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2013/7/6 3:23:13
Make the camera move vertically ive found that to do some camera moves you have to have hands like an octupus and learn some serious coordination of when to press which button/buttons at the right time. its just a case of messing about with the cameras, camera speed movement/rotation etc. its worth just playing with the cameras just to get the hang of it. you will soon work out how to get the result you want.

by the way to move the camera vertically you use the Q and E buttons for up and down. if you click on the question mark in the corner of muvizu you can bring up the keyboard shortcuts for everything you want to do in muvizu
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2013/7/3 1:57:45
reset dialogue and camera cuts tracks dear muvizu developers. on the next update please can we have the ability to reset the dialogue track and camera cuts track. thank you
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2013/7/2 13:31:43
Which book gave you a deep impression? Why? LOL
2013/6/23 2:28:13
360 panoramic video doesnt a 360 video camera shoot video from each direction at the same time. making a movie with muvizu with an inbuilt 360 camera would be pretty hard i imagine.
the gadget show made a short movie a few years ago using a 360 camera setup

to watch it properly you need a fancy projector and a dome to project onto.
2013/6/17 18:42:28
spanish trumpet thank you all for your assistance i think i have it worked out now.
2013/6/17 3:05:42
spanish trumpet hello my fellow muvizuers. im in need of a bit of help. i need to make a background soundtrack of a crowded bullring. the crowd bit is no problem but i need a spanish trumpet playing over the top of the crowd.

this type of thing. id love to use this but unfortunately it would set the copyright goblins off on a tantrum. any pointers in the right direction would be most appreciated
2013/6/17 2:36:05
Combining GIF and Muvizu. after translating through google your post. i would say you cant use gifs in muvizu, a gif file is only a set of static pictures that play one after another and muvizu doesnt support them. the video above was probably made using video editing software. there is a way of making transparent avi files to use on backdrops. i suppose you could turn a gif into one of them.
how easy it is i dont know as ive never tried
2013/6/9 12:03:54
Custom UV Maps not the right size? looking at your painted uv texture you are using the spandex leg template, so just add the decal to the spandex legs. each set of legs has different uv maps. your top picture looks like beefy base legs to me.
2013/6/9 0:34:37
Can't find downloaded objects Objects should be ase files not muvizu set files, if you are getting that you are trying to load a set as an object, which cant be done. all object assets should be zipped files if you download them from here and they will be ase files. not everything you can get from the assets page is an object. on the assets page you want the 3D assets they are the objects. hope that made sense

if you are downloading them through the actual program they wont show up in any file and will only be in the set you are currently on, but you can copy and paste them into a new set as long as you dont close muvizu after you have copied the object. its a good way to get objects that dont exsist other than in other peoples sets.
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2013/6/3 12:09:31
Suggestions to increase Muvizu 3d Can i have an umbrella for my characters to hold please (open and closed) and a sword and a ...........
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2013/5/31 1:33:28
Muvizu Play make my pc LAGING a LOT ! it also helps if you turn the shadows to simple and work in unlit mode till you need to, it will reduce the lag significantly.
2013/5/28 0:05:23
Cat Model a bit rude........
2013/5/25 4:25:28
Import .jpg image to make new character jsbiraunz wrote:

I want the Banner to be a character.
if you like the banner (a flag with the group name on it ) would have legs and arms but no head.
and the flag walks onto the stage.
It has to be big enough to read the words of the club name

i really dont think it would be possible to make a banner (flag) with arms and legs that can walk about. the super hero characters can have their arms legs and body removed but not the head. i supose you could use the super hero legs with a moving backdrop as a body, but syncing them both together to do what you want would be a nightmare and having 30 characters doing it would be a nigh on impossible (if your computer could handle 30 characters at once walking about)
its not a project id like to take on. sorry i was no help at all. someone else might think up a solution.
2013/5/25 2:03:21
Attack of the nandroids thanks urbanlamb, i resisted the urge to stop at 15mins and saw it through to the end. will there be a pt3? maybe one day, although im not sure what story would be . its already gone from an old lady wanting to go to the bingo, to the end of civilization Big Grin and i have been watching alot of dodgy 80's Italian post apocalypse movies lately and they are a goldmine of cheese Big Grin
Thanks for watching Dwarf, at least those bad grannys got what was coming to them
2013/5/23 23:29:47
Attack of the nandroids

an epic tale of love, revenge, war and the downfall of mankind.......
cheesy action, cheesy dialogue, awesome special effects.......
i think ive reached my all time record for ripping off film franchise's in this one. hope you enjoy
2013/5/22 12:25:48
My first attempt at a video very cool and happy birthday to your wife
2013/5/9 21:46:20
Hello Everyone! Hello carole, Im fazz, been using muvizu about a year now give or take a few months. My work includes the foul mouthed superheroes D and C, the awesome Avengers radio show, Big Grin loads of other stupid stuff and im currently working on Old Lady 2, the follow up to the magnificent Old Lady. Welcome
2013/5/4 21:38:09
Muvizu Play, dialog and timeline you only get one sound effects track ,not sure why, multiple sound effect tracks would be awesome. but audio tracks you can have loads, like i said not sure how many but more than enough for your five characters

if you load your vocal soundtrack as an effect you wont be able to lip sync it.

and you can stick single sound effects into an audio track
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edited by fazz68 on 04/05/2013
2013/5/4 21:00:58
Muvizu Play, dialog and timeline you can have more than one audio track loaded. not sure how many but ive had it up to at least seven. with vocal and sound effect tracks
2013/5/3 15:28:28
Interested in collaborating on some z-grade films? i have projects coming out my ears but id be willing to help whatever way you want. my model making skills aint brilliant but i do make lots of them for my own projects. (apart from trees they come straight out of sketch up)
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