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2014/7/2 19:23:13
Copy & Paste ukBerty... I was afraid that that was the case. Thanks for confirming! Any chance that that may be something that's available in the future, you think?
2014/7/2 17:55:07
Copy & Paste Video...that's what I have been trying, but it doesn't work. Nothing ever pastes.
**Oh, wait. It DOES work with a blank set, but not with a set that has other things in it...Why would that be?
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As well, it doesn't seem to work when objects are grouped. Only when separate. Is that true for you as well?
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2014/7/2 16:32:27
Copy & Paste I'm trying to copy and paste items from one set to another. I can always copy but can never paste into the other scene. I've tried doing single objects and groups, both. Neither work. I know I can save things as favorites, but only single items, not groups. So that's not very helpful. Why might I not be able to copy and paste?
2014/7/1 16:53:57
Coming Soon... Thanks, MrDrWho! I'll take all of the feedback I can get...good or bad! Haha
2014/7/1 16:10:17
Coming Soon... Not nearly as impressive as Fazz's and others, but, I'm a beginner...haha. Using Muvizu for a project I'm developing as an intern! Having fun with it!

2014/6/27 13:32:39
Character Movement Yes, I'm in play+. On an Acer desktop with Windows 7 and Intel Core i5 CPU.
Video567, how can you tell how much memory you have used in Muvizu? I don't think I fully understand the way that Muvizu stores things/operates in that aspect. I just make my stuff and haven't really thought about any limitations like that!
Devious- I have found that grouping objects together seems to help somewhat. As does doing parts of your sets at a time and recording, then doing another part of the set or scene in a different movie and then combining with editing software when finished. It doesn't seem to be as strenuous on it.
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2014/6/26 20:05:12
Birds. I need birds. Thank you video567 and muvizu_chap. Both very helpful... I have another question for you: do you have any recommendations as to where to look for video that fits this kind of thing? I don't know what I should be searching for necessarily, or where.
2014/6/26 15:49:57
Birds. I need birds. Anyone know how I might make it appear as if there are birds flying in the sky of my scene? It's the one touch that I need!
2014/6/25 19:14:47
Make Baggy Clothing? Muvizu_chap, OK..that's alright. I can make due without. I have messed with the scale function. It has been helpful. But I'm afraid with Beefy, there is just no way of achieving a "child-like" look because of his masculinity. Haha
2014/6/25 18:32:17
Make Baggy Clothing? Right, I knew about the paintable skin... Just didn't know if there was some possible work around to making them loose via that.
Unfortunately, Beefy is not of any use to me. I'm making educational videos for kids, and I need the character to look like he is on the elementary track team. (That would be a particularly fit fifth grader!) Haha.
Thanks for the help, ziggy!
2014/6/25 15:26:57
Make Baggy Clothing? Hello everyone! Just curious... is there a way to make clothing baggy instead of how tight fitting they are by default? I'm wanting a character to have basketball shorts on, and if there was a way I could make a custom texture to be baggy, that would be great!
2014/6/23 15:33:00
Toggle Cue Points in Play+ Hey guys! I watched the tutorial video on toggling cue points (which seems very helpful/useful!), but everytime I try to do it in the timeline, the "Toggle Cue Point"option is not clickable. I have Play+...The tutorial looked like an older version maybe. Can anyone tell me what I might be overlooking?

2014/6/20 15:34:00
Character Movement Hey guys!
OK, so I'm having a lot of trouble with character movement...It just seems to be sooooo touchy and inconsistent. I've watched the tutorial and what not, but my characters just are not following the lead of my mouse or they just aren't moving at all. Would having a large set affect this? Please give any and all advice on this matter!
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2014/6/19 13:09:07
Custom Textures Wonderful; the pictures are indeed helpful, ziggy!
Another few questions; how would one go about, say, shortening or lengthening the skirt? Or doing something other than just that plan simple solid skirt? Say I wanted to do something crazy, like a sort of Indian-style fringe on the bottom of the skirt?
Also, a similar question. For the pants, do I paint a custom texture and then go in through the decal tab and apply that? Is that how you would make the pants, say, capris?

Thanks in advance!
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2014/6/18 20:58:47
Custom Textures Hello!
I was experimenting with custom textures for the girl character, and thought I knew what I was doing - apparently not!
This is what my texture looked like... I was just trying something simple.

But when I tried to put it on the skirt of the girl, it didn't work...and now my girl (purple shirt) is stuck on this anytime I try to put a skirt on her...