Resources for Writing scripts or making storyboards

When it comes to making a production, the first thing to do is to sit down and write a script or make a story board so you know exactly what you want to happen in your movie. Here is a collection of sites and software that offer tools and ideas to help you go from the concept to a solid script or storyboard.

Software and Tools

OpenOfficeApache OpenOffice offers a flexible, FREE alternative to Microsoft Office and features a word processing, spreadsheet, slideshow and database tools as powerful and effective as you're likely to find. The word processor,"OpenOffice Write", could be very useful for writing up and formatting ideas, scripts, etc.
Celtx Preproduction ToolsA full suite that covers scripts, storyboards, and pre-production. A great way to manage your entire animation.
DirectorsNotebook preproductionA preproduction tool that covers storyboards and pre-production, helping you organise and manage your entire animation.
Easy Storyboard CreatorA online site to create quick and easy storyboards to bring your ideas to life in animation.
Springboard Storyboard SoftwareA quick and simple storyboarding tool. Draw, sketch and annotate your storyboard in no time at all.
Resources and ideas

CowbirdCowbird is a public library of human experience, offering a simple set of storytelling tools — for free, and without ads. It's a great resource to get ideas or pull your existing ideas together
Writing for cartoonsJohnKCurriculum, has written a fantastic blog detailing how to write cartoons. Great for inspiration.
Storyboard templateTemplate PDF to print off and draw your own storyboards.
DependentFilmsTemplates for all forms of preproduction