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2015/10/7 10:29:42
Free motions from Mixamo for a limited time As we are all well aware it is not currently possible to import animations into Muvizu but we can live in hope.
Motions can be quite expensive to purchase therefore (just in case the powers that be at Digimania Drive one day unlock the front door) it would be well worth taking advantage of the fact that the newly purchased (by Adobe) Mixamo is giving away all their motions for free.
This is a limited time offer and you will need to sign up for an Adobe ID but there are literally thousands of decent quality motions on there.

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2015/9/11 12:47:20
A Muvizu - Akeytsu pipeline would be wonderful There is a new program around called AKEYTSU which currently allows only rigging and animation but has big plans for the future. I was just thinking that wouldn't it be great if I pipeline could be created between Muvizu and Akeytsu so that you could export a Muvizu character and import it into Akeytsu where it could be animated (with FK/IK KF and FCurves) and then imported back into Muvizu.
Probably a pipe dream however!

2015/8/21 15:42:44
Can't keep this old animator down! Very sorry to hear of your health problems - I'm sure you will be up and animating very soon. Your Nick Danger episodes are some of the finest things made with Muvizu. Look after yourself.
2015/7/25 8:14:21
Great video which shows what Muvizu could do Dreeko wrote:
ukBerty wrote:
Should be called "Great video shows what you wish Muvizu could do"

Ha! Yes indeed Berty! Also helps if you have access to Maya and the relevant skillset to create objects and entirely new characters and animations for them. Muvizu was not the primary creation tool here! It did show that it could be used to render though.

As all Muvizu assets are made in Maya this is just as much a muvizu video as any other and shows what could be achieved by making import available plus some skill or money spent on bought assets
2015/7/24 15:51:09
Great video which shows what Muvizu could do Barry Sheridan has now left the company but he led a project which sought to demonstrate how Muvizu could mimic the style of Shaun the Sheep. It only has 60 views so get watching!!
You can read more about it on his blog:

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2015/7/16 22:29:34
Hitfilm express 3 hitfilm express 3 has just been released and it is free. You can also purchase extra packs to build up its functionality. Only drawback with this would be you may build up a personalised version but it would still be express rather than pro if trying to upgrade
2015/7/7 14:07:35
It's all happening here! I don't suppose there is any mention of importing animations and/or characters?
2015/7/7 13:42:08
It's all happening here! We're all crawling back out of the woodwork!
Great news (at last!) - new CEO, new direction? Interesting that his LinkedIn profile states: Repositioning of 3D animation tech company focusing on growth in Ed Tech and Free to Play.

I didn't get the email either but I had to recomplete my registration so that might have something to do with it.
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2015/5/21 16:01:15
Unreal Engine, going forward No idea but very much doubt it - however I like your Devo inspired avatar!
2015/3/2 20:51:48
Unreal engine 4 free!
2015/2/12 8:31:33
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Thanks for the feedback. Given that time frame it looks like a bug fix build (which would be most welcome) but fingers crossed there is more to it.
2015/2/11 10:24:37
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Totally agree with ukberty's comments - Muvizu has so much potential if only they would open the front door wider.
Importing of motions would be great and you don't have to make your own there are hundreds of free ones available (take a look at and hopefully soon noitom's perception neuron motion capture system will be available which at it's lowest configurations brings effective and relatively inexpensive motion capture to the masses!

But I would also love to see the ability to import characters and better support for prop import. They are tons of great characters out there many of which would fit in with the muvizu look such as the Toon Generations characters from 3duniverse.

The functionality we are after seems to be part and parcel of renderdigimania so why not include it in Muvizu too or in a separate piece of software which converts external characters/motions into a Muvizu friendly format
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2015/1/8 14:55:40
New User Here Carole wrote:

Muvizu really isn't 'all but dead' and is, I hope most of you will agree is still giving many people a whole lot of pleasure.

But it's been in a coma for so long! Are you going to revive it and bring it back to life or just switch it off; left unloved less and less people will be bringing flowers.
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2014/12/4 8:39:46
New Star Trek video... Ah, remember it well!

You've done a great job of it too - the animation complements the song (in all its tackiness)perfectly. Love it.
2014/12/2 10:17:19
Getting Started - simple walk fails. John

You have quickly found the main bug in the software which is still awaiting a fix.

The solution is to not use the cursor drag option to move the character - as an alternative double click at the point where you want your character to walk to.
2014/11/28 12:29:38
Black Friday At first I though that finally a new release was around the corner.... but then I went to the Digimania site and Muvizu Monday just seems to be news of another sale......(unless someone can tell us differently)
2014/11/21 16:07:27
Digimania News OK - thank you
2014/11/21 13:09:32
Digimania News PCollimonster wrote:

I will keep you updated and expect to be in a position to provide you with more information on a monthly basis.

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So - is there anything to say yet?
2014/11/14 8:35:05
Heres another (soon to be available) app (not PC) shotpro - It is being marketed as a previz application
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2014/11/11 10:59:01
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator I don't know anything about the software but there is now a free version of Fusion
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