Troubleshooting - Supported File types

Muvizu:Play and Muvizu:Play+ works with and supports a number of formats.

All Muvizu:Play format files are available for use in Muvizu:Play+, however Muvizu:Play+ supported formats are not available for Muvizu:Play.

.gif files are not supported.

Supported File Types

File typeVersionTypeDescription
.SETPlayNative SET fileMuvizu:Play and Play+ work with their own native format called a ".set" file. This file is a "project" file and may contain any of the following asset types as well as characters, animation, cameras, etc. These files are "opened" rather than imported.
.WAVPlayAudioA WAV file is a standard audio file, native to windows.
.MP3PlayAudioA MP3 file is a common standard of audio file, achieving small file size with high quality.
.AVIPlayAudio, VideoAVI files are standard video files that achieve good quality video with relatively small file sizes. Have a read of this article on how to reduce your video size. You will also need to have the codec used for the AVI install for the video to play. See also How to import videos. AVI files can also be imported as an audio track, in this case only the audio of the video will be used.
.BMPPlayImageBMP are native image files for Windows computers. Commonly produced using Microsoft paint.
.JPGPlayImageJPG images are an internet standard way of sharing low file size images with high quality results.
.PNGPlayImagePNG files are standard internet files that focus on quality over files size, this means they may often be much larger than JPG files, but provide better results.
.ASEPlay+3D ModelASE files are a way to share 3D model data that does not change or animate. It's perfect for making models of cups, bananas, signs or anything that does not animate.Note: This is a Play+ only feature
.FBXPlay+3D ModelFBX files are a more advanced file format for sharing 3D model data and give a lot more flexibility and options to the 3D modeller for how they want they're model to appear in Muvizu:Play+. Note: This is a Play+ only feature
.OBJPlay+3D ModelOBJ files are a standard of 3D modelling and can be imported to Muvizu:Play+. Note: This is a Play+ only feature

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