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2011/8/23 10:34:13
Various improvments Adjustable windows and settings for varying a characters movement speed!

Great ideas. Would be great if these were possible..
2011/8/22 17:01:02
best size to upload to utube ziggy72 wrote:
Youtube is erratic in how it handles video, depending on codec and converters used, and the most useful tip I've found to make them look right is to upload them at 1280x720, then when YT squashes it down to 4x3, edit the tag for the video (in your account) and add the tag :


This forces YT to put it back to widescreen, which it should've done in the first place. Stupid bloody program Damn Computer..

In case anyone's interested, I haven't had to change the aspect ratio in YouTube at all. My final output from my editing package ( Sony Vegas) is rendered out as an xvid file at the same resolution as the source file exported from Muvizu.
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2011/8/21 15:55:20
Send tutorial requests to Muvizu HQ When a new Muvizu update is released. Yes, I also agree that a tutorial or two explaining the new features would be nice to have at the same time.

I think it may be helpful if the tutorials were reorganised on the website into sections which would make them easier to locate
Eg. Lighting tutorials, character tutorials, camera tutorials etc

Just a thought.

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2011/8/17 20:15:52
Dukes of Hazzard - car jump ziggy72 wrote:
I seem to recall all those shows (like Knight Rider too) always cheated - one shot of the car approaching the jump, then another of it leaving the jump, another of the car sailing through the air, and then a final shot of the car landing (and buckling the suspension, sometimes bending the whole chassis) before they then drive away in a pristine car. Worked for them, anyway

Exactly how I remember it too. The occupants of the car rever suffered any injuries either. Unless they were the bad guys obviously!
2011/8/17 17:02:42
Extras!! simonheffer wrote:
Come on - you know character movement is difficult at the best of times, let alone spending time getting extras to go the right place.

Im sure it won't always be as difficult
2011/8/17 14:59:35
Extras!! simonheffer wrote:
An extras generator. Two of your ubiquitous red boxes, placed off screen and randomly generated characters spawn and walk between the two boxes (one way or both). Good for street scenes.

Wouldn't it be easier just to add a character and move him around?
A crowd movement option would be nice though!
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2011/8/17 12:34:17
Saw Trailer ( Muvizu ) 5 seconds!! jeeze thats a bit tight!

Try 30 secs instead

2011/8/12 23:07:59
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
Directional effects! By that I mean being able to 'blow' the effect in whatever direction. I was just watching a vid and a dust storm was blowing across the scene, and a fire effect sat there burning straight up - hmm... Having the option to influence the direction of the effect using a head motion style control could allow you to bend it's course, and make it look better when interacting with the environment/other effects. And where's my guns?! Gun

Oh good one zig!

Here's another request... head tilt!

We can't tilt the head from side to side. we can turn!, but no tilt?
2011/8/12 9:16:48
Remove Character Actions mcmillan-ra wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
Would this not be an easier solution?


Ah, ok... I'll get my coat

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2011/8/11 18:40:50
What's it all about? freakmoomin wrote:
Amazing Dreeko! your best yet!

The Custom texturing really takes things to a new level in terms of giving people the freedom to make what they want!
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Thanks, I agree it opens up a lot of possibilities!
2011/8/11 15:57:07
What's it all about? new video!

What's it all about?An old craze has gripped a new generation and the police are at a loss to find out what it's all about....until now


This is my first attempt at dabbling with character textures. It seemed to be quite effective I think.

All comments are very much appreciated.

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2011/8/10 21:06:37
Which video editing software do you use? Output as a tga image sequence from
Muvizu and then go to import media in Vegas

This gives the best results
If you need any more help just email


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2011/8/10 16:38:17
Remove Character Actions How about a passworded admin feature that allows the moderating user to edit the visibility of menu items that may be offensive to the more sensitive user.

Would this not be an easier solution?

Rather than remove certain character actions from the program, just make them invisible!


2011/8/3 17:45:36
Random requests! Wizaerd wrote:

Not saying it's a bad idea mind you, I just thing it's be a real bear to implement.

oh,I have faith in the crazy coders that beaver away at Muvizu HQ

2011/8/3 15:26:32
Random requests! ukBerty wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
....but the Muvizu logo leaps around aswell obviously.

I had this and worked round by filming a wider view than required. Then in after effects I zoomed in past the shaking Logo and applied a static logo via chroma key on top.

Obviously you lose a bit of quality thisway, but once it's on Youtube it doesn't really matter.


Good workaround berty!
However, the more we can do within Muvizu before we reach editing the better!

2011/8/3 13:00:03
Random requests! A popular technique used by a lot of users to workaround various problems is green screen (chroma key) . So is it possible for this feature/filter to be built into Muvizu?

2011/8/3 12:34:20
Random requests! I'd like to have more control over the shaky camera effect. I can achieve what I want in after effects but the Muvizu logo leaps around aswell obviously.

2011/8/3 11:32:47
Static Puppet prop? Marco_D wrote:
keep those awesome ideas coming.


Red rag to a herd of bulls!
2011/8/3 10:54:09
Static Puppet prop? Marco_D wrote:
That sounds like a great idea.

It would definitely save up some resources.


Indeed it would!
Customisable preferably and if we could have a seated one aswell for creating audiences
2011/8/3 10:48:25
Cool Animations

An old un but a classic!
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