- Video and asset moderation

As with all sites there are certain guidelines which govern whether a user video, model or other asset is entered into the gallery.


  • All videos must be made using Muvizu - videos can be edited after production and will still appear on if it is still obvious that they were made using our software.
  • Videos containing adult content (swearing etc.) will be restricted and will not appear in any playlists (but will be available through the gallery itself)
  • Videos which obscure the Muvizu watermark (either by cropping it out or by placing another logo on top of it) will not be featured on the site. The exception being if the watermark was removed by purchasing an upgraded licence for Muvizu:Play+
  • As the videos are hosted on YouTube their file size and format requirements apply:


  • All uploaded assets must be in formats supported by Muvizu (See supported formats Wiki page)
  • Copyrighted material must not be uploaded to the site
  • Textures, Sets and 3D models must have a thumbnail to allow them to be previewed in the Assets section of the site.

Moderation Notes

  • All assets and videos are manually moderated by staff which can only be done during office hours. (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm GMT)
  • Video uploads are not immediately available for moderation - YouTube hosting can delay the moderation by up to 24 hours.
  • Videos which contain copyrighted material are sometimes blocked by YouTube prior to appearing on, and as such are never even available for moderation.
  • Uploads are generally rejected for these main reasons: due to being overly offensive, not containing sufficient Muvizu content, being an unsupported format or being a duplicate.

N.B. This document is intended as a guide and does not supersede, change or affect the terms of Terms of use or End User Licence Agreement shipped with Muvizu:Play