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2011/3/27 15:31:58
Backdrops, textures and scaling Imagine a simple set
4 Walls (backdrops). 2 long(scaled) and 2 short
Add the same texture to all(patterned wallpaper)

Now what you have is a room with 2 Walls with a perfectly nice wallpaper and the other 2 walls with the same wallpaper but stretched instead of...Tiled!
Now, if we had the option to scale and tile textures on back drops then we could have the 4 walls I have just mentioned all with the same wallpaper at the same size and ratio.
We could take a texture of a section of a fence place it on a backdrop and expand the horizontal scale of the backdrop and voila! A big long fence with lots of sections!
Or take a back drop with a wall and 2 windows, expand vertically and tada! A block of flats!
Lots and lots of applications for this I feel.

Scaling and tiling textures on backdrops.
Another one for the list of things to do.. Take your time...Tuesday will be fine

2011/3/26 18:10:26
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Neil wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
Every day is a day at schoo it seems!

Some of them should cover spelling.

Love the tutorial, btw.

How ironic!
2011/3/26 15:49:44
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Thanks for all the comments folks!
Emily - sorry didn't realise the same transparent effect could be achieved by selecting " none" for the textures. Every day is a day at schoo it seems!
Claire - yes I think I did turn off the collision. Forgot to mention that in the vid. The vid was created improv style ie no script so I may have omitted a few details which I took for granted. I'll prepare the next one better. Promise!
I've a few in mind but I'm mulling over staundoone episode 3 ( yes I'm doing a third! )aswell at the moment so whatever one wins the fight for supremacy in my brain will be the next one you'll see!

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2011/3/24 22:19:00
Sets/Objects - Works in progress ziggy72 wrote:
That's funny. And educational too!

Cheers Zig
2011/3/24 21:50:05
Sets/Objects - Works in progress KerryK wrote:

ahem.. yes please do! and upload it to the user tutorial (your hints and tips) section here http://www.muvizu.com/Tutorials/

Ok you've talked me into it

Here's a video tutorial showing how its done...

2011/3/24 20:10:38
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Emily wrote:
Dreeko - you're the inventive one, what can you do with this?
I know you can get some pretty 'interesting' effects when you rotate the tail attachment...

Steady madam!! Keep it clean. This is a family show!!
2011/3/24 16:00:10
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Jamie wrote:
Not really an action but it's my 2p's worth...

I'd like to see a blue tooth headset / ear piece accessory to allow you to do phone calls. This way you avoid any problems with handsets being lifted to the ear or kept in place as the head moves. It'd also let you do any existing animation to suit the conversation your character is having.

Not too many bluetooth headsets kicking around for most time periods though...
2011/3/24 13:51:26
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Emily wrote:
I'd really like to see some sort of phone animation - one good reason for having this is that there TONS of funny prank call audio files that are just crying out to be animated!

There are a hell of a lot of scenes that take place where people are on the phone too!

Go on Emily ..Go and jab the animators till they do it!
2011/3/24 10:11:59
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Quite a specific request here...

Two talking on the phone animations/poses.

1. Hand raised to the ear for conversation allowing independent movement of the head.
2. hand raised to the ear for conversation but with the arm pivoting at the shoulder with the animated head movements

The reason for these are obvious when you think about how you move when on the phone. Sometimes you are nodding away as you listen which suits no.1 and other times you are looking around while talking which causes your arm to move in the direction which your head faces (no.2!)

Head animation feature linked to different joints......hmmn..



2011/3/24 8:00:54
Walking in a straight line Bizbok wrote:
i desperately need to be able to walk or look like im walking on the spot is this possible ? please help?

Yip been there. Check the thread link below
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2011/3/23 16:22:31
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Any chance we could have the accessories (hats,glasses etc) uploaded into the 3d assets section. It would be nice to have the ability to show a character wearing a hat in one scene and then have the hat sitting next to him as if he has removed it, or have a character reach for a pair of glasses and then show them being worn in the the next shot...you get the idea


2011/3/22 16:35:05
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Emily wrote:
Inventive, as ever!

Did you put a blob inside the horse's head for eyes?

Indeed I did Emily. Blatantly using the same technique as you did for the sheep although I positioned the blob on a shrunken floating ground plane with a transparent texture. The same goes for the positioning of the old cowboy riding the horse.
The eyebrows on the horse use the same technique as shown in my brows demo and works perfectly as the horse is a static imported object.

More secrets revealed...I'd never last in the magic circle!

PS: thanks for all the positive comments folks!
2011/3/22 14:09:46
Sets/Objects - Works in progress It's a horse of course!

2011/3/21 14:56:41
Ziggys new animation Welcome Luscan!

Enjoy the ride!

2011/3/17 13:08:04
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Howdy partners!
Look what im working on

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2011/3/16 16:10:25
Eyes?? No I'm afraid the the eyes dont close fully for some reason unless they are blinking. It's been a gripe of mine aswell. I would like to be able to move the pupil of the eyes fully from one side to the other in addition to the eye shutting properly, but the powers that be already know this and it WILL be on the do do list, which I believe now is longer than that wall in china..

2011/3/15 11:23:53
Sets/Objects - Works in progress claireq wrote:
Dreeko that set looks pretty slick! Did you model all that?
Love artpen's set as well. I tend to get caught up too much with set building and never have enough time for animation.

Everyone is certainly giving the art team a run for their money Big Grin

Thanks Claire!

The chairs are from sketchup, the windows are a texture knocked up in photoshop and placed on a curved backdrop which was scaled and rotated to fit, and the long object above the windows is a sofa scaled beyond all recognition!
It's a set that loves memory though!


2011/3/14 20:23:01
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Couldn't believe it when Artpen presented us with his great plane interior set.

Cos guess what I was working on aswell?..

...Strange minds obviously think alike...Spooky! eh?


2011/3/12 12:53:51
Random faces/heads Thanks for taking up the feature request challenge yet again Neil!

Glad to hear Jim's send off was a good un! He will be missed I'm sure..
2011/3/12 9:33:17
Random faces/heads ziggy72 wrote:
Good idea, and it made me think it would be useful to have a Favourites button for faces too, where you could save your preferred default faces (or just one you need to replicate for whatever reason).

Good shout zig!
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