Importing Objects

If you want to add a bit of variety to your scene, the way to go is creating your own 3D objects to import. If you have the Muvizu:Play+ upgrade, you can even attach your own 3D objects to a character!

General modelling guidelines

  • All objects should be limited to 3 (tri) or 4 (quad) sized faces. More details here
  • Each material type causes the object to be loaded separately, so for improved performance use as few materials as possible.
  • Models should be created with as few faces as possible, to both improve performance and reduce the likelihood of errors.
  • Save as many increments of your object as you can, and import to Muvizu on a regular basis - this will make it simpler to determine where any performance issues or problems have been created.
  • Give your materials and textures descriptive names, to make it easier to edit them in Muvizu.
  • If you plan on using someone else's model from somewhere like the Muvizu store or Sketchup Warehouse and you plan to profit from your creation, remember to ask permission from the original creator before using it.