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2013/5/11 18:53:32
Happy Mothers Day A little something for all the mothers out there for Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
2013/5/9 22:06:45
Rosie's Hands I agree Ziggy that's why it stood out so much I think, I use the 3 finger hands alot in cartoons that I draw. But it looks odd on Rosie. If the hands didn't seem so huge maybe i wouldn't have noticed. I never knew the superheros where this way lol. I will have to go check that out. But usually the 3 finger like on Homer are reserved for the more cartoony type of characters.
2013/5/9 17:44:29
Hello Everyone! Welcome Carole Toast Glad you popped in and said Hi! I have to agree we do have a pretty great community.

You won't find me posting much in the forums. I usually save that for when I really have something to add. Love Muvizu I have some projects in the works. It is amazing at what some of the users have made and the extent of some of the projects they are working on.

I wish you luck on your new adventure here, and look forward to hearing from you more as you get use to everyone.
2013/5/9 10:00:57
Rosie's Hands Thanks Mike. you never know if something is an oversight unless you ask. Lots of cartoon characters have this type of hand, but I don't know why but it just doesn't look right on Rosie. Just my opinion. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
2013/5/9 9:28:02
Rosie's Hands Okay I have been busy lately and haven't got to mess with Muvizu play much.

So this morning I decided to try out Rosie and noticed that she only has 3 fingers and a thumb. Is this how she is supposed to be or just a mistake? Kinda freaky looking really, I just can't get myself to use her due to it.
I know your thinking "really you can't use her cuz she only has 3 fingers!" Yep it just doesn't look right and so I wont use her.
I guess it's an artist standpoint maybe I don't know.Bit Wonky.. So I thought I would say something since I done a search and couldn't find anything on the subject.

So here you go. Is she supposed to be that way or was this just an oversight?
2013/4/26 13:08:05
New website feedback thread My biggest Issue is not being able to view the gallery. I can only see page one and cant click on the the other pages. Also I noticed you forgot to put in an InaneHamster option in the Show option box! HAHAHAHA!hahano just playing. But I do have problems seeing the forums on my android but that could be my phone and not the page. And I am not that techie when it comes to phones.
2013/4/19 15:23:40
Time to say goodbye. It has been great Marco. Good luck on your future endavours! Drop back in to say hi and let us know how you are doing.
Toast Marco!
2013/4/18 21:36:24
Failure to plan is planning to fail! MrDrWho13 wrote:
InsaneHamster wrote:
You will tell who takes the time to plan it out.

Yes, you can tell absolutely no planning goes into my videos.

Lol and I am Santa Claus
2013/4/18 19:24:26
Failure to plan is planning to fail! I actually write then rewrite a script if it isn't already written. Then spend alot of time getting together all the assets I will need for the project. I write a list. Beg and plead someone to make anything that is special since I am modeling difficient. I even have camera cuts written down with my scene set ups. But there is alway room for that something you come across like a better camera angle or an idea that will improve your film.
I am a firm believer that quality out shines quantity. 5 well made videos beats a 1000 badly made ones and you will tell who takes the time to plan it out.
If I can't find a work around in Muvizu then the project is put on the back burner until it is capable of being done. As I don't as of yet use another animation software. That's just me, I strive for what I envision and won't take any shortcuts to get it.

Okay I may be rambling now......
2013/4/18 0:52:35
Failure to plan is planning to fail! Great information Dreeko thanks for the share!
2013/4/12 18:38:14
New textures for woman models I just seen where they have left for the weekend lol. They will have a full plate come Monday lol. They better use this weekend risely. I suggest drinking and singing.
2013/4/12 18:17:11
New textures for woman models This shows that for the fat woman, none of the textures even fit. And I tried them all.
2013/4/12 18:08:16
New textures for woman models It appears as you see in the picture. That whenever I select the dress or skirt to be used for the woman model it turns the model completely black.

2013/4/12 13:31:30
How to make a movie trailer! Loved it! and it was so spot on lol.
2013/4/11 8:06:22
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback It seems that I cannot use the sound that is loaded already with Muvizu it brings up a box that reads ERROR Lipsync data could not be processsed. Unless I am doing something wrong which I shouldn't be it as it seems to be done the same way as previous versions were done when trying to load the default sound.
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2013/4/4 23:50:07
My thinkings So I was working on the next academy award winning animation *cough**cough*
when it hit me.
It would be great if Muvizu accepted more then just Wav files or Mp3 files. Is it possible to get Muvizu to accept Mp4 and ogg files as well.
TrakAxPC wich i love using for voicing exports as Wav and MP4 only since their upgrade. Which is a shame. It so much easier in my opionon to arange conversations and stuff in TrakAx then in Audicity.
Just a suggestion as the wav export in TrakAx isnt reconginised in Muvizu for some reason. only able to get .049 seconds of the file lol.
Just a thought.
2013/4/3 2:52:47
What Video/Audio Editors/Sites do YOU use? WHY? Well here is what I use.

Video editing: Hitfilm ultimate.
Pros: very easy to learn, to me it seems it has a very fast render times. I really love how you can edit your file before editing it in the preveiw window.
Cons: having to convert Muvizu files to avi files again.

I also use TrakAx Pc Pro
Pros: free updates, easy to use, drag and drop, price fast render time, really love the fades
Cons: doesn't export to mp3 anymore only mp4 and wav for sound. Wav saved with TrakAx isn't capatable with muvizu.

well still learning

online stuff
I love this site for acepellas,
for soundtracks i use the following sites: who doesn't use this site lol

for sound effects

for film ideas e-mailed him for consent on using the play Sardine. Very nice guy. old plays but fun to do.

3D set designs and content yea have to say thanks to Urban she has been a great help.

Misc: video convertor very fast.

Thats a short list anyways.
2013/3/17 20:44:47
Muvizu Play Launch! Yes I enjoyed meeting some of you. We had some good laughs. Looking forward to the future. I would have loved to stay online longer afterwards to see if anyone decided to stop by the camera and talk lol. I still say they should have put a beer by the camera. But grandkids were ready for me to get of the Computer and play lol. I do hope they (the staff of Muvizu) keeps a presence as they have been in the past, in the future it makes a big difference on how people see a piece of software.
Okay cya have a great weekend.
2013/3/14 22:03:03
Hello =) Introducing Myself Welcome Wallaby!! I think you will find the people here very friendly and helpfuld. So if you have any questions ask in the forum. I would also suggest watching the tutorial videos also very informative.

Looking forward to seeing some movies soon. Good luck on your Muvizu journey.
2013/3/5 8:30:00
To the community at large KerryK wrote:
Hi Muvizuers,
  • ? Have you got any advice for us around pricing?

This is I think a very good question, one that I feel can be a deal breaker for a lot of people. Price it to high and no one will buy it. Price it to low and your not making any money off of it.

So what do I feel about how much a pro version is worth. Well assuming that there will be an upgrade for a pro-version with added bells and whistles I would say I would spend around $100-$200 (USD) and that is of course with features to make it worth that.

As of right now where it to be sold as a pro version....well I think i could pay up to $100 (USD)

Here are my reasonings behind why I would spend this amount.

1) I love this software and when I like something and I can afford it I will buy it.
2) It doesn't have alot of features other programs have but it does do something others don't and that is cut the production time down which I love. Cranking out a 2 to 5 minute video in a few hours is awesome and well worth the money. Shoot even cranking out a 30 minute movie is less time then other software.
3) For the most part it's very user friendly..yes there are a few hang-ups but over all easy to use
4) This may be last on my list but has one of the biggest impacts. As I also do alot of video game testing, and I have to say that for developers that are a big part of the community as well as trying to develope a product has really impressed me. Muvizu team makes it a point to let you know they are listening and make themselves visible on the forums. It's like going to a store to buy a suit. If I have to walk around and dont get any help from the sales person then I don't care if your the cheapest in town,I will take my business else where. But if you treat me like a valued customer and I will keep coming back even if I do pay more. I hope they keep this attitude when ever they decide to start selling there product. IT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!!

So with that said and the many fine points alot of you have pointed out, the question is simple.


I am sure our answers to this question could have an impact on the future pricing of Muvizu so the more people that responds to that question the easier it is for the team of Muvizu to price accordingly.

Like I said in all honestly I would pay between $100.00 to $200.00 (USD) for Muvizu Pro-Version.
and up to $100.00(USD) now as-is.
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