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2011/9/5 23:40:08
Recreate your favourite movie scene competition. Good thinking dreeko, more sets, more sets, more sets, more skins, textures,
3d models, models MODELS.... come on muvizuers, get em in!!!

I keep saying it but I will upload some more sets from my other unfinished movies
When I finally finish my project sooooooon! !!

2011/9/5 23:19:21
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Had a little go, love it!
Like the split screen for the camera view, much better to work with.
It's got an anime studio feel to it, nice touch there team Muvizu.

The text is small but it's worth it for all the new gizmos and sliders.

The point and click movement system is a godsend.

That's all I can say at the moment, I'll be back working on it properly tommorow
But overall, it's looking and feeling like a very powerful 3d package now.
Bring it on!!!! LLM
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2011/8/26 12:16:03
The Muvizu Wardrobe? Hi team, muvizuers, I've been well impressed with the custom skins that have
Been made by Hexslayer, chuckles, and dreeko.

Team Muvizu, can we have ( The Wardrobe ) upload section on the website.

Great stuff guys

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2011/8/26 11:57:02
Newbie.... Yeah!!!!! My Texas chainsaw massacre remake is back on track!!!!

Only kidding, thanks Vince for putting us straight...

Cheers, art
2011/8/25 21:27:15
Newbie.... Dear Muvizu, you are on the Cusp of something great.

I love kids. I have kids. My kids have guns, toy guns, lazer guns. Whips. Light sword
My son will eventually want to play with Muvizu.
My son will, Want to make STAR WARS Movies......

Please make my life easier for my son to shoot storm troopers.
Please make my and all the communities precious hours easier by letting us tell our
Stories with a inflatable Bat to teach those naughty bad guys a lesson.

If not, give us the animations, give us the ability to stop breathing so we can do it

We are a good bunch, honest...

Muvizu, think about this, the quality of movies that are popping out from your
Free program is fantastic, and it's only going to get better.
Moviestorm, has taken the chance with their After dark animations and have
slapped an 18 cert on it..... sorted
Ok, to me moviestorm isn't for me yet. I like the feel of muvizu, and why should
Muvizu be restricted for kids?
please don't take the PC route, because all of the Top stuff has been made by
GROWN UPS............

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2011/8/25 18:36:54
Newbie.... At least give us pillows Pillow Fight
2011/8/25 14:24:33
Steve jobs left Steve Jobs, Pixars savior has left apple, Please don't leave us Vince!!!
2011/8/24 23:36:38
Stop breathing, and hold that POSE!!! Hello fellow creatives....

Do you get frustrated when trying to give the illusion that your character is
Holding an object? and then have your illusion Busted because your characters
Hand moves with the automated breathing?
Yeah, I know, it's crap isn't it trying to move your gun in sync with the hand.

Dear muvizu, can we stop the breathing? Lovely Jubbly!!!

I'm still working on a spoof, and I would love it!!! If we could hold every pose,
Love it!!!

Thanks, artpen
2011/8/23 13:12:51
Various improvments I'm looking forward to the new upgrade, and let's hope the team has some nice
Goodies for us.
I really think if they can crack holding objects which I know they will being Scottish
Would make Muvizu an advanced 3d Movie maker with endless possibilities...
It already is, but Wow!! I can't wait till our puppets have their first Pint!!!

All the best Muvizu HQ
2011/8/13 21:02:47
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? I agree, we have to stop our puppets behaving like Jack Nicholsons Joker, or as sad as Jack Dee in a Funeral.
Don't worry ziggs, I have a feeling the team are working on it right now..........
Come on team, the Big Producers are waiting!
2011/8/3 11:46:35
Static Puppet prop? Cheers marco, just to add to this, the dead guy is and has been a very good prop.
could we have more static puppets like these?
And could the team look into developing a static puppet creator?
What I mean is a gizmo that duplicates your chosen charactor in a static form?
with your static froze at a certain pose?
You could also custom texture it, chop it up!! Static heads, arms, legs?
I've got horror on the brain at the mo.......
Mmmwwaaa haaa hha haaa!!!!
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2011/8/3 8:14:43
Static Puppet prop? Hi team, I was thinking about doing a scene which involved a big crowd, and as I
Added many puppets, well, my god did my machine sssslowwww down.....
I know there a ways of doing it without adding countless characters, but it could be
better if we had a static puppet prop?
edited by artpen on 03/08/2011
2011/8/1 20:41:47
MIIVIES Looks ok, Ragdoll mode? Mmmmm....
Nice style puppets, very limited assets by the looks.
Text to speech is crap, and if they charge for renders forget it!!!
Its good though to see new tools.
it just shows the mass market for machinima.
Long live our Muvizu.....
2011/7/25 14:54:15
Imported object collision Greenscreen with masking everytime...

Would be nice to have our puppets sitting and moving with their vehicles though
2011/7/18 7:58:27
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Top stuff dreeko, nice one, all we need now is a predator helmet, and a shoulder
2011/7/12 23:39:09
The bird that never flew Nice one dreeko, very smoothCool
2011/6/17 11:29:51
audio jumping around! Good point dreeko, I'm busy myself with my pilot episode and the only thing that
Is very difficult is the audio dialog.......
I am also reverting to audacity for the timing and lenth of dialog.
Yes, I think the audio mixer with multiple tracks would save a hell of a lot of work.
Come on team, I know you want our movies quick and fast!!!
Give us the Tools and we will deliver..

Ar men, thankyou o great mighty code gods..

Artpen xxxx
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2011/6/8 13:06:52
Spinning feature? Hi team, I was admiring your helicopter the other day, nice, but it would be great to be able to spin those Blades....
Is there a plan for this feature in the near future?
I think this might have been mentioned before, has it?

Thanks, artpen
2011/6/2 21:50:14
Problem with New Upgade Gremlins Blank stare
2011/6/2 20:41:47
audio crash again Well, it looks like the old Chinese man's ghost must have kicked the little green monsters arses!!!
Muvizu is workingWoo Hoo!

A Big thankyou to Rob, Jamie, Kerry, Neil, and Jim for using their special Muvizu Powers and mysteriously killing those horrible creaturesGo Away

All the best, artpen
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