Troubleshooting - Muvizu runs slowly

If you want to improve Muvizu's performance without upgrading your PC there are a few ways which you can do this:

System options

  • Ensure all graphics drivers are up to date
  • Make sure that other resource-intensive programmes are not running at the same time - things like virus scanners, photoshop, modelling packages and games can drastically affect system performance
  • If you are on Windows Vista or newer then try using the basic themes, to reduce the load on the graphics card

Muvizu options

  • Run Muvizu in DirectX 9 mode (File>Options)
  • Run Muvizu in unlit mode (Hit F12)
  • Reduce the number of objects and characters in your scene. For example if you build a city and you only film a 1 character on 1 street then delete everything that can not be seen by the camera view. Save the complete set separately for future use.
  • Reduce imported videos and audio tracks. If you import a video for clouds moving across the sky, you can remove that from your scene until the last minute before you render your video. If you have a 10 minute scene but you are only recoding a 30 second section of that scene in a SET file, then edit your audio to only include the 30 seconds you need for that part of your video.