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2011/5/10 12:33:32
Shameless promotion for a good cause Just to let everyone know both myself and Kim finished the 10k on Sunday.

I completed it in 1hr 18mins and 40secs

Kim was showing off and completed the race in 1hr 9mins and 54secs (that included her going to the toilet halfway through!)

This was the first running event that either of us took part in so not bad eh?
2011/5/6 15:26:02
Shameless promotion for a good cause Forgot to mention

Kim's charity is Epilepsy Scotland
Gordon's charity is Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland
and mine's is Alzheimer's Research UK
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2011/5/6 15:14:32
Shameless promotion for a good cause Hi MuvizuLand!
This Sunday myself and Kim are running in the Glasgow Women's 10K and raising money for charity. Yes, we are such a caring lot at Muvizu

Anyway, if anyone is feeling generous at all, we have set up some charity pages to collect online donations.

And for today only, if you donate to both of us, you will also receive a free gift! That’s right a FREE gift!!
“What can it be?” I hear you asking .... DRUM ROLL PLEASE .... TA-DAH! .... A nice warm fuzzy feeling inside, the knowledge of knowing you have helped some worthwhile charities
Now don’t say we aren’t good to you.

Extra special mention for Gordon who is also doing the Edinburgh Marathon on 22nd May.

You can donate if you are outside the UK with certain cards but for some more info please read this page

Thank you in advance
Claire xxx
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2011/5/3 10:59:16
Terror at Littletown Thumbs up for a fab muvizu video! Thumbs Up
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2011/4/28 16:17:11
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Dreeko wrote:
Toon!.. Camtasia is my screen recorder of choice

I used CamStudio which is a free alternative, although it doesn't have the nice zoom feature which comes with Camtasia
Nice with a list of screen recorders available free.
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2011/4/28 14:32:34
A tutorial vid from Dreeko aw I see! I really have to catch up on the back catalogue of conversations!
2011/4/28 14:20:26
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Dreeko wrote:

Yet again, it appears every day is a schoo day

*school* day Dreeko!
2011/4/28 13:59:23
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Another wee tip Dreeko is if you add 2 cue point markers on to the time line so the user knows when the object animation starts and when it finishes
2011/4/27 16:20:15
how long? Wasp chapter 9 is up now
2011/4/27 16:19:03
New Video Nice and simply but very nice!
Where did you get the music from? Certainly adds quite a lot to the performance
2011/4/22 18:12:49
mp3's won't import Haha Robert got a reply in before I could even finish typing it up! lol
He must have rapid typing hands!

Good Luck newyearsproject anyway!
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2011/4/22 18:10:39
mp3's won't import Hi newyearsproject
First of all, let me say welcome to Muvizu!

This has been known to happen with some MP3s and .wav files - but it has been a bit unpredictable.
The best thing would be if you could send the audio file to along with a brief message (a copy of your forum post would be great).

What I would suggest is downloading Audacity and use it to open then save your .mp3 file as a .wav file - most of the people in the office use Audacity so hopefully it should work.

You can get it from:

Please let us know how you get on.

2011/4/21 9:20:01
Life on Muvizu And the Muvizu Oscar for best original screenplay goes to ...... Dreeko!

Hahaha this is pure quality! I can't believe you have got the layout of the office and where everyone sits pretty much down to a T.

Not to sure about the dragon sitting behind me though!!! EEK!
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2011/4/20 14:05:35
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork That review is pretty awesome! Applause
2011/4/18 11:40:00
Scriptwriting and character development Nice link. Need to have a look at that later for some ideas.
2011/4/18 11:09:07
Gooooooooo Pete! Yeah I really like it bring on the next one!
2011/4/13 10:51:05
A tutorial vid from Dreeko toonarama wrote:

If - like me - you don't own photoshop there is an excellent free way to get seamless textures here

There is also which has lots of tiled textures as well
2011/4/12 17:01:57
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Nice tips again Dreeko I especially like the pattern maker tip.

If you are using GIMP though one way of making textures seamless is using the <make seamless> filter (filters -> map -> make seamless). This filter automatically cross-fades the borders of the image. For some kinds of textures (like the grass texture shown in this video) the results of this method may look good enough, but in many cases the blends might look too artificial.
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2011/4/8 11:30:59
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) The knights who say "Nee" (or "Ni" whatever way you spell it)

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2011/3/28 15:16:50
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork That's cool. Can't wait to see the other animated videos
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