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2011/3/25 10:47:58
Sets/Objects - Works in progress That is great Dreeko! Does the horse have any collision?
2011/3/24 10:15:14
Default set is all green. Cant change its color. I have done quite a lot of tests on this issue (my laptop has the same problem) and it turns out the graphics card doesn't meet the minimum spec to run Muvizu properly. You may also find that when the new version of Muvizu is released that the program will not run at all! Whaaaaa?
If you try updating your graphics card driver it may possibly help. After installing new drivers in my laptop it still didn't work but to be fair my laptop is about 6 years old now.

Your dxdiag will tell you what graphics you have and the date of the driver. If you are unsure how to get this you can do the following:

Click on "Start"
Click on "Run"
Type in "Dxdiag"
Hit enter
Click yes if asked to check Driver Signatures
Click on display tab

This will list your graphics card and driver date.
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2011/3/22 12:34:41
Numa Numa Guy Nice work!
2011/3/16 11:35:43
Hi all Hi Commanderz, looking forward to your first creation using Muvizu!
2011/3/16 10:57:50
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Great minds think a like!
2011/3/15 12:27:58
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Dreeko wrote:

The chairs are from sketchup, the windows are a texture knocked up in photoshop and placed on a curved backdrop which was scaled and rotated to fit, and the long object above the windows is a sofa scaled beyond all recognition!
It's a set that loves memory though!


I just love how all our users are so imaginative with their creations. Who would have thought a scaled up sofa would make a perfect aircraft luggage compartment!
2011/3/15 11:20:03
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Love it. Well done!
2011/3/15 11:13:39
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Dreeko that set looks pretty slick! Did you model all that?
Love artpen's set as well. I tend to get caught up too much with set building and never have enough time for animation.

Everyone is certainly giving the art team a run for their money Big Grin
2011/3/9 14:23:09
Jim's last day Today is Glasgowjim last day working with Muvizu.
Don't worry though, we have new technical support in place.

We are in safe hands. Good luck in the future Jim

Claire x
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2011/3/8 13:01:40
Just saying hello Welcome Danimal! looking forward to more of your videos Big Grin
What can we say, sometimes Dreeko does actually make some sense!
Have fun!

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2011/3/8 11:58:49
Bizarre news reports I find it funny how the whole thing is reported in Taiwanese but the last sentence is in English?
"Get animated find out more on facebook"
2011/2/23 9:40:42
Vengance Well done. I quite like that you are using all the different 3d animation packages such as Xtranormal. Which one do you fine easiest to use?
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2011/2/23 9:34:03
My First Effort That is really good and for a first attempt! I can sense good things to come from you in the future
2011/2/1 16:38:26
Batdork completed like the use of effects!
2011/2/1 16:33:03
Winter is not finished here... And there we thought the weather was bad here in Scotland!
2011/2/1 15:47:23
Ghost House Assets Thanks for sharing that with us Jonbez!
2011/1/25 15:09:42
facial animation workaround don't forgot the dragon!
2011/1/25 13:50:57
facial animation workaround Haha I love it! Dreeko the Muvizu work around King! Kneel!
2011/1/14 15:58:12
Ghost house episode 5 According to their facebook page, a new episode of ghost house will be up on Sunday! Looking forward to it
2011/1/13 11:25:12
sharing imported models At the present minute of time we are working on a 3D assets section within the gallery so that Muvizu users can do that very thing and share all their lovely creations with everyone. Unfortunately we don't have an exact date for when this will be up and live but watch this space!
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