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2017/2/27 16:22:49
Key Framing Packet Hi Comictude,

You can only use keyframes on objects, lights or cameras, but you can not move characters with it. You can also keyframe certain parameters.
Using keyframes with moving cameras makes it much more smooth and easier to tweak afterwards, because you can just highlight a keyframe and change the camera position or angle. Also it's much easier to move / adjust objects on a path, or to open / close doors, etc.
You have three options on the tweening, steps, lineair or auto.
I certainly can recommend you to use it, I can't do without it anymore.
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2017/2/26 23:12:08
Wheels animation tricks PatMarrNC wrote:
I don't understand how you unwrapped the round shape into a rectangular shape that could be scrolled sideways... is that a setting in Blender?

(I understand how to make the tread part rectangular, it's the wheel's hub that remains a mystery to me...
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Very nice thinking out of the box Rod! Good find!

Pat, if I understand correctly you need to make seams like the lines in this image if that is your 3d wheel object. The straight lines out from the center are the two short sides of the rectangle like seen on the right. The inner seam becomes the top and the outer seam the bottom.
2017/2/23 23:34:58
Assets with characters holding an item Hi,

As known, props in user assets in the store can not be detached and atached to other characters or used in the scene seperately, so maybe it's an idea to upload sets with at least all the basic characters holding the item, one in both hands and as a single item in the scene. You can then change the character holding the item to fit your character you use in your scene and in which hand he /she holds it or to use it as a seperate item in your scene. But I'm not sure how to communicate that to the uploaders, since not everyone will read this topic.
2017/2/22 11:48:38

You're right, I maybe wrote it in a wrong way. I mean that your approach is easier when you need a cyclic motion instead of my approach where you need to key frame the visibility and is therefor much more labor intensive.
2017/2/22 10:31:08
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Thanks Rocque.

And Pat, I attached and positioned multiple jaws in different slots and key framed their visibility, so it's another approach than Rod. I think Rods animated trick is especially handy in a cyclic motion.
2017/2/21 14:19:28
Tried this several times this morning with different files dl'd from the warehouse. Same result each time Muvizu crashed with a long list of DLL errors

Maybe your meshes have too many polygons. Max polygon count is about 65.000 if i'm correct.
2017/2/21 9:06:18
Stop my character from sitting? Hi Jakubmike,

I think before you let him walk to the camera, you can use the stand action to first let him stand up and then walk to the camera.
2017/2/21 9:04:10
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Nice one Rod! Very cool trick to animate the texture. Thumbs Up
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2017/2/11 22:30:57
Motion blur Hi Veniko and welcome to the forum.

You can control the Amount and the Max velocity of the motion blur with key framing.

If you activate motion blur on the camera, goto prepare object properties and select Track: Amount or Max Velocity on the dropdown menu. You can then set Animation to directed or key framed.

Then switch to direct mode and place the keyframe on the timeline where you prefer and change the slider.

2017/2/2 16:26:45
<POW!> letter effect? Hi cn,

You probably mean this. If you edit the character, under Effects > Body. After applying it you can control the intensity

2017/2/2 12:13:05
Moving custom characters to new computer animall wrote:
This is a very good question.
I have investigated it further and found out that there is another directory:
Program Files ->Muvizu Play->Favourites, which contains the identical files as Program Files ->Muvizu Play -> MuvizuGame -> Presets directory. The problem is that all these are supplied with the program only. It doesn't show any your custom favourites. Where these are located I have no idea. Maybe someone has the answer for it.

Hi, your custom favorites are located in C:\ProgramData\Muvizu\Favourites\
2017/1/27 15:14:35
Bowing to an audience PatMarrNC wrote:
Ikes, you're a friggin' genius! what a great idea!

thanks Pat!
It is just an idea, not sure how it looks in the end, or with multiple characters in a row. But it's the easiest way I can think of, without using other animation software.
2017/1/27 14:33:27
Bowing to an audience Hi,

I don't think this is possible directly inside muvizu. You probably have to do this in two takes with some tricks with a green screen to mask out the legs and record the camera rotating from the front of the character to the top, as if he is bowing towards the camera. then you have to combine it with the legs in a video editor.

2017/1/26 10:08:09
Question about Blender FBX export and Muvizu Unprofessional wrote:
ikes wrote:
Unprofessional wrote:
So here is the bitter truth: Muvizu accepts only one material with texture per model.

This is definitely not the truth. Muvizu can support multiple materials with textures per object.

Could you provide an example object, Ikes? I wasn't able to export any object that has more then one textured material and would work with Muvizu. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or the problem is elsewhere. It would be a great help if I could get a working example to experiment and see where the problem is.


Maybe you can have a look at this simple cube with textures for every side. http://www.filedropper.com/cube_3
2017/1/26 9:39:30
Tall building Hi,

You can also use the cube from these primitive shapes, texture it and stack them as high as you want.

2017/1/25 20:12:00
Question about Blender FBX export and Muvizu Rodrisilva wrote:
ikes wrote:
Unprofessional wrote:
... Blender are just too awkward, I don't like it.

Sorry Ikes to disagree!
Blender like most things in life need open mind. Late versions are more friendly than ever but I understand those moving from other apps. In some way they have to start again. Once it done it will be supprinsingly efective. All my muvizu works have models made or tuned with blender and I don't regret that. It's free anyway.

No problem Rod and good for you, I personally don't like Blender much. It's great that it's free, but I think there is just too much build in to it, so you get lost easily with the many buttons, checkboxes, shortcuts and functions. And if you don't use it often, you quickly forget the procedures. I get the impression that a lot of users here think the same.
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2017/1/25 19:30:55
Question about Blender FBX export and Muvizu Unprofessional wrote:
So here is the bitter truth: Muvizu accepts only one material with texture per model.

This is definitely not the truth. Muvizu can support multiple materials with textures per object. Most people here only use Blender as a FBX converter. The steps you have to do to setup textures in Blender are just too awkward, I don't like it.
2017/1/17 21:38:07
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs It could be that the UV's of the Asian and the south Asian are the same. I only have the Asian pack, so I can't tell.
2017/1/17 20:20:19
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs PatMarrNC wrote:
but wait... I don't have the ASIAN templates, as shown in the picture above! That's weird... anybody know why that might be?

Do you have the Asian pack installed under content packs? I just activated it in my latest version of muvizu and I can see the templates.
2017/1/15 17:54:32
Rollin', rollin', rollin' PatMarrNC wrote:
WOWZER! Once again, Ikes, you've shown an amazing ability to think outside the box to solve problems that keep the rest of us confused! This is BRILLIANT, not to mention very easy to learn and do!

How on earth did you ever figure this out???

Thanks Pat,

I don't know anymore how I discovered it. I believe when I was meshing around with keyframed objects grouping to a camera. By the way, you can keyframe move/rotate multiple objects like they are grouped. If you have 3 keyframed objects and you place a keyframe on the same frame for all 3 objects, you can then Ctrl select and move/animate them together like they are a group of objects.
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