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Troubleshooting - Time and video size limits

There is a time limit for recording, which is 20 minutes.

However if you wanted to create an epic, feature length animation, you can stitch multiple Muvizu videos together using the VideoJoiner application which is bundled with Muvizu:Play

There is also a file size limit of 2 gigabytes. Files that are larger than this will not play when they've been rendered out in Muvizu.

The problem is with the type of AVI file Muvizu:Play generates, its known as version 1.00 AVI. These type of video files have an internal limit of 2GB in size.

If you find yourself struggling to create your video within these limits the best thing to do is to split your video into lots of small parts. Usually a good practice is to record each camera shot as 1 video file and then, using the VideoJoiner or other video editor, join all these together into the finished article.