Muvizu itself and I'm looking forward very much to the future!
2013/3/4 0:37:19
To the community at large Am I excited or what! Now don’t all faint at the shock that I’m posting again, but this news has certainly jiggled my brain cells.

Ever since I first saw Muvizu on the BBC I was enraptured by this insane, whimsical, simple yet powerful (to half inch the Muvizu blurb) animation tool. What an amazing learning curve it has been...and I am amazed at the range of skills I have learned through using Muvizu...from animation to 3D model making, direction, sound recording and editing...and what fun the ride has been too! I have learned so much with Muvizu for four reasons. Muvizu is easily accessible, it’s adaptable in terms of props, it enables innovation and finally the community of Muvizu staff and users is such a helpful and happy place. There are no prima donnas, I’ve never come across anyone yet that has ‘spat their dummy’ or ‘launched their teddy’.

Now over the last couple of months I’ve been tinkering, those that know me know I never damned well stop, with every animation package I could get my hands on. I’ve tried them all. Why? Because I wanted to make a feature film. But there is nothing out there that is as simple and intuitive as Muvizu.

I would of course like there to be a free version of Muvizu available. Something to get people started with the basic characters, sets etc. I would also like to see a Pro version of Muvizu. Minus the watermark, with a few extra bells and whistles such as additional animations, higher resolution, slightly more realistic props, manual puppeteering? I don’t mind paying for it...it’s worth it!

I would also like to see a Muvizu Market where additional characters, animations, prop sets could be purchased for the Pro version of Muvizu. Music and dialogue we can buy for our productions, backdrops...the list is endless. I would also like the free props section to remain on the website. I would also like an opportunity available to sell props through a Muvizu Market even on a 50/50 split. However I would like this to be done in a way that ‘keeps’ the feel and high quality of the Muvizu product. A set of developers guidelines and quality assurance measures in place. Perhaps a chance to receive instruction on ‘Muvizu Styling’ or a developers course with Muvizu accreditation...once again something I would be willing to pay for.

With the likes of products like Daz Studio or Poser or iClone...the money is in the add ons...the new characters...the new props. The software is something to save up for...or use the older free version...but the pocket money priced props are what makes the money. As both a purchaser and through products I make and sell through the likes of Renderosity, Daz et al I know the amounts of money that can clatter into the cash drawer.

A big thank you to all at Muvizu and all the fellow nutters that inhabit the forums...it’s been amazing up to now and I’m sure the future will be just as brilliant!
2013/2/1 18:33:30
Coming Soon... Coming Soon? It's here! The first new video from me in a long while! For those that can't wait...Don't forget to subscribe and comment...it's the only way I learn...got a brain like a computer you know...You've got to 'punch' information into it!
2013/1/31 12:45:29
R6025 Runtime Error Hi Guys,

I updated my version of Muvizu the other day (been spending too much time messing around on boats & in hospital with my Dad) so thought I would get up to date.

Whenever I have finished with one scene and go to open another new scene I get an error message which says

Runtime Error!
Programme:C:/Program Files/Muvizu/Binaries64/Muvizu.exe

-pure virtual function call

and then Muvizu shuts down. If I restart Muvizu then the scene I wanted will load with no problems. Any ideas as to how to correct this?
2013/1/29 1:03:17
Coming Soon... Coming SOON! VERY SOON! PANINI! A risqué tale of the Norfolk Broads, women & foreign sandwiches. Starring the voice talents of DREEKO, Wardrobe by ZIGGY , written & Directed by Dylly!
2013/1/18 2:09:45
Coming Soon... Ayeup ah kid? Ere, wont that theer Ted Bundy a Yarkshir fellah? Or am a thinkin o Ted Bovis ah kid? Seethee!
2013/1/2 16:58:03
Sketchup to Muvizu Thanks for the comments guy's...I'm just moving onto refining the texturing and adding one or two details after making sure the model imports into Muvizu. Finally managed to arrive at a method for modelling cloth that I like within Muvizu...soon have this set finished...next mountains and terrain!

2012/12/30 15:28:01
Sketchup to Muvizu The Vikings are Coming! Soon to be rampaging & pillaging across my desktop!

After having my websites hacked in the run up to Christmas, and consequently finding some of my models for sale on various former eastern block websites I'm currently revamping both websites and models and beefing up security. Why someone would want to steal a free model beats me...and hacking a site about a boat on the Norfolk Broads? I put it down to an illicit cartel of Lake District Guest House Owners hell bent on stopping the promotion of other UK holiday destinations.

So after taking a break from renovating my boat I'm starting from scratch on a new range of 3D models. The first of which all have a Scandinavian/Medieval/Fantasy Theme to them.

Here's the first model in the initial stages of texturing.
2012/12/19 9:18:33
New for 2013 A touch of the Phoenix nights on acid...I'm looking forward to this, looks like 2013 is going to start with a bang!
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