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2011/4/4 12:35:56
Garage Band Blues... I wrote it on YoutTube but it bears repeating: the lighting effects are awesome. Really great stuff!
2011/4/3 0:28:59
Zilon ... hope u like it Definitely liking it so far and looking forward to more!
2011/3/30 12:57:35
A tutorial vid from Dreeko This truly is a most outstanding tutorial.
2011/3/28 23:32:52
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Simply awful.

Well, not really, but I just wnated to be different. Looks really cool!
2011/3/26 18:34:49
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Dreeko wrote:
I'm mulling over staundoone episode 3 ( yes I'm doing a third! )

2011/3/24 23:11:39
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Great video, Dreeko, thanks!
2011/3/23 11:59:40
Surfin Bird Video I didn't listen to the volme warning, I should have, it is pretty loud. It's also really well done. I like the people dancing in the background.
2011/3/22 11:50:30
Numa Numa Guy Infectiously catchy and a really nice animation - nice!
2011/3/21 22:52:36
Ziggys new animation Welcome, Luscan!
2011/3/17 11:59:27
Water ... Very nice! I really liked the set designs and camera movement. The dialog was a little hard to understand at time but otherwise excellent!
2011/3/12 11:56:44
Random faces/heads Dreeko wrote:
how useful can a partially naked male character wearing elton john glasses, long black gloves with an axe sticking out his head, brandishing a large pair of lady bumps actually be?

Sounds like a pretty wild Friday night!
2011/3/12 1:24:43
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Or how about eatin and drinking moves? Sitting at a table eating, eating chips from a bowl, that kind of thing.
2011/3/10 0:01:21
Jim's last day Best of luck Jim Cool
2011/3/9 1:49:55
Promo for an upcoming project Since the YouTube link doesn't work for some:

2011/3/9 0:38:12
Animations Characters do while Creating Them This is an excellent suggestion and I put in a vote for it too. I like the looking at their arms and back animations too and can see definitely potential for this.
2011/3/9 0:14:26
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Not an animation but still - with all the pirate outfits and animations, how about a hook for a hand? Maybe I missed it but I didn't see one in there.
2011/3/9 0:10:29
Just saying hello Thanks for the welcome everyone!
2011/3/9 0:07:39
Promo for an upcoming project jonbez wrote:
Excellent. Look forward to seeing your first episode.

Hey, thanks! I loved Ghost House and I'm dying to know, though I'm pretty sure it was some kind of post effect - how did you get Greg to be transparent? Anyway, loved the stories and the jokes, I'm hoping to do something similar though I'm not on par with you yet by any means.
2011/3/8 13:04:31
Promo for an upcoming project Hey everyone!

I made my first video with Muvizu. It's pretty rough around the edges (I don't have a feel for the camera movement yet, as you'll see), but it was done over the course of two days, probably about four hours total. Not bad considering the amount of work that went into my previous garbage using other software.

It's for a series I've wanted to do for a while now, this has finally given me the means to make it happen. Thanks Muvizu!

2011/3/8 12:59:23
Just saying hello Hi everybody!!!!!

I just started using Muvizu about a week ago or so and made a quick video for an upcoming project I'm doing. I see it's already been posted to the front page - very cool! It's not terribly good as I'm still getting a feel for the animation process but it's nice to have something done in two days as opposed to two months when I was using 2D software.

Anyway, thanks to the Muvizu team for this awesome software and the really great tutorials. And thanks as well to Dreeko for showing me the light, so to speak, by referring me to this site!
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