Import Objects - FBX scale guidelines (Scene objects vs Attachments)

There are many different 3D applications that can export to ASE/FBX file formats, both of which are supported import options for Muvizu:Play+.

I will be going over the process for exporting something from the 3D application 'Blender' as it is free, so here is a small guide on scale exporting from Blender to Muvizu.

To begin, I will presume you will already be somewhat proficient at modelling, as this is only a wiki page detailing the scale exporting of static mesh objects into Muvizu.

From Blender

I'm going to be using the default Blender scale, should you want to change the default scale to something more suitable, you can follow this tutorial:

After finishing your model, press 'A' until your model highlights in orange. Now go to File > Export > Audodesk FBX.

Once you choose the Export option, there will now be some new options. I would recommend ticking the 'Selected Objects' box and just under this you have the scale option selector (Scale:1.00) in grey. You can really mess around with this setting, as the larger you set the scale, the larger the object will be when imported into Muvizu.

You also get to change the default exported axis for the model looking Forward and Up from here. Along with, if you want any 'Empty', 'Cameras', 'Lights' (Lamp), 'Armatures' and 'Mesh' imported. By default you can just untick everything here EXCEPT mesh. The mesh is the model you want imported, so keep that selected.

Under this, you can untick; Include Edges, Only Deform Bones, Include Animation, All Actions, Include Default Take, Optimize Keyframes. As most, if not all of these options deal with animating, which we are not interested in. So untick all of them.

Now go and choose your location to save up the top left, and once you're happy with all options selected, go to the top right and click the 'Export FBX' button.

Into Muvizu

Here is a small demonstration of what a scale of 5.00, 10.00 and 25.00 looks like on a box next to the default size of a Man character.

Here are the same FBX objects imported onto the right hand of each character.

As you can see, the 25.00 scaled object is far to large to be practical, so it's best to make a few different sizes of your object and see what best suites your needs.