January joy

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A helicopter in MuvizuHello, folks. January may often be written off as a miserable month, but not for Muvizu. Momentous things are happening - but right now, they're invisible.

We're currently undertaking what is probably the most difficult work since we launched our public alpha about 18 months ago.

Frustratingly, though, all of the work is under the hood, dealing as it does with ones and noughts right at the core of the Muvizu application. We won't be able to show you the fruits of our labours on the dev side until the end of March.

On the art side, however, we have lots of things happening. The team have been knocking themselves out making a helicopter, a jet and other things that fly as they start to create more models that exploit our moving object functionality, released a couple of months ago.

The art team's recent output won't be available in the application until its core upgrade is completed. However, because we are finally building our 3D asset library, you should be able to get your hands on their work by the end of next month by downloading it from the website.

Not only that, but you'll finally have an easy way to upload your own models for people to share in Muvizu. We'll also be providing a gallery of pre-made sets to download from the website; this was actually an initiative  by user Than, who started a fan site for Muvizu at http://www.moviesets.org/ and which has served as a place for users to upload their creations. We've now decided to bring his idea in-house (and he's cool with this - we asked his permission first) and see if we can't expand the resource.

So. It isn't that long until the end of February so you don't have too long to wait until there are plenty of new toys to play with.

In other news, the Glasgow Youth Film Festival deserves another mention. You can find out all about it here: http://www.glasgowfilm.org/festival/information/festivals_within_the_festivals/gyff

If you're local enough, you might consider offering a few hours as a volunteer - details of what's required are on the site.

Finally, a huge Muvizu thank you to user Corentino who has produced a French localisation file for Muvizu. Have a look at the forum thread here - http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic832-muvizu-in-french--muvizu-version-francaise.aspx - for more info, but, essentially, if you've always wanted Muvizu with menus in French rather than in English, Corentino has done all the work for you.

Many, many thanks to him. His work is available from this site - http://www.themovies.fr/portal.php - which seems to be a resource for French-speaking users of animation software such as Muvizu, The Movies and Moviestorm.

As usual, any feedback on any of the above will be gratefully received, so don't be shy.

All the best,

The Muvizu team

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  1. Dreeko Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • Dreeko - Over a year ago
    • Sounds good. I'll need to have a bash at the object importing thingy
      Things that fly hmmn...
  2. Dreeko Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • Dreeko - Over a year ago
    • Where did the screenshot of the helicopter go?
      Did I dream it?
  3. Dreeko Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • Dreeko - Over a year ago
    • Sash! It only appears when you leave a comment! Sneaky!
  4. Thanapongxxx
    • Thanapongxxx - Over a year ago
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