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2010/11/9 13:52:57
Missing Textures Hey guys I was wondering if you could try something for me?
Could you try importing your objects without changing any of the import options.
Do you have options to change the textures if you do that. i.e. apply colors + image textures?
And if so do they still behave in same way as described in above posts?
Its just so I can pass the problem on to the developers

2010/11/8 10:54:48
Motion JPEG (Don't overlook it!) mmm I love Haribo
I am glad that it helped. Keep up the good work Dreeko.
2010/11/8 10:48:32
Staundoone Episode ! Brilliant!
Very well scripted, can't wait to see the next episode!!
What makes it even funnier is to know it is based on a real event.
2010/11/5 12:37:22
Motion JPEG (Don't overlook it!) In the menu video>compression (or CTRL+P) you can change the compression in there.
Once you have done this go to file>save as avi.

Hopefully that should work for you
2010/11/2 15:37:39
Error MSG ...Help needed abolina wrote:

my problem is shown in the pic , i can't add character to this set,but the others sets i can,so what is
the solve ?

This can be quite annoying at times but I usually find if I zoom out far enough then the character will go in. Then I simply move the character into place from there.
2010/11/1 15:44:47
New project Another suggestion straight from the developers themselves is
Place the backdrops side by side so that it makes a big long sentence and animate a camera along the line creating the illusion of text scrolling in.
2010/11/1 15:13:25
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? Sounds like a brill idea. Maybe you could get a couple of people on board.
I could see it being a pretty good series especially if you can get a youtube following!

For anyone that wants to have a look at caligaluk's website here it is (sorry caligaluk for stealing you thunder Big Grin)
2010/11/1 15:09:37
Additional Sounds Can I point you into the direction of these posts which are a pretty good resource for sounds
2010/10/29 15:45:08
Character Extensions For the question in general, no not really. You can only build objects that are separate from the characters and other preset objects.
In the new release (coming 9th Nov) the characters will have an option for a skirt though.

If you wait until the new release and are clever enough, I suppose you could also utilise the import object facility to import, say the block feet and the object movement tool which will be in the new release to move the blocks in time with a character moving. Therefore creating the illusion of block feet.
Hope that makes sense.
2010/10/29 10:52:35
I Need and Animator I think that is an excellent idea. I always struggle to come up with good ideas for scripts, especially original ideas like the Darwin video. I would love to give a bash at making a new video for it.
I think my previous vids have been good in the animation and set design departments but when it comes to a good script and voiceover, my videos lack. I don't like the sound of my own voice (partly due to the fact that no one outside Glasgow could probably understand me!)
Def think Muvizu users should utilise the collborations part of the community. You only have to look at Jonbez Ghost House to see what working with other people can achieve.
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2010/10/12 16:58:43
Favourite ever cartoon? 1. Gummi Bears with a doubt!

2. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

3. Duck Tales

4. Tale Spin

5. Ren and Stimpy

6. Rocko's Modern Life

7. Dark Wing Duck

8. Cow and Chicken

9. Samurai Pizza Cats

10. Mighty Max

11. Dungeons and Dragons

12. Care Bears

13. Super Mario Bros

14. Count Duckula

15. Doug
2010/10/12 16:11:02
Staundoone Uncovered Looks good really like the idea. Looking forward to the 1st episode
2010/9/17 12:39:10
Vertigo that the end bracket off the end of the link
2010/9/17 10:54:24
Vertigo haha no danger! I thought he had finished climbing halfway through the vid... but noooo he keeps going!
I think you have to be mentally insane to do that for a living! He needs to go back down the way they came too! Wouldn't catch me doing that.
The funniest thing about the whole thing is although they have no safety harness they are still wearing safety helmets! For what purpose? To keep their heads warm? Cause surely from that height, helmets have no effect if you fall!!!
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2010/8/12 15:42:22
Bug? Hey Muddybunny

Thanks for highlighting this but it is not a bug, if you look very careful at the character hips, they will slightly lean to the front/left/right/ back whilst doing this animation.
I thought exactly the same the first time I used these animations but on further looking I noticed the very slight difference.

I suppose all the small details make all the difference when making your animation lol

Claire x
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