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2011/7/1 12:59:50
Easter Eggs 83fgh5t1 wrote:
Whats the point of having easter eggs if no one can find them!

I'm going to launch into a rant that will probably not gain me any points, so feel free to skip right on over this one:

I enjoy doing crossword puzzles. I find every so often there's one where the self-absorbed writer loads it with obscue and impossible clues so it can't be solved. Neither I, nor anyone else doing this puzzle, thinks "wow, this guy must be smart," we think "what a jackass." The fact is, the person writing it isn't smart, he or she researched out difficult to impossible clues on purpose, it was not anything he or she already knew.

The point of a crossword puzzle is to be solved. If you make it so difficult that no one can, you haven't won, you've failed and only in turn shown your own ignorance.

Telling people there are unlockable features but then making them too difficult to find loses the point of having them. One or two at least should smack you in the face so that people can have a moment of fun in unlocking them. Burying them does not make it more fun, it makes it pointless.

Giving coy, cryptic clues or quotes from Enter the Dragon is the equivalent of the schoolyard taunt "I know something you don't know..." Honestly, the very notion of being told something is there but you can't ever use it is so infuriating that were the software not already so well suited to my needs (except for the zero lack of control on the camera movement), I would crumple it up and throw it into the wastebasket, right next to the crossword puzzle by the self-important egomaniac who missed the point as well.

I know I didn't pay a cent for the software so this means little to nothing, and in fact complaining about something free is inherently stupid and self defeating. I just felt it needed to be said. Put me on the "blacklist" if you so desire, I'll understand.
2011/6/30 21:25:20
Easter Eggs werecool wrote:
Could someone be more specific?

It's not going to be me, I can tell you that much.

Given the "surroundings" hint with the mention of a link a few posts later leads me to beleive maybe there was something in the Twitter feed, but that's feed never works for me so I never saw it. If that's even what it meant.

Who knows? Who cares? I've found that there's nothing fun in searching for something you can't find so I gave up. Better to quit than fail, always the best attitude!ROFLMAO
2011/6/27 12:55:41
Cries of the Dead - song video from MCS Very nice - the guitar solo in particular works very well.

Is the the previous version of Muvizu? There's much better shading in this than I've been able to achieve with the new version. If it is the new version: what's you secret?
2011/6/22 15:52:13
WASP ch12 How did I miss this? I will check it out when I get home (YouTube's blocked at work).
2011/6/22 15:51:38
Spartacus Murphy Another triumph!

Now - more Staundoone! Thumbs Up
2011/6/20 23:45:59
After Downloading and installing... glasgowjim wrote:
I guess your pole might cause some friction burns......

Oh, the endless possibilities with this line. But, I shall refrain. laugh
2011/6/18 19:51:39
Free Video Editor - Lightworks Dimension_five wrote:
Might be a problem with codecs available for output.

And input. It doesn't seem to like the XVid codec as it wouldn't load direct Muvizu content at all, and the clips I had re-saved in Virtual Dub would open audio only. Quicktime clips seemed to import well.
2011/6/18 12:44:21
What's that in my pants ! Now THAT'S flexibility!
2011/6/18 0:26:35
Free Video Editor - Lightworks I gave it a shot. I couldn't understand the workflow at all. I'm sure once the learning curve is overcome this is a very powerful piece of software. It just made no sense to me so I'll stick to Vegas for now.
2011/6/17 22:43:15
Free Video Editor - Lightworks It does look very nice. I'm going to have to give it a whirl.
2011/6/17 22:21:35
The newest Muvizu release... toonarama wrote:
Has the time come for 2 versions of Muvizu?

With a little luck, such a day will never come.
2011/6/17 12:43:02
Interface & Timeline I'll cast my vote for no movement at all, especially on the cameras. Very often I'll set the main perspective to see certain elements in the scene, go to make a camera movement and BAM, there I am locked behind the camera. This happens even more when I inadvertantly hit "camera movement" instead of "character movement." I think the view should stay where it is and lock to the camera only if you choose it to.
2011/6/16 16:44:47
Favourite ever cartoon? KerryK wrote:

Must... get... Reeboks... Got.. to go... to ebay... immediately...
2011/6/16 15:46:51
Favourite ever cartoon? KerryK wrote:
her boyfriend whatshisface


Yeesh, I remember more about that show than I thought.

And I've never seen The Raggydolls, and at work YouTube videos are blocked so I can only see the static picture, but it reminds me of the classic School House Rock cartoons. I've forgotten the bulk of what I watched on Saturday mornings, but still catch myself singing "The Interjection Song" every so often, or even "Hanker for a Hunka Cheese."

And speaking of "Hunk," how about Voltron? I always preferred the vehicle stories to the lion ones.
2011/6/16 15:33:40
Favourite ever cartoon? KerryK wrote:
DUDE! i can't believe no one's mentioned this yet!

I very nearly did, but that was a girl's cartoon, so I laid off. laugh But I surely watched it as I had a sister and honestly, it was so ridiculous a premise I couldn't stop watching it. It's right up there with Saved by the Bell in "this is so awful yet I love it" enjoyment factor.

And I loved the Thundercats too, until Snarf started saying his own name 4904903490 times per episode. I did not, however, like the obvious ripoff Silverhawks.
2011/6/16 12:55:15
Favourite ever cartoon? I was never fan of either Warner Brothers or Disney cartoons. There. I said it and I'm glad I did.

However, pick a cartoon from the '80s and there's a good chance I liked it. Except maybe The Smurfs. And Turbo Teen: the Human Car. However, give me The Transformers or G.I. Joe or even He-Man and the Masters of the Universe any day. Spiderman and His Amazing Friends or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were way up there too.

I also loved the older Droopys and Popeyes, not the awful new versions made in the '80s. The Flintstones were great, never liked The Jetsons though. Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space, and of course the Super Friends.

And this isn't even mentioning Saber Rider, Scooby Doo, Rocky & Bullwinkle, George of the Jungle, Top Cat, and... hmmm, I'd better stop now, I could go on for days.
2011/6/16 12:46:36
Facial animation dwino wrote:
This is an intense debate. Darth Lightsabers

And you know what they say about debating on the internet... Goofus
2011/6/16 12:43:26
The newest Muvizu release... CrazyDave wrote:
it will be in the next release Thumbs Up

WOOHOO! Applause
2011/6/16 0:09:01
Computer not fast enough? Just for kicks I tried it out. Sure enough you can adjust the brightness of several lights at once from the scene window. You can also select multiple plants and adjust their sway, but as already noted, they have to be the same type of plant or it doesn't work. You don't have to actually group them, though that works too.
2011/6/15 22:13:54
Facial animation Dreeko wrote:
Instead I got a "thats a good idea, we'll see if we can squeeze that feature into our next update!" answer. Mow maybe I just seem to request things that are always on the cards for Muvizu. But this has happened on a number of occasions.

Same here. I think my third post or so was already asking for some new feature and I was pleasantly greeted with "Shut up, Newbie." No, no, they said it was a good idea and would try to implement it. And hence the 64 bit version and anti-aliased rendering were born.

No, I'm kidding again, but they did accept the suggestion openly and I've been hooked ever since.
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