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by Muvizu_Admin in Competitions

A dazzling fashion gift from DreekoTeam Muvizu has returned to the mothership to go boldly into a 2012 full of promise, or, at least, expectations. Our release, delayed from last month, is anticipated for January 9.

As the vigilant among you will have noticed in the forums, we announced the winners of our AMD competition, the full details of which may be found here:

Many congratulations to Dylly, Ziggy72 and Hexslayer on their winning entries.

Commiserations, of course, to those who submitted fine videos but who did not win a prize this time around. It was a close call for the top places and we hope only that you'll enter our next competition; we've not yet decided its format, although Bigwally reckons that a ten-second clip - a format considered previously but dismissed as too tricky - may be the way forward.

Please let us know; perhaps a Muvizu elf will start a new forum thread in which to thrash out some ideas.

But competitions may not be the only thing for us to consider this year. We reckon that Muvizu is a powerful creative tool and that with the right publishing and, dare I say it, inducement model, we might usefully explore ways to raise its profile - and with it the work of Muvizu users.

More on this as the rusty cogs of management brains grind slowly into action. Watch out for rumours, hints, proposals and discussions. Don't watch out for teasers, though, because that just isn't our style. As soon as we decide something concrete, we'll tell you about it.

Now to our delayed release. We were to have given you the latest Muvizu update - with its multiple audio tracks, Unreal Engine 3 and morpheme upgrades, toon shaders and a few other bits and bobs - just before Christmas. However, a last-minute bug prompted us to pull the release, which is now slated for January 9 ... if no further nasties raise their ugly heads.

On the subject of ugly, you may be wondering (or worrying) about the picture at the top of this page. This was a Christmas present to the Muvizu boss from our very own Dreeko. We don't know whether it was intended to improve the MD's fashion sense or to brighten the dark winter in Glasgow - for anyone within half a mile of him - but we do know that when he opened the package it rendered him temporarily blind. Apologies, then, for any typos in the above :-)

A very happy new year to everyone. We plan to make 2012 a big one. Let's have some fun.

Best regards,
The Muvizu team.

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  1. dwino
    • dwino - Over a year ago
    • Please don't make it a 10 second contest. If you want to raise your profile encourage people to make actual stories instead of snippets. Stories will draw people in.

      I say 1 minute and 15 seconds as your maximum. Not everyone will have to make a longer clip, but they will have the option.
  2. ziggy72 Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • ziggy72 - Over a year ago
    • Ooh, good shirt - or so my guide dog told me, anyway :) Looking forward to the 9th!
  3. jonbez Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • jonbez - Over a year ago
    • LOL dreeko. Multi purpose shirt. A pattern for every occasion.
  4. Stonehead Experimental user
    • Stonehead - Over a year ago
    • It's all very well showing a photo of the shirt but how about one with Vince wearing it ... I think he could carry it off

      Have an animated and happy new year guys
  5. mysto Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • mysto - Over a year ago
    • I agree with Stonehead, you can't very well display such a fine example of fashion without Vince wearing it for us! It's gonna be a great year for Muvizu!