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2010/9/17 9:57:26
32bit-64bit-XP-7--Aarrrghhhhh For Muvizu the OS that would give the most functionality would probably be 64-Bit Windows 7 - the Devs will be creating a 64-bit version of the software during the next few releases.

One way to get around these issues is to have a system that has two hard drives, then you can install good ol'-fashioned 32-bit XP on one the other hard drive.
2010/9/15 15:58:56
Importing from Google Sketchup I have just uploaded the first Collision Tutorial - feedback and comments are appreciated

2010/9/15 14:46:42
new characters A toddler/baby would make a lot of sense for some vids (depending on their content bobbus! ) - I will certainly pass on the suggestion - it's just whenever I think of babies in a cartoon I think of that South Park clip or this Looney Toons show (I can only find the Spanish dub):

2010/9/15 13:29:08
new characters Hmmm..... all I can think of is this:

2010/9/15 11:46:06
Importing from Google Sketchup I have deleted the tutorial and uploaded it again with amplified audio:

I have just realised I say Ok a LOT during that tutorial - I will try to keep it to a minimum in the future .
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2010/9/14 13:21:48
Importing from Google Sketchup Cry
2010/9/14 13:05:40
Importing from Google Sketchup Hmm.... seems ok on my machine, but if it's like that for a lot of people I might have to upload it again with increased volume - at least that can be done in a few minutes with Audacity and Virtual Dub.
2010/9/13 17:14:40
Importing from Google Sketchup Hi folks,

I have uploaded the First tutorial again, I have recorded the video for the next two but the audio is still a work in progress:

It has a splash screen and subtitles so hopefully it will be a bit easier to understand.

Take care,
2010/9/13 12:05:37
transparent video Hi Dreeko\Berty,

Transparent video files have been looked at in the past but they caused a lot of problems with Muvizu. It's something that might be looked at again in the future but at the moment there are no plans to implement it.

Take care,
2010/9/13 11:34:22
problem with animated camera Hi Mach, sorry you are having trouble.

If you go to the Timeline while you have the camera selected you can either click on the X beside the Camera Animation Timeline or Right-Click on the animation block and select "Delete" to get rid of the animation without deleting the camera.

It is odd that your re-recording isn't working though - I have been able to use it correctly. Are your other re-record functions working correctly?

Take care,
2010/9/13 11:27:13
J.W Pepper Series Hi Beretta,

Nice work - the first one is always the hardest.

Are they going to be linked together into a single story or are they going to stay as stand-alone clips?

I passed on a suggestion for "Cop" animations about a week ago, hopefully they will get put in and make things like your first clip a bit easier.

Take care,
2010/9/13 11:15:11
New character? I have passed on the suggestions and made this a sticky, so that people can put all of their new character suggestions in the one place
2010/9/13 11:03:25
Tipp-Ex promotion on Youtube The Expendables had a similar idea:
2010/9/13 11:00:03
Muvizu Lags Hi raptormarlins,

Everything that artpen suggested is spot on - if you have Vista or 7 you can also find instructions on closing the Windows Side Bar and disabling Aero at:

and there are links to some software that can help PC performance for all operating systems here:

Let us know how you get on.

Take care,
2010/9/13 10:45:47
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? They are adding instruments, so your character won't be playing the air guitar (unless you want them to - Freakmoomin is also making an air guitar animation).

I have also made this topic a sticky, as it has a lot of good ideas in it.
2010/9/13 10:40:50
importing new characters Hi swathi,

At the moment you can only import objects - the devs are looking into the possibility of character importing, but if it does make it's way in it will be in the distant future.

Take care,
2010/9/10 16:35:06
Importing from Google Sketchup Hi guys,

I ran into a few problems with Sketchup so I have only just finished recording the video for the next two tutorials - so it will be Monday before I can start recording the new Audio.

Just wanted to let you know.

Take care,
2010/9/10 11:42:44
rendered movies don't play Hi Mach,

I would also recommend switching to another media player - Quicktime and Windows Media player can struggle with HD content.

I use Media Player Classic:

but VLC Media player is also pretty good:

Take care,
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2010/9/9 12:04:54
ASE import Hi Stonehead,

There is a fix being implemented at the moment, so it should make it's way into the release pretty soon.

Take care,
2010/9/9 11:16:25

Sorry you are having trouble - could you please tell me what version of Muvizu you are running? You can find out by going to the "About" tab and the version is the black text on the bottom of the window that appears.

Take care,
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