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2017/2/21 3:48:30

During last days I was trying to create unexpected animation in imported 3d models. As all know that is not possible in Muvizu. Well... if it is not possible could we fake it!
Take a look ...

Without video edition tricks.
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2017/2/20 1:36:38
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Phil7newbie wrote:
Looks excellent! Surely thinking outside the box! I do have a problem viewing the flock of birds as seen in the video from youtube. Seems very dark and is not transparent at all. I did change the Defaultgame file line bstripvideoalpha from true to false, but no change. I can view other pics with transparencies, but not this one which appears to be an animated gif. ? Maybe someone could give me an idea to make this work right. thanks!


Change m_bStripVideoAlpha=False at Muvizugame.ini.
Save it and try again.
2017/2/15 21:47:30

I'm just finishing my latest set . It will be in the store next week.
It contains mountains, a detailed house, a wood porch, customized ground texturing, an old wood bench, an old fence and a water running fountain. All made by me for you.

It contains two barrels made by Nobiax, got from deviantart site, trees and one plant taken from sketchup warehouse 3D.

Hope you like it.

2017/2/9 3:25:17
ERROR loading scene Veniko wrote:

Hi, I just got into Muvizu today... cant wait to get started.. looks great. So I went straight for opening up the snail set from the online choices and it gets to 99% complete then gives error message.... ' There was an error loading the scene, the feature you are trying to use is not licensed'


Snail set was made with Muvizu Play 1.8. For unknown reasons snail attachments doesn't open in 1.9 version. I had to reassemble it for 1.9 version and now it works.

For those waiting to download it :

Enjoy it
2017/1/27 16:33:01
Bowing to an audience Witchy wrote:
Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how I could make the cast of my movie take a bow. I'm working on a series of educational videos and wanted to end with a shot of all the cast members taking a bow. I'm completely lost as to how to achieve this realistically. Also to anyone who works developing Muvizu are there any plans to add new actions to the application in the future.

The nearest action is the bow head in religious actions group. With some camera tricks you can get your goal.

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2017/1/25 19:49:14
Question about Blender FBX export and Muvizu ikes wrote:
Unprofessional wrote:
... Blender are just too awkward, I don't like it.

Sorry Ikes to disagree!
Blender like most things in life need open mind. Late versions are more friendly than ever but I understand those moving from other apps. In some way they have to start again. Once it done it will be supprinsingly efective. All my muvizu works have models made or tuned with blender and I don't regret that. It's free anyway.
2017/1/25 19:36:20
Question about Blender FBX export and Muvizu yes, Pat is right !
More than one layer is not an issue limitation we assign to Muvizu.
Blender is a wonderful tool that allows you to export any FBX model with more than one layer. It is possible to export difuse, normal and specular layers for a given material and do that with many materials.
You can find youtube videos explaining this.
I have done myself many models with more than one material and exported them sucessfully to Muvizu.
Don't give up and you will find the path to sucess.
2017/1/24 19:54:08
Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest ... primaveranz wrote:
Rodrisilva wrote:

You have to use a second camera facing any character and assign mirror texture to that camera.

I haven't tried this, but wouldn't the resulting video need to be be horizontally flipped?

You only need to rotate the backdrop (case you are using a backdrop) or go to camera settings>colour> horizontal flip.
2017/1/24 16:10:43
Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest ... Anticip wrote:
Hey thanks for that piece of info, but say I use the 'mirror-wall' item I can't find any way to assign the camera to the texture wall. I can change the color of the miror, its reflection but not assign it a camera like I could do for a regular background wall.

Thanks !

If muvizu mirror models doesn't allow textures you have two solutions.

1- Use a backdrop over a mirror, resizing it and choose camera view on it.
2- Import an external mirror model that allows textures.

I haven't my desktop available now but if you need I can help you later.
2017/1/24 16:01:53
Experiments in 3D Animation and Storytelling Rocque wrote:

The water looks great, and I would like to know what an animated normal map is, and where you find them, too? Or, if you create them, how and where?

Normal mapping, or Dot3 bump mapping, is a technique used for faking the lighting of bumps and dents.
It is used in 3d models to add details without using more polygons. Rather than having a color range of black to white, like a bump map uses, normal maps consist of red, green, and blue. These RGB values translates to x, y, and z coordinates, allowing a 2D image to represent depth. This way, a 3D application is able to fake lighting details based on the color associated with the 3D coordinate.
It's like light was deflected according a specific color. You can find those typical images easily with predominant blue.

In gaming industry this ability is used to reduced polygons number allowing more detail without complex modelling.

Animated normal maps are image sequences of normal map pictures. The one I used is free to download here:

Anyway when you understand the goal software like blender allows to make image sequences.
I understand that isn't for beginners, but you don't pay for trying.
2017/1/24 13:37:13
Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest ... Anticip wrote:
Hey guys,

I'm looking for a way to create mirrors. Like lots of mirrors. Is it doable in Muvizu ? I've tried the mirror panel but it just stays dark, I mean my character can't see it self in the mirror which is a bit sad for a mirror.

Is there any way to import some mirroring texture from Sketch Up ?

Any tips appreciated,



You have to use a second camera facing any character and assign mirror texture to that camera.
2017/1/23 21:20:51
Experiments in 3D Animation and Storytelling Hi all

As all know Muvizu allows to use normal maps giving us a way to increase 3d realism on flat surfaces of imported models. This time I tested animated normal maps creating a FBX model with normal map included. After importing it I changed normal map picture to an animated normal map video found in the web.
This is an example of water simulation in a complete flat surface using an animated normal map.
For those prepared to try please download this set (it's a 200 MB set; not suitable for low level computers):

2017/1/15 17:53:25
Rollin', rollin', rollin' PatMarrNC wrote:
rod, that link is broken. Looks like something extra got inserted that's hidden by HTML formatting (which might explain why the word CAMERA appears to be bold, which doesn't make sense for a link).

Can you repost the link? It looks interesting

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My fault pasting the link. MrDrWho and Primaveranz did taht for me. Thanks!
2017/1/15 17:05:16
Rollin', rollin', rollin' All muvizu tricks are welcome.
This is wonderfull and proves how usefull is this forum.

Camera rules used in traditional cinematography are very important for those making animation movies in Muvizu.

Hope this help:
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2017/1/9 23:25:52
Japanese song Unfinished project from last year. I'm looking forward to see all movie.
Give it a try!
This is really a diferent approach with a beautiful song.
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2016/12/10 18:42:57
Long Dresses, No Slit PatMarrNC wrote:
This will be part 2 of the CIVIL WAR ASSET SERIES
(both sets should be in the store on Monday)

It contains just what you see in the photo:
  • Each of the 3 soldiers has a different rank, as evidenced by the stripes on their sleeves.
  • Rifle is repositioned for shooting instead of carrying
  • uniforms now include a custom belt and holster without the Indiana Jone whip, with military belt buckle
  • one character holds two colt revolvers circa 1860
  • the cannon is a composite based on many photos of cannons from that period