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2013/4/22 18:03:32
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Neil thank you to you for finding this solution. I can finally use this new
Muvizu version. Really, really thank you to you.
2013/4/18 17:36:10
editor crash Pending to use muziviplay, a big thank you for your great software
fabulous and free and thank you for trying to solve our problems
2013/4/17 17:44:43
Double click camera window - CRASH ember wrote:
Neil, no problem, but you will not like what you are going to read:

Neil wrote:
Right-click the camera (the 3D camera itself, not the window) and select "Edit".

Bang! Crash immideately after I click on the Edit item in the camera menu.

Moreover, as I reported on the other thread, there are a lot of ways to crush Muvizu. For example:
  • Select any object, right-click, select Edit - crash.
  • Select any backdrop, right-click, select Edit - crash.
  • Select any effect, right-click, select Edit - crash.
  • Select any words, right-click, select Edit - crash.
  • Select Create - Edit environment - crash.
The interesting thing is that it's NOT crashing when editing characters.

I really want to help eliminate those bugs, so if you need anything - just ask.

I have exactly the same problems indicate on this post. crash systematic
wanting to edit, but the characters.
Windows 7 64 bits
intel I7 920
6144 Ram
nvidia gtx 560 Ti
DirectX 11