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2012/9/26 1:24:50
Sketchup to Muvizu To say I cannot wait for this model is an understatement of epic proportions.

I may be presuming too much Sir Dylly but may I be so bold as to suggest that you make a version with the windows and doors missing as in the excellent digital representation we have been fortunate enough to peruse?
2012/9/20 2:23:32
Christmas Assets These look absolutely great. Thanks for making them available.
2012/9/13 12:45:47
Feedback Thread - v0.22b release (September2012) ukBerty wrote:
I have used 22b for a couple of hours and created a couple of of shots. So far....

  • No Crashes
  • All sets seem to work
  • Focus in camera window issue resolved
  • It's generally faster than 20b

Excellent works chaps.

See above. Although I have noticed that Sinister cannot fly.....
and can we have Beefy's "Scratch arm" action for all heroes as this is perfect for fiddling with the wrist gadgets?
2012/9/13 0:38:48
Sketchup to Muvizu Looks good, I like the fact it has interiors as well. Can't wait to see it finished.
2012/9/5 16:53:27
Instrumentals for your videos Thanks for this, some good music.
2012/8/28 18:55:04
Super 10 (seconds) Nice one Ziggy.
2012/8/27 13:28:05
The IDea Brilliant!
2012/8/26 0:16:12
i cant open this app It is not your graphics card, I have the same and Muvizu runs fine using DX9. Check when you install that you tick the option to install .NET Framework. Hope this helps
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2012/8/23 14:41:23
propeller Thanks.
2012/8/23 14:29:28
Bad request when uploading video. Jamie wrote:
Off the top of my head I can't think of another reasons. The inconsistency is the perplexing part.

Thanks but given that it is intermittent I will continue testing it myself until the problem becomes clearer. I don't want to waste your time as it may well not be an issue with Muvizu. I'm only running 21b 64bit at the moment so there are no codec clashes.

After doing a few Targa renders I think I'll be switching to this anyway as the quality is better and it makes post production a lot easier and more flexible.
2012/8/23 14:09:33
propeller I had this hanging around from a while back. Never used it and the scale's a bit off but it illustrates the concept.

2012/8/23 13:59:35
Dreeko's Tutorials Dreeko wrote:
...btw, has someone chained you to the forum today in some Saw style trap?
That's some amount of posts today matey!

Penance for going on holiday?
2012/8/21 15:05:50
What 10-second Superhero Competition?!? I only spotted it yesterday and already have one entry. If we are allowed more than one each I have ideas for a couple more. I thought it was only on FB to promote the FB Page.

The dark side of me wishes I had waited til Sunday night and not entered so early given the stir it seems to have caused. Cursing
2012/8/21 12:57:05
Bad request when uploading video. Thanks, although I'm still getting variable quality renders from the ffdshow mjpeg codec set at 100% quality. Sometimes it works fine and others it gets pixellated. Have had to revert to Targa sequences for Vegas to save fiddling around.
2012/8/20 17:12:35
Bad request when uploading video. WozToons wrote:

Have just tried to upload a video and all goes well until the progress bar is full.
Then the upload page goes blank and "Bad Request" appears in the top left.

Please advise, thanks.

UPDATE: It has however appeared on my YT channel.
2012/8/20 17:05:20
Bad request when uploading video. Hi,

Have just tried to upload a video and all goes well until the progress bar is full.
Then the upload page goes blank and "Bad Request" appears in the top left.

Please advise, thanks.
2012/8/20 14:37:36
New ASE exporter with ZiggyMesh Thanks for this, anything that saves time and makes life easier is OK by me.
2012/8/10 12:06:20
Get Your Arse To Mars This is great, thanks for sharing.
Are you sure it's Mars? If you look very closely at the third hill on the left you can see two people in the distance having a picnic.
2012/7/28 20:43:43
Need a model or set made? urbanlamb wrote:
I dont need any models but I keep seeing the comments in the thread about this lol its making me giggle so the question begs does one use the button "report as offensive" because of the smell of this high quality um turd?

Please see below text of a post I made earlier.

Dragonturd is a highly prized commodity and would never be treated in such a cavalier way. Do you know you could be arrested in Dragonton for even suggesting such a thing? Then they'll throw you in the arena.

I don't know! Some people!

This was given as a warning. The Dragon Sages, ( All hail, flame beyond the behind ), and residents of Dragonton will not tolerate much more of this blasphemy.
2012/7/27 19:13:53
Need a model or set made? Dylly wrote:
Okay...I've had some insane requests in the past...but here you go Woztoons I present Project ShoneT...

I am truly awestruck. Thanks so much Dylly, your genius knows no bounds. It looks just perfect. I can't wait to get my hands on it even if I do have to wash them afterwards. I will credit you in full of course, ( if you really want to be associated with this particular model ).

I know it sounds crazy but this is an integral part of the whole story/series and as such had to be of a very high quality. That's why I turned to the master for help and he has not let me down in producing a spectacular pile of excrement. Big Grin

Admins: I think there should be a new Supermogul expansion to the website. I would like to nominate Dylly.

Once again, thanks mate.
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