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2012/9/26 23:46:50
Sketchup to Muvizu The windows are now 'in' doors tomorrow and then that roof!

2012/9/26 20:44:25
Sketchup to Muvizu Woodwork almost complete...well the floors are in.Just about to start on the doors and windows. Now I wish Ziggy had his ZMB technology advanced a bit...I just realised what a pain the collision is going to be on this model...any volunteers?

2012/9/26 10:53:07
Sketchup to Muvizu Thanks Mysto, I just wish I could sit down and make an animation without getting sidetracked with the sets.

Ah Ziggy, dark are the waters of the Clyde...and even darker are the waters in Morpeth but from the Elven Smiths of the shining Towers of Muvizu comes the wisdom which says...

"Sometimes you nip out for a quick fag and a pint, get slotted, forget where you were up to on a model and whether you saved it or not...and forget which day it is..."

Which is what happened to me. But I decided to just carry on and remap the model having already mapped the pieces and found that 'hey presto' I can move all the mapped pieces about on another map and render out one big map and one big ambient occlusion map, create a new material using the super maps and the bloody thing works!

Now then Wozza, the model started out as being modular, but I got sidetracked...just a bit...but fear not when it comes to making the ase files the walls, floors and timber frame will be one model, the roof (which I tried to accommodate a request by Ziggy on the first model and failed but think I've managed on this one...which makes it a bit complex) will be another, all the doors will be seperate models so they can move and the windows will be yet another model...as will the staircases both internal and external which I'm working on at the minute will be stand alone models too.

2012/9/25 17:23:04
Sketchup to Muvizu I've been trying to push the barrier a bit with what I can and can't do with making a model...the upshot is...I'm having a whale of a time BUT...I have to break it to the Muvizu Team now...No more holidays for a while as I have used up a fair amount of bog roll whilst making out my Christmas List.

I've finally found a method of creating one 'BIG' map that combines several other maps that Muvizu will quite happily choke down (with the odd coughing fit on the way) without resorting to creating a multisub object material. This means I can apply a separate ao map to a large model.

Now for Christmas Dear Santa Barry I would like Muvizu to

Use Bump Maps
Normal Maps
An old person character just like the new super hero characters complete with animations of course.
A baby character.
A new boat (real one so I can go fishing)
Peace on earth and good will to all men except that ginger bloke in Tesco who keeps scratching his head on the deli counter.

A bit of a revamp on the model but this is the progress so far.

2012/9/21 13:58:22
whereamI new Apple service as predicted by Dreeko I notice that Dreeko is a bit of a prophet! Anyone dropped off the edge of the planet using the new Apple mapping service wellItwasthereyesterday-I ?
2012/9/13 0:29:26
Sketchup to Muvizu Fantasy Cottage Revisited

I've been a bit quiet of late, under the weather, boating fishing etc but I'm back in the saddle again and thought I would revisit the Fantasy Cottage and see if I could give it a revamp and try and put into practise some of the techniques I've learned...well it will be Christmas soon so its nearly a year.

Like the original this version will be modular too, but will be double skinned so there is an internal structure to it. The original idea for the cottage was to make it twisty and rickety however I just ran into problems modelling this, but...I think I've sussed it with the latest version.

The base section is almost finished, still some last minute fiddling and matching with the textures to do, but as usual I will keep everyone posted with progress. Let me know what you think?
2012/9/4 11:15:39
The IDea You never know he may go viral...I told him to get that rash checked out by his GP!Whaaaaa?
2012/9/3 7:48:14
The IDea Dreeko wrote:
The iDea has now taken over 4000 views in a week!
Thanks folks!

That's because it's genius, sheer genius!

I hope you realise that we are all waiting with baited breath for when you report that you earned something from the advertising on youtube!
2012/8/20 15:49:50
Is everyone on a holiday? Just one carp about 10lb, nothing to write home about, however heading down to Norfolk on Saturday for a weeks bream and pike fishing...oh and more drinking and boating!
2012/8/20 15:38:42
Is everyone on a holiday? Is on holiday...fishing! Boating...DRINKING!
2012/8/19 8:30:47
New ASE exporter with ZiggyMesh Stroke of genius this is.....now we just need a 'smoothing' function and it's the perfect Muvizu export tool!
2012/8/15 0:30:53
Help! What's with the colours Barry? I think, think...mind you, but I think I have sorted out what's causing this...

I will email the set and props in when I get back home, but I think I know what the problem is.

It's a smoothing issue on the props. I set too and did a redesign of the props and simplified them a little, it was then that I noticed some weird triangulation in one corner of one of the models. I then built all new textures for the props including bump maps and reflections (I know Muvizu doesn't support this at the moment but its all good practise for when it does) and I then applied a smooth modifier in 3ds Max to the props. Now when I import the props they all have the same shade when using the same map, although at any point where the triangulation of the mesh get's a little 'complex' Muvizu is more sensitive to this than Max and this is where you get areas that will be darker at a specific point of the model.

I also noticed that when rendering out the ambient occlusion maps that 3ds Max decided that the top surface of any tile would have a shadow as you neared the edge of the plane. Muvizu doesn't like this so by deleting any ambient occlusion from the top surface of a map this will further aid seamless tiling of the props.

So far I've not had a chance to experiment with smoothing in SketchUp or any plugin's other than the UV plugin or the Quad Tools plugin that effect the surface of a model in SketchUp, so other than applying a smoothing modifier in 3Ds Max I cannot think of a direct SketchUp to Muvizu methodology.
2012/8/13 8:42:13
Hangout?? Great idea guys...count me in...

Tips...? Er....aren't we all supposed to have one trouser leg rolled up, a secret handshake, and a sign an cosign a bit like
"I am an animator from the west seeking a way to make my character hold a gun."
"I am an animator from the east, good idea but can you imagine the kind of work involved in that?"
2012/8/12 11:05:27
Help! What's with the colours Barry? I've been a bit quiet of late, but I have been beavering away like a hedgehog on a new project...so what's with the change of colour in identical assets?

Is this an unreal problem and how do I get around it?

The idea was fairly simple...a tiled terrain system using 18' by 18' blocks (the largest size I could get to comfortably import into Muvizu).

As it's summer and I'm going boating and fishing I started with a river system. Canalised, as this does not involve wavy banks and the dreaded curves...

Now the blocks are made, the textures textured and tiled so that the blocks will simply fit together in any pattern I desire, except that they won't! Whenever I import into Muvizu each 'new' block imported is a slightly different shade to the previous one. If I copy and existing block it is an exact copy with regard to shading and tiles correctly, however should I wish to import a corner section (tiled using the same texture map) it comes in a shade lighter or darker.

Is this something I'm doing wrong or is it an unreal engine problem...and any ideas on how to get around it?

2012/8/10 15:04:31
Get Your Arse To Mars Err...its Scunthorpe!
2012/8/7 7:59:06
Get well soon Eef! I found out yesterday that Eef is stuck in a nursing home full of wrinkly, blue rinsed Mafia types following complications with his recent surgery. I'm sure that everyone at Muvizu will join with me and send him best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I sent him instructions on how to organise the grannies into a commando squad to use diversionary tactics to get him outside to buy a laptop and keep animating...

Get well soon Ernie!
2012/8/2 19:58:45
Dreeko's Tutorials Part 3? Ah yes but what series?

Great Tutorial Dreeko, lighting is one of my bugbears so I'm following these tutorials closely!
2012/7/27 14:56:28
Need a model or set made? Okay...I've had some insane requests in the past...but here you go Woztoons I present Project ShoneT...

2012/7/25 11:35:22
Olympic Animation I thought this was rather nifty http://vimeo.com/46296980
2012/7/24 10:23:38
Muvizu Crashes...its the cloak I tell you. Just reporting a persistent crash with the latest release of Muvizu. I'm shooting a sequence with sinister wearing a standard cloak. Muvizu keeps crashing on a regular basis...however on each crash it seems that Sinister's cloak has caught on a piece of scenery.
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