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Troubleshooting - Downloading Muvizu

Downloading is a nice, easy process - all you need is an account!account. Here's a guide on how to register an account


Downloading Muvizu

OnceTo you'vedownload, registered,follow logthese into your account. You're now on the website, so find the "Get Muvizu" button, and click it. It's just below "Register/Login" or, when you're logged in, "Logout/Upload" and right beside "Commercial Use".steps:

  1. Muvizu
Click the Free Download button

  • YourLogin Specs
  • Onceto your Muvizu.com account, if you presshave that, you'll be brought to a new page. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find your chosen specifications for download. This bit is nice and easy, but we'll give you a quick walk through of what each thing is.

    Press the Get Muvizu button and it'll drop down, giving you a new section - 32-bit or 64-bit. The website willnot already

  • have detected what version suits your computer, and it will display this on the left hand side. We strongly recommend you select the version specified - if you're on a machine that can handle 64-bit, then it has a higher memory capacity, and therefore can run 32-bit, however, if you're on a 32-bit machine and you try to use the 64-bit version of Muvizu, it won't work.

    Select that, then you'll get a new dropdown; Lite or Full? Lite comes with only default assets - there won't be any included content packs. The pro will of course be a quicker download time - but if you want those32bit extraor the 64bit version

  • Select if you want the Lite (no content packs, you're gonna have to gopacks and smaller download them.size) Theor fullFull version(everything, comeslarger withdownload everythingsize)
  • releasedThen forclick on the freedownload version of Muvizu this far.button
  • DownloadImage Specs


    Now all you have to do is hit the big download button! You'll be prompted to either save or cancel the process. Hit "Save File", then all you have to to his run the .exe file!


    If you're having any problems downloading Muvizu (such as integrity check fails) then check out the Download Manager wiki page.