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2012/3/30 13:28:03
WANNA HAVE SOME FUN MUVIZUERS?? YES PLS!!!!! Luscan you're the man !!! btw check your inbox about that request ?? shhh
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2012/3/30 12:59:55
Voice actors? We need em. I did try Morphvox and just doesnt suit what we need. Although i did like the demon one.

HaymanMarc - sounds good to me, american english is a great help ..

i'm making a list guys thanks again, will let you know.
2012/3/30 6:47:36
NEW BEHIND THE MIC OUT NOW!! Bloopers and outtakes from TFZ and other shows we have done.

2012/3/30 5:49:01
WANNA HAVE SOME FUN MUVIZUERS?? Hellllllloooooooooo Muvizuers.

Ok, so we have been sitting in the office marveling at the amount of gore we are about to add to our next episode of TFZ. Hey you aked for it..

Anyway DRE came up with an idea that i thought would be fun, if it works.

He said "Tell the Muvizuers to email you their best zombiegroans" and since this site has the friendliest bunch of nuts i said "sure".

Basically because we have an upcoming scene with a butt load of zombies in it. So if your up for it record a 5 sec zombie groan in either MP3 or avi format and email to me

You'll be in the credits too we promise
2012/3/30 2:29:28
character movement? This seems to be becoming a common problem , my suggestion is delete the previous movement save you set clos it down then re open it again , unfortunantly you will have to do the movement agan, but it shouldn't happen twice. Its actually quite hard to replicate the problem.
2012/3/30 0:09:35
24 hr Noob at Muvizu Hey Lynn22 welcome and good luck You will find some great animators here and everyone is super helpful. Like a Big Brady bunch of Loons, anyway look forward to seeing what you can come up with.
2012/3/30 0:06:21
how do i use a favourite character in a new scene Ahhh dylly beat me to it... but yeh if the character has any custom texture to it it wont save properly.
Take off the texture then try and save it, should work from there , the only hassle is having to put the texture back on when you change sets.
2012/3/30 0:00:11
Voice actors? We need em. Okie dokie,
Artpen, we will hit you up when its time.

Dylly , we currently use Audacity for split conversations , music etc.. will give it a go but the hardest to get is the female voice to work. Personal note , your a friggin master of creation.

Woztoons, i've heard talk of a grumpy old bastard next season, so yes i may need your grumpy Sussexness.

James your a crack up .... but guess what !! Stoney's surname is McBongwater so maybe you can be part of the clan McBongwater

As usual muvizuers are the best , you need help and they give it ..,. you guys all rule in our books
2012/3/29 12:00:28
Voice actors? We need em. As you guys have probably guessed by now the voices for Tales from Zombietown are done by 2 guys, and occasionally we rope in someone for the odd part.
What we really need is people to fill future characters females/males/ possibly robots, and whatever else Dre504 comes up with...
Anyway if anyone is interested hit us up.

P.S this will probably be for season 2 moreso so it is still a while away , just wondering if their is any interest.

Thanks Muvizuers
2012/3/28 0:59:57
Just 3 guys trying to make it in a zombie infested world.
2012/3/27 12:34:39
Sketchup to Muvizu Holy Crap Dylly beautiful!!!!
2012/3/25 12:19:40
Favourite ever cartoon? dragonball, dragonball z and dragonball gt ... what can i say im an addict , love anime
2012/3/23 10:52:16
Push it to the limit ... limiiiiiit Thanks James & artpen , so your saying more gore huh .. lol.. ok
We have actually planned for this and in Season 2 we will be upgrading our systems and start using 64bit and some awesome cg type effects. So it was in the works
As for where is Zombietown set ?? Middle America. its a big country so you know... its in the middle somewhere..
Thanks for the feedback ! Helps heaps..
2012/3/22 12:30:26
Push it to the limit ... limiiiiiit Hey Muvizuers,

Just had a thought and would like some participation from ya'll

Firstly, what does everyone think of Tales From Zombietown so far? any favourites, questions etc?

Is there anything you havent seen yet or can't seem to do yourself on Muvizu (don't say guns), that you'd like us to give a try? We like a challenge so if there are any (do able) good ones we will probably use them in future episodes.

Anyway thought this would be fun so reply below

2012/3/16 2:50:44
Sketchup to Muvizu Holy crap dylly !!! The lair looks freakin awesome!
Great colour choices too, and wooden seats and bannisters etc look brilliant. Always hard to get good textures for roofs.
2012/3/14 23:47:47
BEHIND THE MIC- a look behind the scenes at H.A.P Hey guys & girls!!!
We broke 50 subscribers yesterday and decided it was time for some more funny's so....
Here you go !!!!!

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2012/3/13 4:09:21
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN EPISODE 5 Its out peoples and our longest yet !!!! (that sounded rude)
Anyway watch rate/comment/subscribe

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2012/3/8 10:25:15
Muvizu share policy help Hey all,
Just wondering if we are allowed to start a channel on and upload there as well?
Or is that a no no ...
Just wondering don't like stepping on toes.
2012/3/8 10:06:58
Competition thrashout I agree with the spoof idea... muvizu style spoof viral videos? But i do like the movie trailer idea, 60 seconds time frame (not a big fan of) but 2-3 max gives a little more time for story telling.
2012/3/6 12:06:51
Little Muvizu bug dudes Any chance we will have the little black muvizu bug thing (happily inform me of the actual name) as a character , just saying you know he would be cool ..
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