How To Create depth of field using layers in a compositor

When using layers you will get more control by creating the depth of field in a compositor rather than Muvizu.

When rendering your layers tick the "depth pass" option. This creates an additional TGA sequence which looks like this…….

Image title

The darker the image the closer it is to the camera.

I use HitFilm as my compositor so I will demonstrate the effect in that.

Add a grade layer and apply a lens blur effect. Set the depth pass layer as a source for your lens blur effect (setting the source channel to Luminance).

Image title

You then get this effect on the layers below......

Image title

Focus is quite subtle in this shot, but you get the idea. There will be something similar in other compositors.

If I don’t need any compositing then I just do everything in Muvizu as it will be a lot quicker !