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2010/10/24 0:08:10
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Thanks

Yes I would do some on request, however in the next 3 to 4 weeks i'm totally busy working and renovating a house, so would have to be after that.

Anouther one from Spenmixa which shows an interesting scrolling cloud feature, well worth taking a look at, see:
2010/9/26 19:02:54
Which is your favourite Muvizu animation so far? This one:
2010/9/26 18:57:45
Which is your favourite Muvizu animation so far? I liked the ninja one the most, the one where the wearing black ninja hired some other ninja's who turned up wearing bright (power ranger style) colours, that was funny...
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2010/9/22 12:48:52
Music? No instrument?? When they iron out the bugs losing colour map for importing objects you could always try the import object feature until they put instruments into the actual product.

There are loads of pianos and other instruments on google sketchup that you could import into muvizu.

Speaking of the object import any idea when the loosing colour assignments bug on saving and loading these imported objects will be available or is it already?
2010/9/21 12:42:25
3D That's interesting, but I suppose I mean't render a movie such that it appears 3D while wearing 3D glasses (perhaps the ones with green and blue tints) without having to do anything else except choose a 3D option on the render movie.

But perhaps the above shows a better way?
2010/9/21 7:21:35
3D Is it technicaly feasable to render into one of the 3D modes for use with looking at it with 3D glasses?
2010/9/19 10:09:16
Two vids from Chicmac - bit political I suppose Muvizu is great for political humour.
2010/9/18 22:02:39
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Added forest at night

See it at:
2010/9/17 13:37:29
Facing people Whoohoo just reached 100 posted,

Ah actually 101 now...
2010/9/17 13:36:03
Facing people Yes that could be useful.

In fact i'd like to keep things the way they are (for doing movement quickly and easily) but to have an additional "Advanced" way of moving characters that is much more finer controlled and maybe even scripted with use marker objects. Something like:

Move Harry To MarkerA At Speed 10.
Rotate Harry To Face Sally.
Wait 3.
Move Sally To MarkerB At Speed 5.

Then to be able to save this as a named script event and be able to place that named script event on a timeline.

At the moment I'm having difficulty directing movement and usually end up with something less by disgned and more by accident...
2010/9/16 22:53:17
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Added set "The First Gig" thanks to Spenmixa

2010/9/13 18:45:59
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? I'd generally like more subtle animations for when charaters are just standing about.
2010/9/9 21:53:19
Jacob Patterboon Part 2 Part 2 of the story is up folks:

2010/9/9 21:21:34
ASE import Thanks for the help and glad to know there is a fix coming.
2010/9/9 19:25:44
ASE import I tried using the ASE import created from sketchup and everything worked fine.
I have the bmp in C:\ut3\toto.bmp at 256x256 pixels.

The mesh allows me to change the colours fine and has more than 2 colour id's to change and all is good (unless too many colours means you can't get to the bottom of the box.)

But on saving and reloading the set the mesh has just 2 colours and seems to have a lot of the surfaces disapeared.

This seems to happen with every mesh from sketchup and I even tried the Map Alpha to > Opacity Mask option too.

Help please...
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2010/9/9 13:09:01
Importing from Google Sketchup I understood UTP instead of UT3 and had same problem, but i'll go fix that now

Still, great tutorial.
2010/9/9 7:17:05
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Thanks,

One more by Spenmixa, railway scenes

2010/9/7 7:01:32
What codec do you use and why? Yep, I'm boring too as I use XVID also, well for one it's open source.
2010/9/7 6:59:07
Hey guys here is something super cool for you all! Every good product has lots of communities all over the place. And Muvizu deserves to be represented all over the place too.

I registered there and will put stuff there in time, all the best with it...
2010/9/6 18:11:30
Lighting tutorial And also shadows can create interesting effects it can be good to place lighting to create them. For example if you have a tree in front of a wall you could place the light so that the shadows of the tree branches hit the wall and give a cool effect.
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